Friday, November 22, 2013

The Re-Birth of Man : Reproducing and Sin

There is something deviant with bringing a life in this world.
Something deceitful. Selfish and Ignorant.

The flaw to where without formidable ethics and morals, it truly becomes a sinfull ordeal.

Alas a life needs all things. Security, Health, Material and love ofcourse...yet how deep does the trife go?

I will try to dissect this tribunal in this piece, alongside my gimping whimpers of relation.

The world is overpopulated. The cringes of Bangkok and the tight alleys of Gaza.
Reproduction is at a automatic state.
Humans beings reproduce for reasons of stature and anointment.

Human life, in all its historical retrospect has seen many era's and times.
Many plagues and genocidal regimes.

To this current day, where the majority of civilization is cultivated by socio-economic structure.
Even the mince fools of Manila and Delhi could receive help if they truly persisted on it.

Alas, we arrive to the premise of the individual. His clandestine accessibility.

What is Judgment? Who bares it? By what form and power?

Perhaps to begin with religious judgment. Continue to sovereign judgment, and the most important plane of judgment in my eyes : Societal and Interpersonal judgment.

Is it within the accord of man to judge another?
I believe it is. Within social responsibility and humanitarian reliance.
In the forms of common man, all these judgmental forms cram into one mindset.
Its called "Mind your own business motherfucker". :)

I believe for this mindset to be sullied and nullified by liberal socialism.
The plane where all subjects are judiciary and reverted to certain platue if to meddle with them.
What ever happened to "Giving it to you straight" or "Keeping it real" ?

Most human beings are povert. By economic and spiritual means.
By what force does sole recite himself to be worthy of re-producing?
By what conjure or manifest?

I believe that forms of social conviction must reform themselves, in order to rebound senses of human accountability in these times.

Especially in this dense technological era. What brings earth and all its habitants to be simply a click away.

The distinct difference between right and wrong is evident. For all living creatures.
It is where philosophy and vindication begin and destroy this difference.
The squirming keel of one's self potency, to contest and meddle with the blatant reserve of righteousness against evil.

Using socialism as a coercive distort.
Abusing judicion, in all forms.

For the weakest side of man and god, is mercy.

We must revert to plain sights and its verdicts, in order to found a state of true leniency.

It is about "Keeping it real" and "Cutting the shit".

Beginning with the automatized notion of achievement as two individuals parent a new born.
The unseared judgment, two individuals receive from society. Instantly, with their re-production.

Why does re-production resound as celebrity and penance?
Granting pardon and catharsis for the parents?

As if their entire life history is wiped slate clean, and now they begin their true stature.
By all socio-demographic means.

Why does re-producing, entail such a sense of achievement and reward from society?
How blatantly deceptive is it to disregard anyone's history as soon as they re-produce?
To the contrary where social inspection should become more meticulous as one re-produces.
For his responsibility and influence on earth and life becomes heavier.

Many lives are brought into this world by crime, wrongdoing and sin.
The extreme, even as crutches. To proceed and seed dependency on socialistic regimes.

By these terms, I believe all social appraisal of reproduction and parenthood should be reformed.
Excavated by its primal and initial merit's, and compared to the standards we exist within them today.
As all and everyone receive utter amnesty and pardon, by doing the worst thing possible.
Creating more life and duplicated one's self.

The issue of psychology of the barring parent.
Forms of Identity and its molding. Its truth.
Aberrations and alterations of one's self through time.
The attrition of conscience manifest.

Individuals that have not only completely shaded and hazed their identity within barring child.
Yet have viciously caved and guised themselves as new and different people.
Masked, lied, connived and decepted their true bringing life into this world grants new beginnings.
Pardon, amnesty and vindication.

I believe this to be wildly perverse and extremely dangerous.

"Once" a convicted felon. A thug and delinquent. "Once" a prostitute and drug addict.
Now a "Struggling middle class family" knocking on the doors of socialism for support and mercy.

"Once" a sociopath. An adulterer and thief. Now a "Father".
Breathing and gasping air cleaner than the papal review.
Such perversion. So demonic.

We all know people who have reproduced prematurely.
Mended and compromised to a rectifying false marriage.

We can all account for children that have been brought to this expediently.
Their existence is a cause of plunder and error. Fornication and Intoxication.

No chimes of violins. No angels barring halo's or doves caressing flesh.
No blessings nor divine callings of lineage and family.
No anointing lines of seeding the future or greatness.

Simple delinquency and circumstance.

It is a social and interpersonal flaw to see and accept birth and parenthood as a form of achievement.
It is a flaw to redeem the parents from societal and interpersonal judgment.
It is a flaw to relinquish judgment, criticism and punishment from their life and manners.
It is a flaw and abuse to use bringing life into this world, as a form of power.

We must revitalize lines of truth, if our yearning aspirations of  peace are to become true.

Now, one of the final parts of this piece,
Our psychology as humans.
Our conceptional perception that beings at the time of birth.
Our thoughts of our parents. Earth and its construct.

What we are tamed, driven and forced to order to keep this structure stable.

Sadly, the truth is that we are controlled to idolize and adore our parents from birth.
We are forced into subordination by blackmail and threat.
Their care towards us measured by our obedience to them.
Without these forms of power structure and respect, a child and adolescent would suffer dearly.

"I gave you life".

The fact of birth held against you as a tool of enforcement through guilt.
Blackmail, coercion and bribery passed on from generation to generation.
As the strongest and most effective ways to control and direct a child.

Even though times are supposedly advanced, still parents accentuate these tactics and strategies to overpower and control their children.

To perpetually patronize them.

The slightest uproar or opposition towards a parent is met by threat, fear and punishment.
The rebellious heart and truth of a child is subdued, cracked down and oppressed.
As any tyrannical and dictating power enacts.


The strongest tool a parent can pass onto a child, in order to control him.
Fear of repercussion and punishment.


As the strongest tool a parent can pass onto a child, in order to control him.

A parent does all and everything he can do, to keep his child under subordinated.
Surrendered. Weak and Uncontesting.

Control over the child becomes the most important thing for a parent at a time.
To patronize them. To direct them. To enslave them to their image. Their rule. Their law.
Where love, nor care or truth is of any importance.
The utmost is not loose face nor potency, and keep the masquerade alive.

The loss of your subordination is their own failure.
As terms of parenting become so twisted and perverse, it is almost diabolical.

The ongoing enslavement of the child to his "creator" deepens and corrodes.

For a parent, a child also devises an opportunity to reperate and compensate voids and discrepancies.
The mind of a child as premise to a place where there is no knowledge of their former selves or history.
There is no memory or resemble of the person they truly are, or were.
The child becomes a slate and platform for re-inventing themselves.

Boosting self confidence and worth.
Attaining emotional experience. Feelings of pride and revere.
Feelings of adoration. Respect and fear.
Feelings of power. Patronization and Control.

The child becomes the devise of social and societal stature.
Attaining respect, acceptance and sorority by the adult community (Other parents).
Gaining socialite and notoriety with their parenthood.
Creating a social societal world for themselves. As they make "Friends" and "Company".

Truly an intoxicating state for the once lewd, minuscule, povert and criminal individual.
Feeding off a created world that was merely dreamt and yearned by them prior re-production.
Scarce, fake and rotten at core.

The parents compensating their life and history, through the embodiment of their children.
Abusing it.

A high school geek attaining himself to be feared and revered. (Father)
A young harlot portrays and becomes the sancted lady she always dreamed to be. (Mother)

It is within lying, connive and deception in where parents devise their character and personality.
Altering their true self, while their new identity exists only in the eyes of their child.
Turning the children into empowering tools. Causing spiritual and psychological dependency.

The child becomes "Their world" and "Life" for without it they are bunked back to their initial state, and the hollow truth they have strived to bury and covert will once more sound voice and gasp light.
In time, causing psychological obsession and individual (Spiritual Identity) dependency.
The charade they so vigilantly perused dispersed and faded away.
Causing not only individual loss, yet societal loss aswell.

How many people can truly change in nature?
If one adulterating father bares child, does he cease to be an adulterer?
If one adulterating mother bares child, does she cease to be an adulterer?

How long will the lineage of escapism revert to merciful acceptance?

Our parents. Our grandparents. Our patrons.

Shall we not break all lines of treachery and relinquish the future for truth?

How long will we cynically excuse righteousness and truth due to moral and ethical contamination?

The answers to all of these ordeals are social-governmental actions :

Must restore and revive the classical views of parenthood and family.
Traditional terms and ideologies of two mature adults, harmoniously in love.
Tediously planning and orchestrating bringing of a life into this world.
Planning. Building. Preparing.

The only way two spiritually and mentally mature adults can parent a life in this world, and lead it to live a happy, sane and safe life.

Having purpose for this life. Dreams for it. Direction. Education.
The only way to curb war and suffering on earth, is to follow these guidelines.
That have only faded away with mockery and ridicule, for the frantic haste of our times.

Reviving conservatism, that served humanity well for so many years.
Re Installing its place within society.

Frowning upon and expelling all and any means of moral-economic corruption.
Sending the old feeling that anyone that will brake the laws of man,state or god will be abandoned and banished from society.
To contraire today where lawlessness is applauded.
Obscenity and insolence accepted. Even praised as a sense of strength or triumph.

Society must revive the traditional, by making it clear that every vice will live a shamefull and lonely life. Dwelling on the wrongdoing one has caused to himself and humanity.
Resonate with truth and loyalty. Resonate responsibility, honor and dignity as the true callings of man.
Not illicitness or licentiousness.

Times where promiscuity, profligacy and anarchy are no longer the mere minority.
Yet a large bulk of the whole.

These terms existed once before.
And Yes, they did indeed have great affect on society and individual action.

For they called for man to think before action. To think before any sin or crime took place.
For fear of failure, social alienation and punishment were at mind and soul of the individual.
Straying him far from evil or wrongdoing, striding to succeed and redeem himself.

The old, traditional and classical sets of morals, ethics, ideological beliefs of family, economy and love must be revived for they are closer and alike the law of man, nation and god than any other.

The governmental part is to aggressively invest in sexual education.
Re investing in curbing premature pregnancy and irresponsible hedonism.

Renewing and modernizing its introduction to people. If for sin has evolved, so should the deflection of it.
A more direct and blunt approach to the young, adolescent and maturing crowds by setting the facts infront of them. "Cutting the shit" and talking straightforward. Presenting a real and strong message to where fornication and delinquency will lead you to a fucked up life, and cease any form of happiness you knew up to that day.

The strong and spicy message that the more you fuck, the more fucked up you will be.
Your life. Your death. Your fucked. Live a miserable, disgusting, worthless life.
Just like your father before will truly become his successor.

Is it worth it?

Immense social and economic pressure on erroneous parents.
The fact that you have re-produced will grant you loans, benefits or relief.

For that is saved for the righteous. The correct, proper and ethical.
One's who are truly needy by circumstance, and not needy by self manifest.

It is preposterous and gluttonous to think that bringing a life to this world, could actually help you economically or socially. It is morally irresponsible and gives shade for meaningless birth and neglected reproduction.

To stop all improper and exaggerated social assistance immediately, and treat the parents and individuals with the constrict maturity they are supposed to meet.
All exaggerated assistance is social, national and worldly masochism. It must stop.

Punishment of the promiscuous and lewd for their societal, national and religious contributions.
For their entital worth.

Making bureaucracy even more difficult. Debt even more difficult and all means of  governing civility squeezed, pressured and pummeled upon them.
Making life more difficult for them.
Isolating them. Punishing them.
Making any and all means of civil life an ongoing process of pestilence.
For only then they might understand their mistakes.
Repair or succumb to them.

No longer can the liberal lines of socialism be the breeding grounds of incompetence.
No longer can humanitarian democracy become the merciful stroke of crime and ignorance.

Dependent leniency on nation,state or man must be abolished.

As these measures for curbing and preventing birth and sin existed long before the democratic socialist humanitarian age quite effectively.
They can work again.

Perhaps after two millenia of civilization, humans will understand they are responsible for one another.
As the actions of one resonate through out earth, space and time.

It is ludicrous to think of it from a religious standpoint.
Thousands of years. The summary of all divine knowledge and scripture.
The allegiance to all gods, deities and figures.

The message is so loud yet mute. So clear yet blind.

Just stop fucking.

I mean, how difficult can it be?


One cannot embrace blessing, nor pass it onto another if he does not attain it himself.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Attack on American Embassy in Lybia - The Future


The future is as inscribed.

The fresh attacks on American Embassies around the world are alarming.
They hinder again to an ongoing problem of social awareness and the function of Media alongside Government.

Currently. The Media is extremely powerful. It has become a disruptive force that is herding and further maneuvering hoards of nations and masses. The powers of the media have grown so greatly, that any form of rebellion nor cry for freedom of speech can ever be revived.

Cries of censorship, lacking of democracy and permissive liberties are forever gone.
They cannot be revived, revisited, recycled or renewed in any way.
If today, or the upcoming century.

What is seen here can easily be guided through Educational Media that was published soon to be 2 years ago. Its importance and counterpart with Religious Legitation and forlonged stretched the way to Graphic Text Perception. Deepest to The Agent Theory.

Yet let us not stray. We must stay focused on the point at hand.

What we are witnessing today, as in prior years. Is the immediate instigation of nations and people on accord to medial publication.

The instantaneous flair that occurs moments after a medial device reaches air.

To remind the world that a Tyrant was hanged and killed on Live Air on Youtube.

worldwide economical boycott was spread through Cinema.

And an Entire Movement was fleeted through Facebook and Twitter.

The media has proved itself to be equivalent and even more powerful than government as any form of power. Not like government, the impact is immediate and instantaneous. Waves of change that may take government years, happen within milliseconds with the media.

The media has proven itself, time and time over to be the primal instrument of action nor maneuver for human beings worldwide. Regardless of nation, religion or language. The media has impacted human life times fold the hand and touch of government in the past 10 years, while a void is distancing everyday between the capabilities of government for change, and the abilities of the media.

This must change.

No longer can the vast ordeal of uncontemplated rigor can be at tense.
No longer can whim spuns take the lives of hundreds if not thousands.
Cause dismay and havoc,...never wincing an eye to their morals,....their ethics,...their sense of responsibility,...their faith.

Questions of true conviction of morals.

What are the consequences of Medial ideology?
Is there an Ideology at all?
What are the liabilities of the Media?

Why and how can the Media blame government for lack of direction, care and action while it is condemning thousands to death everyday.

Throwing people to the banner, or a romping street to vent.
Watching people growl as they have zero planning.
No ideology. No legiance. No horizon.

"We will find the next bleeding topic, the next catastrophy...and birth it hastly. Nothing can stop freedom of press!!"

Yes, that is true.
Yet what of government? Government of the Media?
Senses of responsibility,

Has the media stanced itself so polar to government, that it does not see its influence any more?
Has a rebellion gone so far, is simply blind with vengeance?

While governments plead to supply soothing proportioned facts into the minds of masses, they are screeched out by deep howls of Media,...shouting more and relentlessly about Freedom of speech and Freedom of press. While Informing the masses of uneasy and bias nippets cause more anger, fuel more resistance and ignite hatred.

The media is single handily,...moving, shifting and swaying civility like rubber.
The minds of the masses have become short sighted, edgy and pounce.

The mind as a blinking ticker or online article. Swift and fragmented.

The rotten truth that human life in its majority is indeed ignorant.
Unschooled and uncultured. Impressed more by fashion and glam than philosophy or history.
Shallow. Vindictive. Abusing. Neglecting. Tormented.

The true signs of Dementia are co incise with the majority of masses around the world.
For actions are taken today, without any recuperation nor moral consequence of tomorrow.
Memory is evasive and explanatory advances or skills are non existent.

The vile truth that human kind is the most destructive force ever known in the universe.
The mind as sickness and the heart as weapon.

Human kind itself, is traitor.

A stance must be taken against this, and provisioned for the bettering of mankind.
For the protection of streets and institutions.
For the protection of ideals, ideas and education.
For the protection of virgin ears and mouths.
The protection of nations and their pretense.
For the protection and cultivation of human kind. The ongoing willingness to see and shape a world full of peace and prosperity. A world in abundance with knowledge, kindness and patience.

An enlightened world.

The Media cannot be allowed to contaminate and defile hoards of masses on basis for freedom of speech. "For with great power, comes great responsibility."
The Media must up its game and start parenting the world, instead of dispatch it.

Modern life of today meets unschooled and rural individuals, brink rising from sleep, shuffling feet from their sleeping place or bed and obtaining access to the Internet immediately. A reflex.

The importance of these customs are as important of a parent raising his child.
The mind in all its aspects. The exposure of content. The safeguard of mentality.
If we the people know of the immediate affect of Information to our daily lives, can we not choose positivity and the flourish of deep thought, provision, care and love. Contra violence, rebellion, revenge, narcissism, hatred and grandeur.

The Media has proceeded government with the ability to commit change times over.
In any personal or public attire. The impact is immediate.
What takes government years, the media accomplishes within milliseconds.

In contrast to what the Media is molding, shaping and directing.
Its own parental obligations and intentions are in question.
These are the crucial matters that can no longer be voided.
Morals, Ethics, Provision. Care.
That are non existent.

The aspiration of governments to find the masses eloquent, schooled and polite are still a vague hope.
While enticement grows tighter everyday with the lead of free press.

Monarchy, Hierarchy and Government always strive to find a society in abundance with knowledge, depth and social convenience.

What is the Media striving for? Is it simply a fad medium? Flimsy flake, no memory, care or responsibility to what was written before days. Minutes. Moments.

What are the envisions of the press? Where do they lead?

Is the cause of  instantaneous riots, petty manhandling, revolutions, militant revolts, boycotts, rampage, genocide and adolescent protesting the indulgence?

If speaking of polarities, the Media cannot view itself as contemporary to government, it is not a rival setting. Never has or intended to be....for then it is the power of deconstruction itself.
While government in all its history...preserves, protects and stands tall and proud with a free press as an accomplishment. Has it begun to become its own deterrence?

People are rebelling against Cottage Cheese prices.
Sales in corner hardware stores in the most rural villages in the world have become the causes of fanatics.
Using and abusing the forms of media for the expenditure of ignorance, violence and hatred.

We must curb this.

The Media has become a device of individual emancipation, a large portion of human kind is simply on a power trip.

Narcissism. Illusions of Grandeur. Manic Depression. Bi-Polar Disorder. Assimilation. Dissociative identity disorder and more.

People as time bombs, revitalizing all that they know and see true,...while the media is exonerated from responsibility and reels of consequence.

If the Media can criticize government for any and every disagreement turned grudge,...why cannot the government do the same?

If the Media can tarnish, pillage, destroy, pick pocket and nitpick and government and politician...why cannot they do the same?

How can the Media be so irresponsible, and still not claim any wisdom to itself,...with informing the masses. Guiding them and steering them.
The responsibility of extending knowledge and seeing it through with provision.
As a parent teaches their children of the world,...with all the intent to see them distinguish between good and evil. Right and wrong. The media is simply abandoning its readers. Abandoning the world.

The Masses as an orphan. With only the next headline as breastmilk and connectivity.

Completely in awe and abyss, as marketing sections use their readers for further profit.

Feelings of remorse and guilt and shame are non existent.

How can this become true?
Is the Media human?
Is it earthly? Does it bleed?
Does the Media have emotions?
Memory? Testimony?

Any form of Legiance?

This will not work, for the rules of the universe do not concise.

Any form of violence will reach its end. Even if the forms of words, pictures and motion pictures.
All and any intent of violence will end, for it will meet its demise with the counter.

Goodness. Faith. Perseverance. Diligence and Intellectual provision.

Faith. Belief in goodness. Goodness in any of its forms will prevail.
It is simply a rule of the universe.

I presume the Media has only time to dwell with, if they will choose to go hand in hand with government and lead the world to prosperity and insight,...or watch its deconstruction on liable grounds.

At this point you may review The Point of Severance and Sobriety of I - Confiscation within the mind.
To understand time and psychology with this raging age generation.

Prolonged thought will remain to thinkers and scholars, men and women of deep intellectual provision and etiquette. Politics is not formed by demons, yet by polite people.

The Media must be curbed.
Not for the chalice of Censorship.
Yet for the security and sheltering of mankind.

I believe the Media will remain belligerent. Yet continue to fight the reigns of rule untill they will find themselves torn from intent and legislation.

The Media will awake to a day realizing, that it has been a destructive force for decades and change itself only through shame.

The heart will stop and the eyes will darken,...when the psychotic trip of permanent flirtation will cease, and recollection will begin.

Why do we do this? For who? For what?

What have we done? and What are we doing?

This will be the future.

I wish for greater days for human kind.
Intelligence. Enlightenment. Provision and Care.



Saturday, September 17, 2011

The legislation of the Internet

In the near future, we will see the Internet legislated.

It is the premise of the United States of America, and will accord with international law.

We will see the attire of the United States of America, and their prostrate for universiality for all human beings and terra.

The physicality of the internet will become institutionalized and pragmated. Solved.
Meta will become physical, for the notion of meta is derived from material and its presence. No longer could the caper of freedom of knowledge and freedom of people be capable of sustaining the outrageous aspects of social revolution through the internet and its unacceptable behaviors. Speech and ideology will be curbed for they are being spoke on an american platform. Actions, deeds, decisions and all...will be policed and controlled. Covertly and openly.

Any form of speech, will be reviewed, and under the american constitution...thus creating a plane into where any civilian or human being on the planet using the internet, is in direct judiciary to the united states of america. Any woe will be conveyed, plead oh plea thy let it be.
This verdict sears all ties, a new foundumb nation...under the flag of the united states. All over the world.
All the weary of eyes and all condemners and all foes.
The human race, has desecrated its greatest gift, and will no longer.

Those who have taken everything they have for granted, causing uprival, sickness and the perpetuation of war in the richest era of mankind, will be subjected at knowing the contrary of these times.
The pendulum swing of complete annihilation and force.

This world, where hunger is abolished and fashion is religion. No longer do the people have the right to protest and perpetuate war. They no longer deserve the right to complain.
Their lives are taken care of. Freedom, safety and health are all a notion of the past.
There is no longer any apparent reason to have a continuum of war, unless the weary of mind and small at heart choose to. It is of apparent danger to freedom, when people that are free...yet still choose to abuse it.
To bicker and complain. To yearn more, and devour.

War will not be steered by people, yet only higher forms of government. The yearning of each and every core stentched soul in this world, to pummel...rule and reign will not be entertained. The blood of old runs deep within the worlds veins...and will never be forgotten as the tool for progress. Not one soul that has given life for flag and unity of past will be tarnished for the spoiled wreak humans that exists today.
The way of the warrior will still exist, even today. When all men and women, are slew.

In no way will technology be allowed to be the tool of self righteousness and withstand, for it is not the property of them. It is not to their merit. As electricity, food and water. These things are obtained by war.
Evidentially, belong to someone. Thomas Edison as the godfather of telephone and electricity. Making him a unique god that runs deep within this earths core. A deity.
All the lawful rights to stake anything and everything he ever achieved to the best of his knowledge will be called back home, a recall of all justice, merit and profit. All patents strong threshold, to come home...and see the merit and value of the other. That old then, they were given the opportunity to spend and enjoy the genius of one man, dedicated and loyal to his flag and country. The british that enjoy electricity yet do not pay for it. As the internet. A patent. Callback. Home.
Calling all cars : "Come home".
To see where the world can exist without electricity, telephone and monogram.
Spoiling gifts to makind, turned weapon...revealing the true nature of man once again. The ignorant aside the elite,divine and royal. A true stature of classicism.

Imagine a world, where radio, television, automobiles, airplanes, fuel, medicine and the internet. (etc.)
Are called home.

To understand how easy it will and is to prostrate true and rightful ownership, to send all fools in this world to the stone age. All belonging and righfully owned, by the united states of america.
Every patent, every idea and every concept derived from any american, is their rightful ownership. To deal and dealt, to confiscate or lend a dealing hand. To stake, take or keer.

The absolve of clandestine territory, for and from the profit of material, and the merit of worth.
Thus owe taking the must feed, into the worry eyes of the profit.
Thus who steeds the worth, of the food itself.

Pestilence in its greatest grief, for the proud owners of it.

There is a term into where knowledge is conceived, brought upon and educated, its role and intentions of its father. The way a school teaches children, in order to bring them a worthy scale.

The internet has despaired its maker's, for it has been abused. Taken away and shredded to pieces.
To watch a student from school, taking chloe from his biology class, and killing his cat...or even worse.

The portrayal of people online, will reside in the thought of mind of their identity.
It is and must be inditingly equivalent.
Comparison is not the issue, for one cannot have multiple personalities or identities. For then, he must be considered a rogue. To compare one to himself, is to find the evident danger of psychological defects and securities, the tenderness of the mind that can behave and become an agenda that is unhealthy and potentially dangerous. Perhaps suffering from personality disorder's, and multiple personality disorders. Creating unhealthy and mentally ill humans, civilians and people.
Any individual that will prostrate self, speech or manner in anyway that is anti state, or anti human for that instance. Will be labeled and subjected to law on the physical plane.
Both realms will combine, to define and maintain a trust and truly legal structure. Law and legislature, will be in control of the United States of America, for the in fragment of citizen is compromised. Thus searing the tie. All of them.

The abduction and sedition of any citizen and individual on the face of the planet, will be the premise of the American constitution, and subject to legality under the piracy act. Any obstruction to any American juctation is liable and fleeced. Wheat to all woes, and captors to all faiths.

Furthermore, to describe and level revel that the Patriot Act will be in due affect all over planet earth.

Time, has directed a way into where people cannot be neglected from their apparent faith.
They cannot be felt for fret and freed, for they are not capable of perceiving themselves and this concept.
Freedom is for the free, and those that do not understand this concept...will eventually be the parts that will pummel upon it. One that cannot concept the idea of freedom, does not deserve it. For if one cannot concept freedom, he is imprisoned. Within self, within mind and prospect. The inferiority of human life to understand the concepts of freedom and civility, are and will be their downfall. As a conclusion will be torn and cut between the eccollective human beings, the productive and socialite, the intelligent, worthy and meritful. Between the ignorant, criminal like and agenda. This will be the tear and the time forseen, to when government and freedom, will bestow its take on the world, and reap what they have been sown. The bodies that now walk the earth in virtue of the freedom fighters...will crall on their knees to deserve a wishing nother chance, to proove their worthiness to mankind, and live as free forever. Yet they will not achieve. For punctuality, potency and apparent willing faith and grace, is beyond and above them. Things that a counterpart can never measure, for the inferiority of the mind, body and soul.

The powers that have freed the world from slavery, oppression and poverty.
Will claim back their protection,...for their minions and children...have protained beef.
Swear none the less of pain and suffering, all along their lines.
Giving one and billions, a clear path to walk through...only to see them stomping the ground, retracting and swimming on plain earth.

Stupidity, coercion, paranoia and sickness at its best.
This is not in the best interest of mankind, to fill the earth with ignorance and crime.
Yet to wish and wishes, of utopia and civil conduct under society.

If once was thought that the people can flourish when set free. It has exploded in the face to the lenders of the leash, and the leash must be called back home. Subordination, discipline, moral codes and ethics are the foundation of a successful planet earth...and this will be the future. For a concept...driven from man.

A world and planet driving towards world unity and peace. Peace that will come if with iron clad or rouse pedals  this will be the truth. For human kind cannot lead itself, and must be directed by the higher powers of faith. Faith that is understood by individuals who dwell in education and knowledge. Elite that prosper not from force, yet from grace. The epiphany. The white light of god and beyond, that shines through all darknesses. To truly believe in this world and its faith,...and to love it for each day...that we are blessed with life. Stupidity...will become a crime against humanity. As it already is.

If it is Thomas Jefferson or Buddha , the wise and enlightened will lead the way for fist and human kind. For the latter, will lead only to destruction and poverty. To bloodshed and crease.
 The individual civilian that has taken part in this world for the past decade, has become a self declared fashionista king. Ranting and whining as above with all opportunities and even the hoard of social services at their feet. The separatism of government and state with civilian is imperiment to dictate the ensurance of the world wide race, as human spirit agenda of grace, humility and intelligence. In simple words : The wide majority has stink rotten their own selves, and no longer deserve these graces.

As the people today, that do not know how to live. What to want. How to obtain. Never to achieve.
With every, and any opportunity right infront of them. It is alas again the tide, that separate the enlightened from the inferior. The intellectual from the ignorant. Alas it is true, yet again. The despair of man, and its unity falls on the minds of humanity, and their etter essence. Their mind and culture, their sway and manner. Their plight and fortude. Whatever one creates, builds and mold's within find the evident state of lethargy, crime, criminality and flat out brut ignorance overthrowing virtue, diligence and

The use of the internet will be allowed to cover the portrayal of beings, and their sway, conduct and any society. It will be supervised, policed and surveiled as all and any planes of civilization. Policing and enforcing will be at part.

The slightest cone within the mind dome of the preceptor and "user" will be blemished the concept of their dome and their contribution to human kind.
 Their life, is testimony. Each and every living soul in this world and planet, will be evident.


To wisdom that any and every key stroke, any movement of your mouse, any word you ever read, and word you ever write, any picture you ever observe, any sound you ever listen to. It is in the hands of force.
Force that will obtain you. As easy as snatching a berry of a tree. You are subject to law. For you are living in a world that is higher than you. Using technologies that are not yours. Eating food that you havent grown. Drinking water you did not reach. Living under roofs you did not build.
The rise of the low lifes, the lethargic and mentally disabled. You are the lowest type of humans, for you are not capable of living, surviving and proceeding...without the back of government.

Living bodies will realize that their significance is not to congregate secretly online, and attend the protest rally in middle town square. A scoff to covert and a glare to promiscuous.
People have believed that they can construct dictation as judges and argue of the debate of things.
Flacid protestance as feeble minded blates. As they Scarce clow, truly.

They will understand that they are futile as essential, what once done is now known, the gnome to your home.
What you see, what you talk, how you speak, the sway and movement of your body, your limbs.
All perishable, to separate. Your pie, your soul.
Everything you have, is nothing of your own.
By yourself, you are worthless.
Yet if human...then what?

The people will realize that the internet is not a tool for rebellion and cloaking, yet a tool of learning, understanding and communicating. Through the best pound knowledge. Reading and writing as tools of listening and speaking. A non violent plane in the sacricy of each one's home.
Humanity has chosen to take a peacefull tool, and turn it into a weapon.

As an ewer of old times, to then poverize millions.
Human life takes and destroys.
Time and time again. Even within time.

This is the truth.

Your index finger. Click.
your Trigger finger
 Click , Click , Click.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


The contemplation of this word and concept, is derived from soul and capture.
The basic understanding of one's self, one's inner self and outward aspect.
Of life, culture, potency, taste, nuance, location and destination.
The respect of one's actions and ways,...decisions and verdicts.

To understand this value and word, each person confides within himself in inspection to understand their own truth.

The pound destiny that all that is internal inspection of faith, pleasure and way.
The best and pound destiny to all that is "I" for the way god convicted thy self to all that is "Known" and told thy self everything "I am", everything "I know",...even prior to when I was born.
For to understand our lives, is to shed all...and realize we do not know anything without something.

A sense of abound, an emptiness that we hone and reside in...a form of royalty and cade to a point at to where we are at our utmost emptiness, revealing god and the god amongst us. As the deepest most shallow point of truth. When we are with ourselves, forever and forever mankind. To test ourselves and resemble our own fear, our own testimony. The beating pump of our heart, that is dissattached to anything else and anyone, for it beats alone...from within ourselves.

Inside all of us,...there is a tender way into where we all achieve and know this feeling,... of our own fate and destiny. Our self. Our way and wisdom. Our story,...our known. Our way. We know this, yet we cheat. We change, we deceit, we pull, we change god's way for us, for we resent him, we hate him, for the story he has evovled for us. Much to our parents, that did not listen aswell, and then we continue the treatory and misery that is within life, we continue to prepetuate and proceed, the mistakes of others within their realm. We proceed to reel the worse, as trying to fix and repair...the initial birth of us, that was false and a mistake to begin with. A man listening, knowing he is nothing. Yet still perpetuating a fight, and creating more life...for "the future" and "maybe" to fix and repair what has already happened. The futile existence of your own life. How can a man or woman take the fate of listening to a calling saying "You are nothing, you are born for nothing, and you must die." With grace, and honor. Yet no, they brake,...they whine and complain, they cry and sob. They wob, and say "I could take you...I could take your life...I can kill anybody and be anybody, I can do anything...I will show you.". Creating more sin, by defying not only god, yet the resolve and answer of their inner truth. To live as peasants, as filth and created for the ordeal of nothing. To close the tide of reason to their existence, and not perpetuate a resistance by becoming more than god, and creating more life.
More life that will only continue and suffer...forever. As one seed 50,000 years ago, now is 6 billion people...still the nothing that they were then, for they have no true reason to exist. For they were made out of mistake, out of blasphemy, out of wrongdoing...and the worst...made out of sole soul destiny. As a 16 year old girl, knowing she needs to have one child when she is 40, yet has 3 untill the age of 20. Not only fucking up her life, yet destroying destiny for planet earth. Ya dig? 

This is the point of no reflection. To where one onsombles himself underneath his dome to understand himself truthfully, and cannot ever lie. Not to self. Not to the mirror of self, beneath a clear sky and sole soul.

The slightest notion, that within our deepest and most tender feelings...we know what our fate is..., and know what our destiny is...what our profession should be..., our ideal location..., our religion, our way and adventure...our destiny. Our slightest decisions that construct  our character and personality...our sway. We see and know it through, much to our dismay and amusement.

The neverending scroll of our lives, written deep within a neverending sheet always fullfilling direction and wording, drawing beauty and choice. Something inside of us that knows definite relation to things, places and people. Resemblance and connection, yellow and whites of reflection. Shadow's of light and people shining through us in darkness...reminding us where we belong. To where to go and be, exist in and for.
The twine of twilight shining through the grasp of tardiness. A where to see our way in complete grief and agony, yet be a-bliss to have it...the direct way in stretch ahead of us. The yearning in knowing, cradle the dragging feet into the future, sobbing and crying at each step and pace to figure out the future, that is apparent to us. As our clown like dizziness and happiness leads our cone head into relation of whats next and who has been.

The essence of grace and shadow. To caper and tend the least. The coveting and covering of our footsteps,...the broom that shadows away and brushes upon our least ways and ventures. To see us galloping on along to nothingness, a true bit abyss pure of splendidness and grief. This is the way of our life, to know it true...and live in complete sadness for serenity, up untill knowing that tears falling are good...for they fullfill my grief with happiness. The utter realization of faith, and the completion of one's soul, ... to resemble and beal upon their truth. To feed the happiness for their death and reveal it, within everyday and everything, to live inside death apparently waiting at the end, with all its sorrow, shame, neglect and faith...and for everyday to be the lest and least of our journey's and respect of aspect. Our know, our way and cΓΈw. To plummith and seam tear our way in life, to sear and create the way of our lives as an eruption beyond way and path...
Our own stride of destruction and care, to reel and compensate to each other. The happiness of sadness, and knowing it. Looking down at earth, the plane of your footsteps...watching how they mold into the then look back, and see no trace of them.

The tender and most gentle way that within one, the ideal and champ, of what is for to forseed beginner, and the soft and delicate way into where we feel our deepest "know" and inner motions.
Since we were children...we all knew our fate...and our destiny.

Yet...the problem...and destruction, to the cord instruments of our own symphony begins when we try to handle our own destiny, to try and change our own initial agreement with god and destiny,....the universe.
To try and brake or bend our initial cords, to change our when we begin to stray.
To cause havoc within our world, and continue to cause havoc, for the world itself,...for when one is not at peace with himself, he cannot be at peace with the world or others, thus the destruction of war begins, with the ultimate fight of one, within his own god, within himself...
To cause the pain and suffering, that evidentially leads to his own pain and suffering. Consequently...
Leading to world pain and suffering.

One soul to stray, one soul to suffer...? The world that is stray, the world that does suffer. This is the importance of the individual, according to his alliance with his wordily, his divine and god. In order to shape this existence in a better form, and perhaps find that utopia that is always dreamt of, between people, between earth and people. Between all living things, to create the stability and peace that eternity is yearning for. All beginning's and ending, in every single living soul. A picture of one, and inside it. All. A world full of participants, and aware beings.

There is a place and known into where one struggles to defy his own fight his own way,...and change his own pasture.
As a bicyclist, trying to ride aside his path...even though painted and directed for him.

The attempt to change, the path and destiny...through the aspiration and pain that is truly blue, sad and painful. The cove and puke of sadness. The ultimate knowledge of the future and its direction.
To live in knowing your direct intentions, by knowing your next step, by knowing your future, yet trying to fight it.
For what is wish to sow..., the ultimate intention for a sweater you already own.
And to why score the goal, if the cup is already in your hands? As to see the footsteps in your every trail.
As a mathematician with no problems to solve, for he can already see the answers.

A hint and sort, that we can squeeze the happiness, surprise or joy out of the present.
Destiny, as a spoiler if you wish.

That ust, to take the joy and livivity out of present day, and to take the love out of laughter.
To leave a man or woman, as empty as they can be.
A torment  of the soul, to try and defy your own destiny. A torment to know it.

The least try to ease the apparent twisting the story, by distorting the destiny itself.
The dis-please in knowing thy self, and trying to form from disinformation, deform the way and muster...
That in which things are constructed from and about.
The attempt to shake or de-materialize the matter you are in, and your apparent faith. Rebellion against yourself. Rebellion against god. Rebellion against your cosmic stream. Rebellion and war, against the universe. To wage it.

A wise gnome will onst know, that to doubt your way, is to doubt yourself,...and to cause much destruction.

As a tower of cards, you and your maker have built together, only to see later...for later down the road, your own yearning to change on of the primaries...
and to cause definite collapse of the building set in progress.
To take away, a cornerstone, out of the building, years after the land was broken.

To understand the concept of destiny...its contract. Written by the deepest bowel's of your soul and wantings..., the deepest most sub-conscience levels that in which your entity derives from, the ultimate revelation and weigh in of your truth and face your own destiny. Written by you....accordingly to god, fate and faith. All conjured by self.

The part to where as the artist of your own wish to change color's...and deform, re-construct...the painting...that you have already mastered.

To try and defy, a contract that you have constructed. It is the boundary of legislative law, and cosmic construct. To try and rattle the forms of the universe, and shatter the stars and their settings.
All unworldly and equivalent to war.

The same way to take your own signature, and attempt to scribble out your say.
To try and sand out the blood that is in your penmanship..., and the way of leading defiance and treason against self.

The ultimate mistake, of trying to change what was ultimately decided. By yourself.
To cut your own wrist, to ruin your own life. To destroy your fate, by fighting it.

To the taste, of lets say...a soul and person that is destined to be an accountant. His life,...heritage, heart and blood are destined for this position. He is a shoe fit, a whole glove in one. This is his destiny...for it is the best and greatest thing for him. The safest. The happiest. The most attuned to his heart and stars.

As if to where this accountant will try to change his contract, written by him, constructed by him.
To and for his feelings of inferiority, feelings of weakness, a lost sense of cool. A weak sense of presence.
For if from bodily formation, way for one to live. Is within his own skin, and the frame of this skin itself.

As though to where the accountant will not enjoy his 190lbs frame no longer, he will not enjoy his steady income, tidy house and family, his clean hands and clear mind...for he wishes to change for all commence ego, all commence manhood, change his way for the foe and raging.
Later to find himself body building and joining a motorcycle gang. Impressing himself with a heavy body set, grasp and grit full of steel and black leather. Vac gleering his achievements...
Changing his own destiny...

For the weary way of his ego and masculinity have taken control of his decisions...altering his destiny and changing his fate.

The way into where he did not suffice within his initial cord,...and changed his life, neglecting his symphony of life for death, and neglecting his death for life. Everlong the pathway, of their initial agreement.

His home no longer exists. His place in the city council is empty and tarnished. His suburbian house full of peace and cleanliness was replaced with rapid motel rooms and dirty occasional apartments. His wife of 60 years, with desperate masochistic pub whores and prostitutes. His 3 sprout clean children, replaced with bastard children carrying a brand of mixed blood and racism. The worst sides of his change, were when he was alone with himself at times of despair. Looking back at his life. A time where he was at home, with his fragile body, contemplating what it would be like to roar as a masculant motorcyclist, aside the time where he would be alone in a dirty motel room, with his magnum pistol and a head full of bad memories. The lesser evil, the greater cause. The heavy contemplation of others, and fables of wisdom know. The envy that can change one's entire life. The itch and scratch of pondering wonder, of greater lives. Ideals, models and names.
One of the primary notions when dealing with boiling blood...considering "They". Edge, nerve staggering.
Then, the pulse of rejecting agenda, and rephrasing its bowel known. To please not always myself, not always my life, yet the other. So that my life can fight with the best of them, and go head to head with Wilt Chamberlain or Genghis Khan. A women not born lustful, not born as a whimmer...yet she will change herself to the highest degree, for clouds and notions of Marilyn Monroe haunt her. Neglecting her self and vision, her own work others sacrifice. Competing with the ever once known abyss experience of eternity, and misjudging the wisdom and care, of a forth set life. Directed and pathed before you. For Marilyn Monroe might be famous, yet a death as all death's, should be worthy, safe and warm. It is a way where individuals neglect the watery womb they were born from and into. Finding the outer world and its stories of firedome and sphere to wander around in their minds. A reason to leave a mark, a reason to piss or spit enough times. Semen or uterus, deaths, murders or paint this life with earthly eternity, or the will of it.
Roaring above all songs, screaming above hymns, and wailing beyond the smallest pulse.

This is the way of many. That cave into pressure that is created in the world, for time is of essence, and life is lived once for the best tense of time and remembrance, yet forgetting the true self, that lives inside...resides and wants in true sadness...the bliss that he has for-kept.

What good are heavy testicles when the heart and mind are sacrificed? What good is a hard hand, when not a feather to caress? What good is pleasing the wildest dreams of men? The longest fantasies of women...when you die alone with no virtue? To look back at a sturdy life. Perhaps not as exhilarating as one can be, when thinking of the full throttle experience. Maybe not as pleasing enough as the to compare the conquest of King David to the safe life of an accountant. Yet still, always peaceful find the truth and meaning inside of it, for generations to come. For with one successful child, you can never know how deep time and eternity may lead you, if by breeding or knowledge. It is simply to good, to remain straight and restrained to your destiny as you know it. As you feel it running through your please all scrolls and books, and the carpet of never ending words beneath your feet.

Better to have lived a full safe life, than a shorter one full of haste,blood and pleasure.

A way, that our inferiority complexes, distaste, envy or simple childish complaint, can destroy our destiny.
The place into where a person is dissatisfied with what is appointed to him, for petty and meaningless reason's...a notion of grunting or ranting as a child stomping his feet, for not receiving the exact flavor of his candy cane...
Yet eating one none the less.

A form of greed and displease, pettiness and adolescence. To break and stomp the ground as a juvenile,...when realizing...that you are complaining to the exact amount and which that you are responsible for.

Spoiled and resentful, for any bargain presented. For if your destiny would be to reign over europe, then again would one say "Why arent I a simple man?". It is human nature to rant, complain and whine. For it is the heart, the value of merit and virtue. The heartship of strength and work ethic, that shape the happy and complete beings. Depth and doom, that cultivate the best destiny. As the wise do know.

The deterrence of man and woman to their sufficiency, what the tome to be true and their essence of way. The utter revelation of what is true to them, and the matter of which they suffice in, confide in.

The matter of their truth. The want, the need and the material they suffice in to see true...
As in a person, satisfied enough with the matter of a small house,...some trinkets and a heavy steed to ride.
Perhaps even suffice himself with what he desires.

The few and little to what people want...
The much they actually take.

The shoe's and belt to own, as the desire of one's dream's...
Yet the closet attire that takes a lifetime to acquire.

The much that they have taken, aside to the little they actually want.
A sheppard at heart, with leather shoes.

A place where taking more than what you want, or more...that what you generally "have"...according to contract. Spinning the shank, spiteful against god...and yourself...your heart.

To over tip the glass...and start spilling.
The spill that will leak untill eternity...and forever change your stream..., and your destiny.
Pre-ordained by you...and obliterated..., by yourself.

Things that you dont want to accept about yourself, for they shine through your heart forever.
If you choose so, change or not.
That is the will of destiny, to always win and have the final cause...for any chance it will before.
You can never fight it, for whatever you do or choose, is the final chime of time, that exists only for live in peace, and not fight anything. Especially...not yourself.

It is as a contra. The more you fight, the more wieght builds up.
The more you push and fight, the worse it becomes.
You steer violence, you steer truth, you steer war.
It can never be as painful as you create it, and peaceful as you allow it to be.
As anything in life, the more you pressure it, the more you think of looses taste.

The essence into where more pain is fueled into life and the universe, when you dont accept yourself and your life. To go against your own current is the cause for all eruption, misfortune and woe. All life ends with sadness, for it ends. Yet the question is, if the tears that are shed...are for happiness or misfortune, regret and resent. Tears can flow thousands of years, and only the wise amongst many can understand...that they are the sweat of happiness itself, that escapes all times...through the blue depth of destiny, as the ocean itself.

To stress further the fact, that any resistance in life, will only cause more friction.
Thus creating tension, clatter and cluster. Making more violence and counter repellent.
Any force that can be met with violence or resistance, will only cause more resistance.

We are who we are when born.
We are who we are when we reveal that.
Swile Adolescence to twist our wake
Then do we fight, what we have learned.
We loose. 

Only to the might and virtue
Do you stride alone, within your two
Something above you, giving you 
Directing you, a bond like scripture that scrolled you

My fate is what I virtue.   
The highest low and lowest flew.
Tears beyond grief and watery eyes
Cause life always ends, with when we die
To fight the lone at when we cry. 

What kind of tears, the pride in I
To never lie to never doubt
Eternal rest within deep clout

*I am positive this will continue in the future*

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pover Economics

There is a way and instance, into where people are the downfall of economy.

To lay down a few basic facts, and to organize the puny of the mind.

1.The economy is built by the people. All factors involved, create the state of worth.

2.The economy is based on profit and debt, that is cultivated by the people.

3.Money is a form of worth, merit and transaction. Dealt and decided by the people.

The high and low of the economy, and the aspect to what it is as seen as a whole. One piston moving the other, as the wheels and chains survive and work away with each other.
Every tooth of the wheel important as the other, regardless to who is chewing.

As in to understand the picture where a hood rat narcotic is also a number within this world, and when he steals the car of a hard working IT employee, this affects the economy.

I tend to believe that the people need to understand the macro and micro aspects in which they relate to their own lives, as their own,...and relate to the world, nation, and so on. To understand the profound aspect of "I" in order to be wealthier beings. Regardless of money, yet much richer to perceive.

One cannot truly understand his binding with humanity, unless he concludes himself and dissects it in a crude manner. To truly understand your worth, from a distant position of objectivity.
A cold decipher and evaluation of your true conduct and value. For flag, language, culturic conjure and bond affiliation. Self.

As to where a father of 3, retired for 20 years and living off social security, is not in a position to criticize government or economy, for he is completely reliant on the two. A man on two crutches cannot criticize the sprinter and call him a "nobody bum" for that is the tear that is amongst men and women themselves.

It is where the civilian and individual, will see themselves at the larger scope of things, to understand their fragmented put voice, protest and value into proportion.
Economically wise, and humanly.

A sort to where the poor and unfortunate, will realize that they are the downside of the economy...the reason why there is recession is primarily because of citizens that rely on the national treasury, social security and social insurance...more than they can rely on themselves.

What kind of citizen, can still be complaining to government,...when %70 of his assets are government funded and backed. If by socialism or bank anchoring. As to where a citizen that is not profitable for his country, is not profitable for himself,...and is practically the dead weight that is dragging this world into the future. The product of the lethargic spoiling of commodities.
Given by the government, socialist democrat if any other,...and the gut of the banking industry that has supported and invested in the people for decades.

This is apparently coming to a fast end and crash...
For simple reasons as people dont make anymoney, and are lazy freeloaders that live in debt and gain weight while shifting papers around to clear their black listing.
The shouts and cries of citizens worldwide, for fairness and better welfare for the people...yet their incapability to get up for work 6 days a week, be there on time and the same country they are idealistically "pushing forward". A portrayed patriot, a lying man. Not a leader of any sort, not any resemblance to find clear, yet a bully and a bafoon at best.

People are small representatives of their country, and they simply dont realize it.
The micro economy, is the macro inside the citizen's own life.

To understand the chains of motion, and realize the utmost truth and social awareness of one, dictating the future of the economy, for country and earth. Within the footsteps of one person.

In this instance, it is at utmost reliance to say...that too many people in the world are funded by blind welfare, while others are the one's grinding the binding teeth of these pistons, that move the engines called human earth and human kind. To compare the over weight couch muffin, to the corn plower and seeding farmer.
As to find the equivalent and comparison, between monarchy and slavery.
One side working, full of merit...and the other, incapacitated and idle.
A full form of retribution, to what is concepted by the world, of working classes between aristocracy.
To find these level's reversed. The lethargic and home based, with enough steed to hold ground, aside the working and motioned, struggling and insecure of footing. A reverse of merit, contribution, sole unity and worth. A world full of king's, yet no workers. Finding the most basic form of class and social hierarchy with enough property and leisure to spoil the royal, and the blue collars indulged with maintaining the function of economy, agriculture, medicine and worth. A true cycle of vendetta, yearning to level classicism and hierarchy. A true cycle to envy and greed.

The importance of one. To understand that the world is poor, because people are.
Inside themselves, in spirit, mind and passion.
Everyday that passes by, is an opportunity for people to enrich the world around them, to make the world a richer place, ... within time and gesture.
Imagine a world where everyone is for generosity, to spend not only on their private pleasures and desires,...yet to spend themselves...their time and speech, their manner...on truly create an economic value of merital profit.

As to see a lonely father with a failing marriage, buy $100 worth of barbecue meat and drinks, ... pay's for a fancy hotel for his family including shopping...
When something much more valuable for him and his family is at point, and is completely free.

A good conversation with a stranger, and the hardship of speaking to his wife to sear ties, to find the internal peace that is so dearly precious to him...without the spending of a dollar.

They say that money cannot be measured with heart, and it is true up till today.
For those that have little, and live to the highest peaks , are the envy of millionaires with empty hearts.
The boundaries of money can never conquer the soul and spirit.

Into where people need to realize, that they must invest in heart and not material.
What will cause a social economic growth beyond proportion, when leisure and trinkets are realized for what they are, a commodity. The luxury of the middle class that vastly exceeds the good taste of humility to be humble and content. To see the "middle class" of today, living in standards that wouldnt shame the middle age king of an empire, or put to shame the worth of an overlord in the ottoman empire. Times that have shed grace to the actual worth of life. That is giving and taking care of others, yet in the times we live each is his own king. Creating a cold world full of status and greed, full of futile and childish competition. The what more and the who have, all up to the point...that if true worth was valued...peace would have reign in this world long ago. Modesty.

The price of a Porsche cannot be valued, over the bridge mankind handshake of man and his foe.
As to where the riches of man cannot be estimated by the hand, yet by the heart and mouth.
The gestures extended into the future and present for benefiting not only yourself, yet your county, state, country and nation. Your culture, your heritage and your way.

A man wealthy enough for a big house and 4 children, 2 wives and 5 cars.
Yet his heart is as poor as the homeless man that sits next to him at the pub, even less righteous.

Swear to the conception into where one person affects the other, and to where the deficit begins is within the friendship itself and the worth of humanity and relation. The poverty within the people themselves, and what they fill themselves into with all cries and flames of heaven burning inside of them everyday to make the world better and make a difference. For all men say they are alike, all wish and proceed and believe that they can affect human kind with good grace, yet cant seem to even respect one another. A farce of grace, portraying the faces of men, when they are literally criminal and sinful. Without any intention for nation or religion, without any intention for mankind or the world. For if you wake up in the morning and believe that you are working for your next television, you are as cold and lonely as the dumbfounded box itself. Yet if you wake to work, and believe that you are contributing to the greater ideals of earth and human kind, you are actually making that difference, are actually making that difference. The difference between looking at employment and money as a means to survive, yet as means to live. To nourish life itself. Nation...mankind and anything afterwards. An idealistic tool in the life of solidarity.

The ideal of understanding the worth of everyday life. Every small decision of each and every person in this world, to buy "Evian" or simply drink at home. To purchase "Nike" or simple suffice is normal things that supply your needs, or to boast and topple the mountains, to reach too high. As has happened with socialistic democracies across the world. To say "Hello" and not gossip, to live honorably and not backstabbing, deceitful and coercive.

Civilian as king and wife as itinerary. The work citizens of democratic socialistic countries, have done, to create this sublime freedom that is at hand. Older generations were not so spoiled. Manking is not built to be lethargic. He is not meant to reign, yet work. Be humil and succomb, to all grace and fury under the true realm of good against evil. The world has become rotten spoiled within its riches. The people turning even "more" corrupt than the channels of government that they despise. Ignorantly.

A full circle into where the riches of fighting democracies have flooded their citizens with abundance, and now...must revolve back to the essence of modesty and patriotism. To reel realm the feed of the virtuous and the undeserving. Those that fight for the freedom of other's, cannot be tarnished by the welfare alike, by the lethargic and complaining. This is toppling equality, by instability.

Time and power must revolve today, to hold strong the value of one and its essence within merit, social conduct, etter grace and spirit. A world of responsibility and correct judgment.
Good decision making for general relief.

The middle class, and lower classes of society have brought the economy to fall. Pending sequential grammar and social paralight psychosis ofcourse. (Regarding reaction to the words : "Economy - Fall" , for mere minds would shatter and crumble to the fact and knee jerk reaction, as ignorant do, time and time again.)

For they have concentrated only on themselves. With minimal spending and short term costs. Cable television, cellphone expenses, internet and immediate intoxicated entertainment as their prime goals and suffusion. Not as generations before, that would not suffice untill they would "Make this country great and proud" , even when sitting in their living room and sleeping at night. Generations that thought of divinity and divine law, to counter when thinking of merit and self worth. Always moving forward, for brighter days of accomplishments and yearnings.

A question of individual merit and priority...has what led to today's slate...the poor economics of the mind, body and pocket. A world full of kings,...yet no workers.

Poor minds make poor citizens. Poor souls make poor civilians, make poor economies.
Create a poor world.

Its the simple. The footsteps of one, are the cord's of the world bank.
The inflation in ignorance, is an economic deficit. The growth of narcissism is a economic pit.

Today in the world, we can see riches beyond relief spreading everywhere.
Cheap clothing, even fashionable clothing...spreading everywhere.
Cheap and affordable food, to a point where obesity is simply a matter of choice.
Transportation and health care that is not only enough for everyone, yet more than they can handle.
A true world full of riches...and still the poverty exists within the soul itself.
Looking for more, wanting empty bowel full of food, and a bare back wearing designer clothes.

An epidemic of the bowel.
A true welfare world, yet still...the hungry at heart will always be famine.

To explain the value of price :

A price is reliant to the value of the product.
The worth of the product, is bound to its material.
The construct of this material.
The work and thought put in it.

As in a Mercedes Benz is more valuable than a box Suzuki Jeep, for it is a finer tool and product. The Ergonomics and calculations gone into the product...deep scientific thought and investment, heavy engineering research and the prestige to bound all luxury.

A true product, of true merchants.

Yet in a world as today, here comes the common man and says : 

"Why is a Mercedez Benz so expensive? It needs to be cheaper..." 
"Why?! What the hell do they do anyway,...its only a car"

Thus de-evaluating and cheapening the product itself, by himself.
"They should make it cheaper, so that anyone can buy it".

Dumbfounded and never reluctant. Not enough to hold speech and flounder way, in the best of its essence.
The deteriorated, deteriorating.

Making the fine product of a known founded company as Mercedez Benz with strong historical ties cheap. The prize owner of such a company would tend to believe and say that not "everybody" can own a Benz, yet only the prestigious and the product itself.

As to where certain products do not belong in certain hands, for the value of the product itself must meet the value and the hands of the owner. Prestige goes along well with the valuable. Valuable people. The generation of today, tends to forget the "old" and solid of the true world, the value of the "old" and their merit. The actual process of earning and creating in a world full of struggle, and to victor above all odd's. 

This is what has happened due to the lewd and low, the rugged and inferior.

Price has contradicted value because of the consumer...
At first crying "Dolce Gabbana is too expensive!" , creating pressure... yele crying as howl's...
Yearning the high class product for themselves, to assure their worth and class.
Issues of self value and inadequacy.

Thus, the price of Dolce Gabbana went down, being more affordable for lower and middle class...bringing the prestigious to the average yokel. A degradation all due value and its worth. Ghetto princes and gutter queens, with what was nonce wore by the play fashionista elite of Milano, in the hands of Franklin Park, Fort Lauderdale. Still...the people...bare and poor as they are inside.

This same lower and middle class, went around the ferry and began to ask "Why is it so cheap?" the Dolce Gabbana product. Thus completing a full circle of ignorance and greed, still looking forward with a thieving hand. Still a clenching fist, wanting more. To evidentially overcome their own initial hand, with laundered classicism, value, prestige and worth.

Things that have been and were far fetched from become obtainable...yet still...they roar for higher things.

A cycle of poverty and worth, within the mind and life, within materialism and far fetched agenda.
Within the worth and wanting of the hand, within the greed of confiscating and laundering.
The dreams of one yearning soul, to the capers and day's of kings and queens, the royal and rich...with their daily lives. The wantings of richer lives bound with glazed gold, chromed and lined with the royalties of heaven and earth, to find them there as the cufflinks and trinkets of the perceived rich and throned, alongside the scratching dead hands of clenching scavengers and grovel. The dead hands of the lifeless and low, flapping their hands to catch the next item of worth they can see and fathom. A chance to feed what they crave as the shining brink of diamonds and jewelry, as the bright haze of gold and chairs adorned with burgundy diamonds. Only to feed off more crease and sewage, as they chase the next cove to fullfill and empty being  As pedestals and stools on the back's of peasants and blood, they pour more wine on the floor for their conquest. Dreams of demons. Poor of mind. The bowel of the meaningless and hungry, can ever be the depth of soul and spirit. Never will be pleased, never suffice, never take and pounce on any crest, that seems beyond their reach. A lust of greed, a soul in agony screaming, coughing up the bone of soul as they die another day.

What this "middle class" has obtained to achieve, in pulling the aristocracy of this world to cheaper means. The pulldown of all prices and values, the corruption of smile and its value.
The true merit of one, and all the essence between the judgment of right and wrong.

What this generation of "middle class" achieved, is the kingdom of struggle of all civilizations of slaves and workers through out the history of mankind. To topple government, monarchy and classicism...within the grisp of their own relentless iron fist. A generation that used, and is continuing to use the formality of civil society to pummel and reign as the dictators and arbitrators they saw fit. Becoming exactly to what they protest.

Even without the education, without the etiquette, without the moral's, without the ethics...without the history. A generation of force feeders, and bowel down kingdom's of violence.
Creed and confiscation, deception and coercion. These traits that have attired these people into representing the worse possible ways of civility and social behavior. An erupting society within erupting ways, that shatter all ties and sear through values and loyalty.
These ways and tides into where this current state of humanity, is choking the ranks of civility...and when in true face, resemble the exact beast the rumbles inside of them. 

The scarce and foul animals, that wish to take all reigns and live as free beings, meritless with all boundaries and materials for themselves. A world full of kings, yet no workers. Neandrathalic beasts wanting to hold all things and never to share, for the foundry of land is belonging to them. As their merit to war, is merit for socilization and civility. A nothing. To where even their war is weak, and incapable of winning. Men portraying warriors, when even the smallest sight of a young girl can scare them. Women pretending to be the widest queens on earth, when even the slightest mustache will cause them to flee.
An assimilation of thought, a cord of manipulative and deceptive beings, not even smart enough to realize and see themselves. As peasants, degenerates, bigots, scavengers and worse.
As to where what has happened with the apparent worth of money, material and all things...has de-evaluated to the worth of one. In heart, spirit and tender flesh.
As to where, the forgotten mistake is to understand that the rich at heart can exist without much material or money,  for they have all riches within themselves and their minds.
Their hearts invaluable, their minds priceless...without any robe or trinket...
To survive and live within a world, full of riches...without doun. 

This is true value. Beyond money and economics.
Yet the small of heart, the poor of conduct, the weak of mind do not understand this.
For they will fight anyone and anything they believe to be holding grasp above them, any hierarchic law or monarchy of patriarchs, for they are to null to believe in their own freedom.
Desiring the ultimate devour of cape fear. The Sodom and tear of an anarchich world.
For a poor soul will never know suffice, even when socialistic democracy hand's him life and opportunity on a platter.

All due mathematics, is any law, and the law of relativity to scheme it.
A 1 is only 1 when one can realize it. A 2 is a 2 if one can see it.
A 4 is 4 when one can count it, and a 5 is a handfull when set sought.

Mathematics are beneath economy, for it is built from me and you, the people...and their reign of earth.
To the best of their worth and value.

For one can always say "$2.99 for Cocoa milk?! Thats too much!" to the other that says "$500 if a skirt for my wife? Is far to cheap...I will spend more" .

The best merit of value,...within the man and women themselves.
That is what shapes economy.