Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Educational Upbringing - De humanizing Children

This is a tide between the way that parents see the world, to the child within them, the child infront of them, and the child that they were once and knew.

As in the parent, and its forma and shape as a parent and person, yet the child that they still are and always will be. Inside. As the oval shape of life, where everything is a beginning and an end, and to nowhere is the personify of the future , yet the dictation of it.

To understand that we are once we knew, and now we are still the same yet larger.
A way into waste to find all said "Maturity" had be.

The way into where we all know the faults and mistakes of maturity and parenthood, yet we do not repair them.
The cliche`s and mistakes of prior generations that are passed down through repression and the vindication of cliche`s and "General knowledge" as in to say "Children are god. They are the closest thing to god, and as young as they are, they are pure and smarter, more intelligent."

This is one cliche` that has been passed on for enough generations, ruining the fault of parenthood and discriminating mankind to one, contaminating itself with false being and disruptive thought, and also creating a situation between parents children and adults, into where lies and falsity is present.
A dysfunction and mal practice of the truth.

It is a manner where faults and mistakes are passed on by generations, to fault by not refuting them.
It is not present that the fact of refuting exists , and must be present. To better mankind and faith in human beings.

Isnt it true, that there are certain truth's that reside in all of us, yet have not been passed on to us?
As in : "Food is bad for you, it makes you fat" .
Yet no one has never actually told us these things , as in a way where an orb is surrounding us and making us beleive these things without them being present.

An orb, or realm into where souls connect and disconnect. Feed each other with the realm of thought and absorbency, a wave into where thoughts and sounds instill themselves in people, without ever being true.
A most and way into others, to pre leam thought and find it, in the way they project it in others.
An educational thinking system, and the prolonging wait to find the essence be in others, to make them perfect in silence and resilient in name.

Some might say, that this is the progress and prolonging of human kind.
The upbringing and the state of faculty when preceding another, a waste in way into others feed from a one, and find themselves in this one, waiting in vain for succession and leading.

A state into where we have all of human kind, capable of everything, and incapable in thought.
For the proud essence of leading is in the waste of human kind, and the modified way we are taught to achieve.

As an adult brings a child into the world, alongside his inner child and youth...
Thus happens a change in faith, or "know" and knowledge within him, a way into where the parent, yet not long before an infant, is now in charge of a life like his own, and as his own.

The preceding and succession of self, without knowing the faith and power of succeeding the precede.

Why do we actually pass on our faults to another?
Knowingly, un knowingly...

Why is it that we trash our presence inside the faith and know, and not instill the present in others?
Only to feed them into the future and the past, not reflecting towards what is true and known.
The lesson and education of knowledge and faith within any age, and to release the notion and power of age categorization.
The imprisonment of mankind and faith, during "to age" and know...understand what the truth is, and how the power of "Be" can be proclaimed and handed forward.

To see a world where the essence of now has no boundaries of thought or age, and to see a world full of leaders and good presenters, of life and faith.
Beyond the land and world.

If a parent stands by his child , and see's him as an equivalent, it is not only wrong, but a mis perception.
If a parent see's a child as the equivalent from the child's point of view, this is wrong, for the parent is no longer a child. Perhaps within the parent, there is still a flame of childhood, yet physically and mentally he is no longer this child. And perhaps he is.

Parents cannot stand aside their children and wait for them to be smart, yet need to educate them in the proper way to feed them with the mistakes and knowledge of what they have learned.A parent cannot ask a child "Where is the sun?" and the child will answer "I dont know" ... for the parent to think "This kid is pretty dumb" , an imbecilic and childish way to present thought , and a demeaning way and manner to be this leader, that directs and progressing humans within life and the world.

It is racial, and bigotry to precede the faith and knowledge within the world and present them to feeders as in "I have the know" , "Now , suck up".
This is a the source of pain and violence, hierarchy and patronization, yet alone war, resent and hatred.
For if one is leading by a leash and not by example, this is a model of slavery.

It is up to the parent to beleive and know that he is an equivalent to the child.
Not in the child perspective, not a parents perspective, yet the worth of mankind and the value of human life.
There is no way, that a parent can succeed his child by being smarter, for they will prolong their living, taking what essence and faith they had infront of them and be the one that mattered the most to them.
The educational pastor and being, that directed them towards life and created them to be the leader and head as they now control to be.

To deal with children on the same base of knowledge that "As we know" , is a crucial part of the upbringing.
For parents relieve themselves and forget about the knowledge that they have obtained during the years , to pass it on to their children.
The knowledge and know of the world, and the power passion and pain of being alive.
To treat

The psychology in it is very clear.
The cloaking and rogue rouse within the parent , that "The child doesn't know" , is putting him in a position of power. What he always did release from the world , to resemble the face of god and -BE IN POWER-.
A lewd and materialistic ideal for the wee of faith and weak of mind.
The person itself, cloaking and lying into his way to find the "best" in life, and see that his child is beneath him.
"Finally! A true idolizer! A slave to my skin and presence! A yearner for my skin and way! A listener to my speech!"

A losing gift, into where time and essence has not known the beef, but has portrayed the way into where parents re instill the slavery within them to god, as there the children are slaves to the parents.
To where a person is always "A slave" for god,....thus the parent is vindicating and revenging his pain and fortune through his child , that is now "Idolizing" him, as the grace and heaven of god.

A turntable of pain and reflect, gesture , respect and capture.
A way into where the child grown into adulthood and then parenthood, is still the resentful child that does not know why he is alive, has no knowledge of it, and simply wants everyone to fall to his name and knee's , to be : "The god himself" , as there the faith where everyone is the knowledge and "God is the almighty!" "We are all his slaves!" "Nothing is above him" and "We are beneath him, a nothing and no one, all due to the mighty god, that is in all things, and the king of the world, enjoying all and receiving all the fear, gifts and pleasures in the world"

A neurotic and infantile way that the person is transversing his envy towards god, with hatred to his children.
A cord and way to where the essence of god is passed on to the person "CREATING LIFE" and becoming this god sense in a way, to feel the feelings of superiority and control "As god does".
Infantile, jerk and chain reaction.

Thus dwelling the human kind, in its current state, where sex and envy, hatred and the puny of heart are exampled by the hatred and disgust towards god.
The sadness and contemplation into where this plate is empty , for god has all of the plates.
A complete opposition to what all faiths dictate as true.

That god is a friend, a gift... and all that you have is given to you unconditionally by him...
The food, your health, your sky and water, your land and clothes...

Thus where people take these things as DEBT , and beleive that the virtue of giving is conditioned by giving back. Reflecting on the inadequacy and retardation, the inner and external achievements of one , "When god wants you to be a king and lead" (Supposedly).
This is a complete misconception of the thought and name of god, the resemblance of religion, and what we percept as truth.

The internal perception of one and all, that within himself the life and god.
To not let others know what he see's and life, and knows of god.
A sense of forgotten and loneliness, for one can never perceive the thought as being united with god or another, for body separates them.
An ideal that is based on ignorance and lack of thought, that no one and nothing can ever understand them within the thought and perception of god, and within the self.
A notion where everyone thinks they are lonely, and yet everyone is the same, reflecting and participating in the same ordeals, thoughts and names.

A blindness, to where all of human kind is the same, and the difference, is on virtue alone.
Yet what virtue is greater than living and being alive?
For a doctor and scholar, will never profane themselves to be higher or greater than a homeless bum , yet only more educated, and perhaps much more fortunate.

It is a way, that a child has turn parent, still learning from life and trying to understand the best way for him to freedom, and eternity. To the pasture of faith and way, that something can be understood from this life, and perhaps the path to royalty and happiness can be made through the children themselves.
A sense of hope of riches and fame, if not through self , perhaps through the children.
Circles and spheres of deadly energy , all anticipating and wanting present, vindication, upliftment, charm, grace...
A pummeling of energy directed towards the child, immensely putting crating pressure on him.
Dementing and shaping his cerebral and internal presence and essence.

A way and where no one is aware of what they are doing to their children and life,...to the world, not even till the point when they are old and wanning. A journey of question in life, that is answered by substituting your own questions, with the astonishment and lack of knowledge of your child. For "If someone is dumber than me, I must be in power and smarter..." in simple and basic psychology.
The child replaces the amaze and shock abyss of the parent, once child , still infant... with a transference of bad energy and epitomal  scorn , wreek of squeal, the embody of all bad malice and false energies in life, straight into the body and mind of the child. With Zer0 reflect into the past. As a new page has been open infront of them , where they need not to confront or deal with their past, their personality, the shortcomings or defects that they have , yet only to resemble the face of god infront of these children.
Representing themselves as the GOD , and committing a crime worse than murder or fame, much worse than rape or theft. Creating a person, DUMBFOUNDED , completely un aware of his surroundings, A SLAVE to his name and mother , an idiot and imbecile that will trek and travel his life to find truth and answers , all due to the insignificance and lies of his parents.

The crime of patronizing, as a patron.
The shed of we and face, to portray someone that you are not, and to shame the essence of brotherhood and love.
A notion of disaster and the cape of wisdom, a mask of quay and control to hide the inadequacy and ignorance in one.
What parent wants his child to know and understand that he is ignorant, and as dumb "as he is".
Oblivious to the fact of god and faith, the twain to ender and all knowledge of truth's and ways.
The exploration of the world, and the shaping of it to pass on for better, wiser more peaceful , content and whole generations.
How ignorant and stupid can one be, not understanding that ALL knowledge must be passed on early to another , in order to feed grace and progress.

War? I will show you war, dwarf!

 Thus the adult, through ignorance is equal and even inferior to the child.
Mentally and psychologically.

To watch an infant crawl, and be drunk with amazement, a corny caper of wisdom and way,... still understanding life , and "learning" about life through your children.
Such charm and amazement by watching a small human defecate on himself, and having daily "epiphanies" about life... " I cant beleive this was me once!" , as a monkey would say and beleive.

Taking a child as a toy, a reflection tool, not to "only" take care of him, yet to "learn" from it.
As a waste and neglect to begin with.
A lack of spectrum and knowledge of thought, simply to be a crime against humanity.
Nothing short than a baboon, to watch a child and think he is not watching back, or will not remember.

The reality we dictate for human beings, since the day they were born.
"Oh well , did you see David's cock, he fucked me for hours last night!"
-Darla! Your baby is in the room!!
"Oh dont worry , he doesn't understand anything"

The same crimes done to you.
Where are you today? Oh high and mighty.

The sight and notion to where people are always equal.
So to "goo goo ga ga" a baby, is no different than to "goo goo ga ga" a senior executive.
What is it good for if there is no sense of equality?

Making and creating a state of instability between the two, is to create obvious hierarchy , and to continue the state of human enslavement to system and structure. Without the crucial and real leadership invested and instilled in each and every individual.

To stop the current way and manner we see humanity and time,... children must be invested and looked at as leaders, when born, and given the same opportunities that we have,... the "old" and living.
It is because of infantile emotions in an adult, that does not participate in sharing with his child, for he wishes and believes that his achievements will surpass him in duly fashion.
The inadequacy and infantile feelings one can have in all due respect to inferiority complexes, envy and issues of worth , all detain the fact that an adult can teach an infant so much, that at a very early age, this infant may surpass him and reflect on his world in a worldly and educational fashion.

Instead of going "Goo goo ga ga" to a baby,... why not speak to him about currency, or the history of imperialism?
Can you see this picture?

An infant, with a mind and soul , coming to this world, understanding everything,... is put in a situation where everyone tells him "You dont understand, maybe when you grow up" , confining them and domesticating them to a train of thought. That they are young and stupid. Thus creating the reality, your baby is stupid.



 The ignorance, and lack of knowledge that is the same way that you can understand something, so can the baby.
Any questions that you might have, can be answered by any person...yet to accept the answers is on the might and merit of the size of the soul.

Imagine yourself in a room , when someone starts to speak of you...
"You know Sheryl has a very sensitive stomach, and a very big nose"
Then you , Sheryl...look around the room to see who is talking about you...
"Oh dont worry, she doesnt understand"
Leaving you , Sheryl , dumbfounded , ignorant and angry.


The future is bright in the sight of technology and knowledge, the fate and wisdom of the world is up to the grabs of the intellect to teach and learn from the best, to pass on to future generations.
In all due respect to country, religion, race and individuality.
A creation of a better future is understanding the limitations of one's intelligence, and the gift of knowledge to others. Without any circumstance and unconditionally giving forward for more intelligence to be passed on to others. For the future of mankind, and the shift between infantry, (hence) , childhood, adolescence and adulthood.
The plane and maturity to level the agreement , and end what we see as hierarchy and strategical thought and belief all due to notion god, belief and life.
To treat life as it is , a blessing and a journey , where all are important and are capable to create a better state and unity for mankind.


It is in no way , or place where a parent can demean himself to the "level" of a child and see himself in a way where things are "equal" . This is a perception of discrimination and neglect of responsibility.
Where a parent needs to understand that "equality" between parents and children, is not based only on mutual respect, yet intelligent thinking.
If a child does not work, or is under no pressure,... it is not proper for a parent to release their flame onto this child , when seeking something from them. No manner of revenge or spite is mature enough for the both.

These concepts begin very young, and a child can become a partner and not a burden, if educated properly.
A friend and council.
A way and where a child is a vindicator of pain and treachery , when deciding and believing in the parent itself , within their way and life, creating support and general ideal for faith and loving, each other, for blessing and eternity.
A huddle , of thoughts and emotions , a peace and pact between people.
Not a resemblance of feed and hierarchy and patronization.
A swindle and way where people are perfect , and in knowledge and faith , are capable and able to understand anything and everything, at any given time.
To lead others , and to create a better life for all.

The subconscious , within its sphere , is absorbing of the reality itself.
It is almost as a mouth itself, and almost the same as a mind.
The essence and vibe of a human being is sent through the sub conscious and felt by other beings and entities.
This is a prime form of communication between beings and people , unknowingly to public, yet evident from within.
A place where all beleive in god, yet in different pretense, to the same ideals and feelings of one self.

Eventually , the ideal that parents and children can exist together in a flourishing world, existing off one another and feeding off one another , yet with no internal dillema.
For thoughts are heard beyond words, and nothing can change this.
The instance into where the essence of body mind and spirit are instilled with others and given to a wide range of good thought, faith and emotion.
To never give or transfer pain to anyone, in conciousness or subconciousness.

The idea that children are inferior to adults must stop, to cut the chain that humanity is used to.
A resemblance of stupidity and a cord release of hereditary resemblance of nothingness and inadequacy.
The times of when failure can stop.
The times of where sadness can stop.
The times at where regret will not exist.

Only to find today, still empty from releasing the deep down bowels of what we really mean and want to dictate. Our dreams unfulfilled , still alive and breathing.
The waste of life into where parents instill their dreams into children, creating more wieght and sorrow within their life and way , and more pressure and silence building up in their cerebral.

A parent, ... giving birth to a child when he was "35 years old" , and saying..."Well , my child will surpass myself one day, and I can live my dreams through him". This said when one is "OLD" , and leaving, neglecting and disarraying his life while he see's them. A complete neglect and quit on life itself, and the merits and dreams of an individual.

A resemblance of a void , and false prophecies convicted onto another.
Why do the generations make the same mistakes over and over?

Why not treat a child as a king,... to talk and contemplate with them , wait for their virtue and word, answer , question and council, teach , educate and direct.
Within humility and mutual respect...
For the feelings and ways of wisdom are all felt through a human being , contemplated and known for all.

This up till now , might further on in the future.
Thank you.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Educational Media - The Responsibility of Technology

In this fast paced world , everything is running through a place screen, a folding dice , a place where people are unseen , where data and knowledge are being consumed at a rapid speed.
A day goes by and millions; if not over a billion are fed by the Internet media.

Thus meaning that data is sporadic, it is instantaneous and timely vanished, for an article or any sort of message, is only good within its day.
What leaves the readers and people, into a sharp confined horizon of thought, a "bit synapse" mind.

The manner in which message is conveyed, has turned knowledge and information to lewdness and spew. With no value or treasure within the knowledge itself.
Tarnishing the way intellectuality is observed, created and conversed.

It is not astound to understand that the times we are living in are deteriorating human stature, and abbreviating what we see as true, for the truth has already been deluded with stupidity and thought reduction.

For the nature of human beings, has become a stupid manner of confined and cowardice existence.
Creating a kind of being, that is a disgrace to anything human, from all time to tarnish it.
To find humans, a sloth, absorbing vanity, greed and stature, while sitting in place and doing nothing.

For to take grace and subdue it, is to make way for gruesome times and filthy future's.

For the time we are living in, is making others feel like fools, null kings and queens... , what is empowering the filth and disgrace within the world itself.

Lethargy, ignorance and retardation have become gained ways of existence, they have become accepted into main stream lividity.

The deterioration of human kind, is at the account of technological use and the funnel of it, by individuals, that use these technologies to the best of their consciousness, intelligence, heart soul and mind.

These technologies are well due into suffering and the confinement of the human mind.
For technology is made in order to refine life, not contain or confine it.
The users of technology itself, are the ones in charge and responsible for their actions, for a user of the Internet can easily be and become and intellectual person within the limits of lesson and study, yet to the best of its kind, reaches the peaks of their own intelligence, making online poker more popular than debating the dictionary.

The best we can do, is to watch humanity turn into a forgotten piece of filth, or try and change.


This deterioration of the human mind and spirit is directly connected to the use of the media, the way the media holds itself and re constructs the way to profit and knowledgeable insight.

We can now see, that the human mind is deteriorating at a rapid speed.

All due to thought and thought process. To the speed at which humanity is working at, the consumption of knowledge and the process of media consumption.

All within the while of that the atro and retro spects are not considered enough...for they are devastating and alarming.

Let us float a moment into the sight of a global point of view, and look at our habitants...
We can see tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of people waking up everyday and checking their mail, news and other such.

We can see millions of people on the streets, looking at their daily newspapers for chime of thought and rhythm of speech and life, in a way where the news dictate the general atmosphere of things, all while "in the know", for the tidy gently human beings.

If we fathom ourselves in a heavenly spirit and divine entity, we need to know and realize the affect of what we consume into our own lives, and how it affects our way of thought, motion, speech and self expression.
For the complexity of why humans read the news, is deep and more fathomed to far fetch than many can understand.

The worry, the woe, the weariness into knowing, the questions of know. Into where we are, what we are doing, and what is going on. These are all questions of virtue, that are directly connected to god and faith.
The one's that claim to know what is in the how, and to how to know...what is in the know.

The reason why people are indulged in the news, is because they look above to the sky, and wonder.

 What is going on?

I believe and think, that an educational media will be more prosperous for the people, as an agenda of instilling and infusing thought and intelligence within the people, instead of rage, worry and poverty. For the essence of feeling what we know after reading the newspaper, is well known. We are either sheltered by the notion of relief as in : "phew! not me! so im glad!", or to the point of weariness that is "this is terrible, who will help, what will happen..." , to the worry and trouble that obtains the mind, the thought process that gives people stress and tension within their own lives.

Think of a newspaper or media or news station, that resounds people with the notions and feelings of motivation and happiness, exchanging "What will happen?!" , with : "I feel great" or "I must help someone".

Even better, think about a newspaper, that publishes the same thing everyday, as a prayer plate to society, simply supplying alternate information, all positive and constructive to human kind and society. Construction of faith and good deed, good spirits and well off attitude.

A form of media that causes upliftment and enrichment, daily.

A newspaper that teaches children and adults. A radio program that enriches and instructs others.
A television series, the heels deep within the know of the questions of human beings.

If "C.S.I" can change branches in the Police Department, all over the globe...why cant something else...cause world peace?

The question of old :
Why is the media so violent and depressed?
Why does the media report on the bad , corrupt and evil?


This old question will right be adue and answered with a snoot cliche` and an annoying adorned way into brushing away a parasitic notion. By anyone "elderly" or "old-time".

Yet a question that has been resounding for hundreds of years , has still not met an answer.
So cliche`s and cynicism are well beyond their way of gift.

Thus will say "It sells" , yet that is not the answer.

For to answer this question is to know stupidity and raw evil in its purity, a fathom of mind that cannot be contained or understood, for it is not well within to mind to spread fear, tension and woe.

The answer : "Why is the media negative?" is simply : "It is. The owners and editors , keep it that way".

It is not forcibly containable , and is a malice force against humanity.
To say the coherence over the media outlets, to legislate further impression on the media to have higher standard, for there is higher capability and responsibility to change society and shift awareness.
In no way, to turn media into a governmental tool...yet to prove and change the media, into a much more diligent and responsible faction. Even as important government itself.
To expand the media's horizon, by kneeling and proving to the media, that its power is far beyond great.
To improve and stature mankind.

To realize a way that within government needs to come the humility and understanding that the media is crate, a swindle that nests society and its awareness. The knowledge and ability of one to understand the notion of the matter's at hand. A greater form of power than speech and memory.
For everyday, we are born again.

Thus making the media a strong force for government , and even stronger.

To work aside , side by side , never to collide, for the better, together of civility...in stride.

Believe so to see a world where the local newspaper dictates on lesson, of civility and knobility, dignity and pride. Prints out stories with lesson and insight, that the messages of "be aware", "worry" and "interrogate" are well gone, yet presented in different manners.
Not to turn the people into innocent prey, but to relieve them from harming contemporaries.

A form of intellectual media, responsible and parent like. A home harness to hold the people as friends and children, to have them with the keep safe and well minded.
A media that treats the people as their own, to the best care and knowledge of love.

In sight of legality,

The state and authority can well be downed with knowing the limits to where censorship begins and the welfare of the people ends, for if the media is actually hurting the people, censorship is not the right term in order to control and sway direct the media, yet preservation of national and state treasures and resources.
The same way that it is illegal to spill waste into a healthy lake, same with bad and corrupt news for a citizen and individual. What makes the internet, a wrong and harmful place for the weak of mind, the tender of thought that consume knowledge and insight from the internet everyday, to even overshadow their own educational school system at hand. In pace that a single child can induce himself with more information learned from the internet, rather from his classroom.

A situation in where the education of one individual is based and relied on the media,...thus creating way for the government to alarm the media about and from the civilian decisions and newly acquitted manners.
As in that times change and create new situations, where government adjusts itself...an adjustment that can be crucial for the welfare of others if done today.

Still now, within time, the media outlets do not know how to swallow the Internet.
That is forcing written press to peg down, and become substance based against quantity.
Newspaper sales are plummeting around the world, yet still that the written press is the foundation of journalism due to educational and academic backbone. Written press is fading away, leaving scholars and academics all over the world, chasing the latest spew by "Teenager with I-Phone".
A complete disaster and shakedown to the written and heard press, by the generation conducting itself with momentary oppression, momentary concentration and care. A "bit synapse" mind.

The Internet ,
That is free of content and free of purchase, a world that profit comes from philanthropy.
In complete polarity from product attractiveness and success, as in a newspaper, to where the consumor is depending on the product...the internet is reversed, where the product is depending on a consumer.
Giving and handing the power to the individual itself.
A begging market.

What means that as any market, the attractiveness of the product needs to appeal to the public.

What better a product, than enrichment and sobriety?
The media.
The internet media.
All media.
To see and hope for a better time, or a necessity of this time and era, of an educational media, and an academic back to any technological storm, as in that the next "I-Phone", will be constituted as a progressive tool for humanity, and marked as a vessel to spread wealth, intelligence and humility through out the world.
Believe so that every I-Phone owner, was obligated to read the latest UN decisions, or contribute a dollar for the needy,... perhaps contribute a song or poem, an ideal, an opinion...to a worldwide question or problem. A way that in every mass product or invention, that creates technological leap for human kind...

Human kind itself needs to leap aswell...

For if technological evolution over seeds human evolution, we will see a race of pod's, lethard's and quits.


Why is the media de-constructive?
On what premise is this the truth?

Simply..... : Why?

To beleive that the resistance and fight to power the know, within civil rank and the usage of "spillage" or "ratting out", complaint and tattle tale, the squeal and insider that knows the truth.
The way and manner that the majority of people have always wanted to know what is happening in higher ranks...civility, evidentially turned itself to be conniving and spying on others ways.
An evolution of look openers and people that interfere and busy body anything and anyone around them, as a zealot looking for gold or a doorman looking for an entrance, through out history, mankind has been looking up for a slave owner, a master, a none the elite, something wise and unknown, always striving to understand the best and profound, the top. Making his way in mud and rubble to topple and deafeat the lead master, only to know what they know, and try to understand the game, of being in lead. To want and dream about control Making his way in mud and rubble to topple and deafeat the lead master, only to know what they know, and try to understand the game, of being in lead. To want and dream about control ,and from feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, always looking up to steal or tame what they saw fit as leadership and the divine. 
Instead of following faith,...man followed man.
Creating an endless tide of hatred, shallowness and war. Keeping up resistance over and over again, when thee had the best of it.
                                    Life itself. at hand.

Nothing more and nothing better, ever supreme enough to surpass the essence of life, and receive ultimate understanding and gift from the high and mighty, a gift and flight of know.

To want and cherish the essence of divinity and the above, and try to understand everything. To know everything and the reason...the why and story of how it all happened and where it is going.
To basic foundation that media can be the opposite of an inferiority complex and envy...
Greater than spying and fault digging...
Greater than wanting what's is own , and finding a way to reach retrieve it.

It can be the word, the know itself.
The answer to all questions and fathoms, the answer to all beliefs and wantings...
The know of the story, and the way of essence to ill it be, and find it another day for the best of them.
The bible, the torah...the way the best can explain themselves and understand the way of white.
White beams, white feelings, white and shining bright lights of splendor, love and want.
The insight of divinity and righteousness.
Every day, ... at your doorstep.

Think of a media outlet , the distributes faith.

It will shine every pillow, every doorstep, every way, every family and every person.

These contagious attributes, that during time and race have covered the human kind with such awareness, that they have become a busy body, a spy within virtue, a person and human that is interfered directly and indirectly to anyone else and others thoughts, the way and pasture in to where each and every human is every others interest, a world full of pests and hacks, leeches to find their own.
Question diggers and scheme plotters, an infestation of bad wrong doers and malice thoughts and emotions.

To feel and understand the inadequacy of the working class, that wants to infiltrate the halls and chambers of the upper class, government and royalty, to know what they are planning, to seize power and obstruct, to defame, tear and destroy. To envy power and try to resolute, take hold of it and own it.

To understand the responsibility of the media is to know human faith, and in its range, to understand god and good willing within the people.
To reconstruct media into a wide range of variety that enriches people with flavor, love, relief, comfort, humor and intelligence.

To understand the media's responsibility and to give the people what they need, when they wake groggy and unpleased from a bad sleeps night or a terrible morning. A sign in which that life is continuing as a force of giving faith and pleasure to people, everyday for the rest of dawn.


If we awake within a day to reveal that news is "better" and "good", we can change the nuance of all cliche`'s in time, to the gaunt of worry despair of our youth and elders, that have turned stone cynic a way where they say life is : "Pffff..." and scoff at all that is right and virtuous. The cynic's that have lost all faith and no longer believe that change can be real, to shape a better world.
Those cynic's...that have been brought up and educated by generations of quitter's and the forgotten.
Parent's and teachers that shed their dissatisfaction from the world onto the young. To infiltrate their hearts with despair and lack of belief. Cynical prostration and beat, a life full of hatred and unwanted feelings, to shape and cover a mind and heart with the terrible cynicism and laziness of prior generations.
"Nothing can change. It never amounts to anything" , "Life is nothing, it all amounts to turd".
These are the voices that have accumulated in our minds, and always become a part of our existence. Squeezing us and funneling us from the truth, absorbing us and abiding us in all that is true...taking away our truth and becoming us into stale forgotten beings that don`t beleive in anything.
A way to stop having faith, in order not to suffer from it anymore.
Cynicism for faith, a sad outlook aside all that is true and righteous.

To believe and understand that time and relative sense have become a sight where humanity exists without the realm of faith, a sense and hone of grief that has instilled itself well within the way of present and prior generations.

The way that within indifference and conformity create a state of dismay, depression and the loss of faith. Faith for a better day and better world, for to loose such faith, is to loose all.

A faith wide and well known called indifference.
All adue to the many aspects and affects in life , that consume the way of spirit and the aspiration to higher grounds , a way within the wanting of a better life and better world for self and others.

This is a concept , that not time or relevance can defeat , for one that uplifts these ideals daily, can resist the downside and conformity done by plagiarists of truth and subdued ideals of resistance and change.
For the change is always in you , and has always been.


Why let and allow, watch the media be a negative force in the world, if it can be a nourishing, pleasant and positive one?

To think of a newspaper or pamphlet that is spreading word, spreading constructive and pleasant thought, giving out word within depth to inspire and motivate, to empower people and give them faith, that their resemblance and presence is important.
That their behavior in what they see as "meaningless" life, is very important for the spread and disperse of well good faith and brotherhood, the vending of peace.

I believe that a social media is important to impress citizens and human kind, to leave good affect on their hearts, minds and souls.
It is imperative and well important to treat the masses as children and brothers, as family.
To which we care for them , and look after them and their days and mentality, their happiness and comfort, and I believe that the media can have great affect into these ideals and ways, to create better life for all.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

FAD - Times , Society and Politics

The days we are living in are suffering from a notion of lewd time, a lack of any kind of contemplation or patience.

A sway within man that is rapid voice and talk contemplation, the violence hidden behind every word is heard and taken, as the refute and virtue of the conversation.
No one is able to converse anymore, without the spite of themselves and the passion flaming withinside of them, the taunt and anger is so strong, that civility is almost dead and gone.

A simple notion of a conversation is met with so much resistance, as to which the individual is fighting so many battles and fronts:  the speech that is coming directly to him, notioning every tone and word within his fright, ... it is a battle within a battle, for the word being spoken is taken as argumentative prior to any point.
Without the initial point and progress of the converser, to make the conversation and argument at all.

It is a still pride consumption, and a combustive response, to rip handle, confine and siege every thing possible within the realm itself . A fight over pride and passion, sense and sensibility, knowledge and the hear-know.
To wipe out your contemponent ( your contemplation opponent) within the pace, and never listen to him with grace to begin with.
It is a sort of auto deduction, without and prior to any assessment.
A sort of faceless assassination, shoot to kill, talk to devour, a cruel and heavy world absorbed with self and self dictation.

A problematic situation when all doing done to faith and love, that need 2 to tango, and a faith in to where people need to accept one another when they speak.
Not to speak for speaking alone, yet to progress.

These days are about violence, and the complete contraption of it.
A sense in where violence has been suffocated so severely, that it is suppressed in every breath.
An actual part of existence, within man. (and woman)

A creep crawling advice, that behind every appearance, is a "godly" entity that is observing the truth as it is being held, and an awful sight to contemplate the fact that the observation and distinction is being done by the individual itself , this thus making it incomparable to any fame or thing , for it is unique.
A sort of individual oppression and dictation.
One man, one king, one god.
One woman, a goddess, slate seduction plate.

A form in where pride has deluded socialism, and conversation in the name of progress and unity.
Confide , use ,... unite... preoccupate...
All these things have gone to die. Obliteration of the yee , the small , the "insignificant"...
for to hold and held a world full of kings and goddesses, is to find only smuggery and vanity everywhere.
In the lowest slums of the earth, people carry themselves as royalty, dismissing the smallest hiss.

A time to where words carry no weight, even the most intellect and acute, even the most beautiful expressions, up to the worst and possible ways anyone can express themselves and behave...are brushed off.
As if though "nothing really matters" and people are not judged by their actions, attitude and way.
An essence and time that everything is lewd and steed, the capture of the best to fine it, and shake away all that is true.

Goss greatly delight , a pleasure of silence, to weight in the others and their virtue, and to be depicted as the last thug and crime, as they are equivalent to you in anyway, the same "pride" or "worth" to who you are and what you are, a fad time of disrespect and the neglect of serious thought. For the many.

A time to where all is distinction, and no comparison can or is being made between people, to parallel their worth and virtue, their time and contribution, the value and way of their life. A smear between when and where, why and how, to a side of un importance, and only the now is what counts. A slight and evident judgment, that all that you have done or worked for, is right now. To it, if your game isnt up so to speak as this moment, you are what you are, and are witnessing the best era of your game day.

To say as if "So what you won a nobel prize", "Look at you today" .

A cruel and inconsiderate ideology.
A fad time.

To lame and wheast the best of them, to contain and understand that all is well cape, shone the wake of the elderly and feedem into where time and whest was kept best, within the tape and mind.
Some supposedly found a way to crape it, yet to tort the best, the far keep is the best, into wait of it, and foresee it. The patience and virtue of time into where all is gone for ghost, to the best of it remains the same and capture. Forever to lines of beasts to kings, the same wheel progressing forth and forth back, for find time and ester.

Evidently, the human mind and race, in its majority, is so dwelled in retardation and bodily functions, is that intelligence, progress and enlightenment is far far away from daily matters and not even a part of the thought consumption.

A world full of ignorance and shallow hatred, impatience no steer, a wreck wake awake
to wone and follow the pest that is fame and sharlow, the shallow charlatan that pesters the weak,
finds his pace within others beak, a pestering flame taking gleam to all fame in all that is lame.
Pete the peak, find the sate, the sin of your fate, to understand that love and compassion is respect and proper dialect.

To form a repetition of pace, a progress slowly becoming reality. Making a way for proper way and know within this world and life, serene and peaceful, to create a larger, wider and better life.

With no woe or stress, no havoc of the mind or pain of heart.
No thought relapse and self-sheltering.
A world and life that is breathing and open.
Thinking,...and progressing.

No longer and not for long, can things be so insignificant.
For today's misshalf is tomorrow's ditch.

I would like to talk about political impatience, and the recollect of current events as they happen.
A form of time twisting, while the present is being judged as the past, for then a decision is automatically reminisced on, and becomes a fad. Instant nostalgia.

Yet still, incompetence and anger are justified.
The world is still suffering from war and bloodshed, hate and fear.

To understand the capability of leadership, is to know yourself, and the contribution one can generate to make the world a better place.
An instance to where government can be blamed and tarnished for ever more,...yet the civilian that is waking up each day, reading his paper and complaining to the inadequacy of others and his superiors, is a shame and a default torment.
The way and manner into which every person is an individual government, and is capable of implying his worldly views into his life and surroundings.

A notion to where not everyone has been made out to be a leader, yet it is easy for them to tare apart and tarnish leadership, abuse it, defame it, critizise it.
"You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk"

A sort of sense of ignorance and neglect, belligerent audiences that prime face of change doers and idealists, yet do not do anything besides complaint, and vote.

A way into where "following" the media and government today, relates not to any form of support or indulgence in progress , yet only a lazy stool type of progress. Spoiled and pampered, violent and crude.

Why not lead?
If you are such a good leadership critic?

I believe in the world, that can find change and progress in anyone.
Anyplace or anything.
That the idea that "government" exists -->there<---- is to not any idea and how government exists !here!.
Any and every citizen can take himself forward and believe so to self that he can lead the change around him, and not only sit on the side line and beleive that change is taking place elsewhere, yet really right in front of you, and you resemble that change.

Sight cant be found if not looked at.
Simmer ease at contemplation , yet no feud to refute , when you counterpart causes your agony and discrimination. 
Side with the idea, yet not the action.
A flame bursting in winds, hidden from the notoriety of the world.
Hiding landmasters and owners, conclaved and hermitian leaders, speakers and moralists.

The thought and Idea that the work needs to be done, yet you are not doing it.

"Down with his head!" - Idiocy.

To find a way into where the mind, is discriminating itself and its surroundings, by blaming instigations to place the right of mind. "Where is it?" , "Where do I start?" .... the answer? Right now. Here.

A leader knows what battle is, and the real fight of disaster, neglect, hatred, ignorance and rudeness.

If you would ever try ,... you would understand why leaders are the eventual enemies.

It is because you are too lazy, inconsiderate, spoiled, violent and ignorant to understand, or do something progressive in your life.

What you see from here, is not what you see from there.

Big up.

Taking the position of the leader for stance, is a might term obligation for you, because you need to understand how and why the leader is at "fame",... and understand that fame alone is not the issue, yet progress.
The mind of civilians and citizens can be so low and shallow, that the inconsiderate thought of contemplation, does not even consider the work, danger and attribute a leader must have.
The pressure, the education and diligence.
The strength, nerve and force.
The gut.

These things are easily dismissed by civilians and citizens, that they conder capture themselves as equivalents and level based society members. A defamation and mutilization to merit.

"Well, the president is a citizen, and so am I... , I have the power of speech aswell , the freedom to talk...well...that makes me and him pretty much the same...I can be like him..."

As though as the billions of bums and idiots, tarts and airheads fly and flock throughout this world, pend blame and hatred towards the government and social conduct, tend criticism and blame to all that is done wrong. Contributing nothing besides their own lazy lethargic life, spending air on breath and wheat on land.
A majority of kings. Sitting daily in their thrones eating their heart away, pestering every neuance and idea, without even fathoming of contributing on their own. Creating a better deal for their "ordeal".

A world full of ignorance, and the people that care the most, work the hardest and fuel this world with progress and passion, evidently become banished and hated for their actions, whatever they would be.

Day after day, the lazy win stride within their way, to be incompetent and embarrassed...only to hate and tarnish again.

Think of the OBAMA salvation, the parade's...the entire planet was gone forsaken with glee and bestowed happiness, hope, faith...
The world was rumbling and shaking due to the enormous hope and love, being set free through one man.

Days after, the storm passed, and the people looked for more consumption to put their "support" behind.
Turning world politics and social civilization, on the same scale of pop music and itinerary luncheonette.

Look at OBAMA now, not even in mid-term, already targeted and hated by the people.
Insanity within time. No sense of perception or a grasp hold of determinate ideology, no perseverance or stride.

Nothing in the way of virtue and patience, yet all indulged in twat time and big time dealership.

 Loser capability to do anything in their life, yet man and woman enough to bring down government.
Over and over again.

No support. No love. No intelligence.
Complete and utter ignorance and dissatisfaction, out of everything.

A time full of spoiled traitors, ignorant kings and shallow minded civilians.
The end of patriotism, caving social conduct and selfish socialism.

Lethargy , crudity and cave.

The way we grasp time and feed it, is the progress of the world and life.
We need to understand that each and every one of us has the power to make the change of a better place.
To stop feeding into social diagrams and cliche's, old sayings and discouragement.

The one needs to beleive that he can change it around, and do it, make it happen.
Every day, within the power of its way.

As one screaming for justice, while he hides chocolates from his wife.

Please god, make it better. For the pace and future of mankind, to understand that unity, is as easy as loving the same football team, same as loving to eat meat or "joke".
That it is as easy enough to talk, and love and cherish the way we have, in each and every single individual.

It is a farce, a catch forty four, an ironic picture of millions shouting what they want to dozens, not realizing that they are the power at hand, and they can change it.
Where? At work.
When? Right now.

and then, comes the substance of a leader. Thats when where and how.

It is the same that if you protest, you can support.

God bless.

In contrary to everything revolutionary, and in pride from the power of the people.
The blue collar working class stride for freedom and class, the fight of power and equality to shine over all fears...
This revolution can come from education,...and diplomacy.

No longer can  the red fist be full of only fighting, strength and grit, yet needs to be accompanied with humility, politic and prediction.

In a world full of geniuses, freedom of knowledge in every home, ability to exchange word, learn, teach, study with anyone anywhere in the world, how can we still play victim?

It is a time where the working class, is turning hypocrite to its "abilities", and the fathom of its way and capture.
A time in where the ability and capability of the smallest man, to create change is evident.
Add to that no longer,... can the size or altitude of man or woman, can be accused as excuse for being lethargic and inactive.
The knowledge, the space and ability is all there.

Yet only the old tale of hierarchy and social "statu-s-phere" is what is limiting the people, to lead.
Knobly, correctly, with stature, respect and royalty.

I beleive that the smallest kingdom can start with the biggest man, as small as he is.

The old battle of stature and social "rank" is gone.
For the tarnish of the people to prime leadership, and the pull down done by the people, to level eye sight with large government, to level pride, worth and value...has had the opposite affect.

Government is now kneeling to the people, and asking "Yes Master?".

Trying to feed off the people, while the people are still stuck in pride society and rank mentality, fighting for their "worth" or "voice".
When the smallest idiot can make a prime minister leave the stage, a world full of howling dogs dont understand that there are no lions left.

A state where any idiot can become a father to a new notion, yet to degenerate to understand that he is perpetuating his garbage society mentality rank.
That only leaders at heart and mind, have what it takes to move forward in life and structure.
A man can howl his entire life, about his ego, his wit and depth, his intelligence and power, yet never to able to rally anyone behind anything, because he doesnt have the material.

A time where merit has been leveled by cry babies, and now they have every opportunity to lead.
Yet no one is stepping up, for the babble mouth remains complain infant child to it the same.

It is a contradiction between pride and action, a contradiction between value, worth and merit.

Be loathed to what its own
To time and cherish the fat balloon
A watch where any is time and shown
To see what they do catch and own

My neck its pant to find my breath
I shout it out my easy check
The voice I have its heard
My word is shallow herd

I never use the tools I have
Im to busy larding up my lathe

So in which old way though can I say
The times we dictate
My own wisdom and way

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wiki Procalamity - Internet Legitimacy - Future - Humankind

Where is the Internet?

Where is the knowledge published on the Internet?

Does it a have a place?

Where are all these places inter combined?

Do they actually exist?

What is the legal stature of this knowledge?

What is the state of this stature to this knowledge?

Lets try to answer that. :)


To understand that hundreds of millions of people are being educated and informed by such a website , that is literally changing the human hierarchy and educational system worldwide , erupting the planes of educational structure and causing earthquakes in the forms of intelligence worldwide. Creating a situation where an African maid worker , can be better educated and knowledgeable as a professor from the university of Berlin, all due to technology.
The phenomena is unique and untouched in forms of time and relation , for there can be no parallel in terms of mass information and opportunity regardless of location , there has been nothing and no such thing , an event or any geographical president to this phenomena.

To battle this idea , is to think of the old and the new aswell.
To combine both elementary worlds in the argument of Law.
To find and respect the law that is founded , by leading governments and the human agenda , yet to also find respect at the silly weakness of it , by prophetic Internet users at hand today , worldwide , the voice of this generation, that is far from being incompetent.

To break down structure and understand that the legitimacy of the Internet is never to reach , for it cannot be catched.

A lawsuit against Internet users can be swifted and shifted easily by the wit of thought, the scrambling of judicial offices and forces.

An attempt by the judicial powers of government can be met with snooty adue , and spun in the judicial system forever, for its flaws are known and are at plain sight.

Where is the Internet?
I ask , and the answer that it is in the computer sitting beside me , yet also at the same time , in infinite locations throughout the world , for I can ask a friend of mine to log into my Facebook in shanghai , which ultimately gives legality to my own presence in shanghai.

So , the Internet is everywhere and nowhere , at the same time.

It cannot be catched or located , what means the the legitimacy of judicial forces cannot be front and held by these captures, for the complexity of authority.

Attempts by the legislative hand can be met with endless spun.
A way in where leaders of this generation can distort ,twist and change any found word by refuting it.
Much to the primary attributes of this generation

The Internet is nowhere, no one or thing controls the Internet , if to trace the legality of the Internet itself , it may roll back all the way to the United States of America where it was originally patented.

Yet the knowledge and data on the Internet , are under no judicial umbrella , to every server and hard drive, is under the jurisdiction of the nation, state, city and county within they are in.
Making a global judicial observer for the Internet a difficult task to apply , for the judicial battle into forming one judicial firm to hover over the internet , needs to go through every judicial branch on land.

In this slite ,
It is possible to see the never ending work and drama that a single problem of calamity can evolve.

The disambiguation of proper media and its vocal and atleast the pace of what is termed "Media" and what is termed "Private" , for what one releases in his own form and platform is a plat combination of "Media" and "Private" substance, thus make the legitimacy of the material aboast.
It is impossible to understand the relativity to this substance. For it is at charge to decide "Where" and "How" this substance has came to life, for to have this media, this substance, is proper to the jurisdiction of where it was made and conjured.

For if the piece of media and substance was created with the computer, using the web...Where is it?
What is the legislative structure to\for\against this substance\material?

For if I am in the state of Israel , and my writings are against the government, are they subject to censorship laws after uploaded into the net (?)
As for, does the country of Israel have the right, to remove something from the Internet, with the authority and hand of Israel, from the Internet,...that is freely adjourned.

Does the government have the ability and chance to remove content from the web, a place with no place, and no boundary.

Thus making and creating the net to be a self governed , anarchic , civil place of conduct, where one is the judge and the jury.

Creating a legislative ordeal that is far fetched and of immense global effect.

Think about a world that is not properly defined, yet already present within a large portion of humanity.

A way and manner that in each seat, lays a government.
A censor , and a minister with enough leverage and possible leverage to reach millions of readers everyday, making each user of the Internet , a legislative president.
The internal truth or justice system of each individual can be a subject of issue and interrogation.
Creating a state and world where each individual is a state of his own , a judicial force.

Let us say that one decides to post a picture of a woman vandalized, and painted with bruises on her face.
This individual needs to prove that his sense of humor is much stronger than his sadistic tendencies.
As in publishing sadistic material , is against the law in certain countries.
So that If a person from Spain is publishing sadistic material as a joke, it is up to him to prove that he is not sadistic, yet only with a false sense of humor.
What can squeeze dry any budget of any government , if needed to investigate each and every PC in its jurisdiction.
A havoc of privatized publicity. Privatized publicity and anarchy.

In terms of legislation, it is imperative to combine both worlds together, the old and new.

The "old" (hence, legislative ideal and fathom) in this world is solid.
Civilization and society today would not be existing in these specific freedom's, if not for the debate and scripture of the geniuses of time. The script in where freedom today is based on the republic to where it is handed, and the essence of the truth to it.

The American constitution to be a wonderful example of genius simplicity regarding mankind and its rights toward life.

The "old" meaning all solidarity done by government and the autonomy, the decisions about human rights and the scope of life in its sway.
All these should be treasured always, yet to the sight forward for the new.

The new that is sighting world unity and "world government" (so to dict) at hand, and looking forward to a world conveyed by humanity itself, swayed and passionate towards the enrichment of human kind and the stature of well being and life.
A sight in where many today, are already eager enough to shed and brake the constraints of nationalization and army to lead a greater life into the future, full with love, care and mutual respect.
 Much to the ideal of humanitarian work and agenda.

The ideal in where humanity is above anything.
Higher than nation, stature, pride, resemblance, conduct, law, statesmanship, eagerness and so on.
The tenderness and delicate threads in where each human being needs to be caressed and pampered as the last king of this world.

The only deficiency of the powers of old, is their hierarchic system, and the stages and levels of mankind that need to be climbed and stepped in order to reveal true importance in this world.
Something , ... that the Internet has shattered.
For more people can listen to "Jambo Jones" from Cruckville, Idaho in a day , times over the dominant DJ from london on public radio.

The plane of medium has and will be flattened.
Creating a situation where word, stature and influence are completely free radical.
Making a state where man can shape his own agenda and mind, regardless of location or sodalitarian construction of society.
Meaning where government have less and smaller affect of the mental state of their civilians, that are open and free to ponder where ever ghost believes before.

A state where nation is incapable of herding, none the less crippling the states ability to influence and shape the stability of mentality and nationalism. Making patriotism a choice rather than a pact or truce.

An eruption to where state is no longer a long arm to stencil society and the private, yet an observer to the choice of their freedoms.

From the eyes of the "old" it is simply :
A coup.

The way in order that man has personified himself is over, for each individual now has a way to shape his own agenda and mind. To know face without the oppression or pressure of others, and the ability to step back from ordinary life, and do some unique contemplation for himself.
None to the pressure and repercussion of being called a traitor or an outsider.

The actual state of PC livelihood is not considered yet, it is not determined or solidified, for the plane and plateau of one's individual thoughts and ideals, can be met with endless opportunities to amuse, enrich or indulge himself.

A funny thing meaning Politically Correct and the Personal Computer. The two that will collide untill the use of computers is aligned with the freedoms of mankind and the interpretations of culture, direction and thought.

What is unlawful in the use of the computer?
What is considered treason?
What are the lines of respect and conduct of one, even when alone.
Should there be an Internet government , and how should this government be seated?

I believe that the usage of computers, is along the lines of the behavior of one in public distance. Saying that the Internet is the same as the street or market. That the behavior of one must be accounted for as being a part of cyber-society or meta-society all within the while that human factors are the one's that are in charge.
Meaning that a human cannot hide behind the fact that his actions and decisions are meta physical...and not be accountable, for the physicality itself of the mind and body have brought these meta physical actions to life.

A complex ideal at best, and a complicated one.

Treason against national ideals and culture, a manner in way individuals express or convey themselves contrary to national ideals and aspects. For instance : Shouting at a baby, that is un accepted in modern society, yet for some can retain comic relief and even evident educational structure.
To draw the lines between right and wrong once again, all in the virtual world. Creating a duality of identity, and possibly more. Thus making one,...plural and concealed, a state and notion to where one person can contain enough individualism to create endless identities for himself and portray and convey himself in any manner or will that he chooses fit. A complexity of delux individualism, deep as the many dimensions one can choose fit.

A problematic ordeal for state, that is in responsibility towards all citizens to keep them safe, as in order to know all citizens. To protect and unveil the internal structures of ideology and idealism in order to keep society and civilization stable and progressive. Making shape shifters or plural identities a problem.
For to know one is to realize him, without the means of secrecy.

Yet all these notions, are still under the privacy laws of human rights.
So where is the problem exactly?

A government for the internet will be an initial look at the future world government that will be at hand, a peek into the future for the world and where it will be in the future.
A sneak peak into the future itself and the manner in which the future will be conveyed and shaped.
To look at a government for the Internet, is to mix all kinds of truth and culture, all belief systems, to accept all forms of humor and consent, and to realize that there can be no difference between cultural beleifs or attributes, yet the acceptance of any korkyness and individuality that every nation or culture has to offer.
A supreme power of acceptance, and a new form of dictation between what is right and wrong.

A complete reparation and deconstruction of law.

It is in the power of the Internet itself to crush governments and to ridicule knowledge as it is seen.

The Internet can and will become a stronger force of information transmission to citizens, higher and stronger than any government, for it can be reached and possessed by anyone and anymeans.

The structural government of any nation is now threatened by the Internet itself, and its ability to sway national conduct and enlightenment. The ability to transmit and astound citizens and individuals on their own planes and nationalistic structures.

To reach a villager in Mozambique and to enlighten him with enough power and strength with knowledge to corrupt and collapse his own government, with the power of the pen and virtue.
It is abound to obsolete truth and make it a worldwide transversal agreement amongst men.
To make knowledge an absolute truth to maintain and be spread worldwide without any interference.

The structure of the government of the Internet can be amazing, for it is based on individual value, and cannot be obtained by any rule or power, for to hold and restrict this power, is to have control over each and every individual at hand. What is impossible, and if is tried, will cause eventual dictatorship and human enslavement.

This is a point pick figure, in which time has done its own with one, and knowledge is obsolete to maintain anywhere and anything by any means.

Current government is at a risk to the time and try of its people, that can ridicule and twist to turn any judicial procedure and commitment by swift snark and judicial understanding.
The use of snide remark and wistful intelligence, to the breach of a new era of individualism and unity based on uniqueness and mutual respect.

(Yet on the contrary - ignorance aswell is on the rise, creating a destabilization with the usage of the technology at hand. On one aspect a overgrowing intelligence and power , and the latter the indulgence in ignorance and personal entertainment)

The new person, is sharp and acute enough to be witty and wise as a scholar, what disrupts the human hierarchy of old, and conducts a new structure of society and civilization, that is not structured on wealth, blood or stature, yet on individual merit and capability.

Where anyone and everyone is equal, to the weight and body of their own pen and mind.

To weigh in knowledge as an enforcement, an actual hand of legislative power.

A state in where each PC seat, is a governor and a member of government , that is entitled to speak his mind and try to differentiate the structures and puddles of truth.
A one member society, a nation of one, responding faith and idealism to the take on the sorority or surroundings of faith and senate, congress, hall or gathering...to have a world full of participants in shaping the ideals and notions that are better for mankind.
A virtual reality of introspective truth, and the shaping of it.

Because of the nature of the Internet itself, that cannot be corrupted by violence, conversing can be much easier and atoned to the thought of it, meaning that progressing through a conversation or debate , ideal.
Can take on planes of more serenity and peace than instead of a physical plane, for to the best of blood, diplomacy and wit... the majority of individuals have a difficulty to behave and obey the lines of conduct within the actual physical life itself.

A place in aggression cannot be pursued for it will solely mean cap locks, sporadic writing, and the ultimate harm, the loss of hardware or software.
What leaves the human itself, un harmed.

A good enough platform to convey and converse with the ignorant and deadly , and try to open their trains of thought to progress and the future. To broaden the planes of peace and mutual understanding.

Yet also, that the human factor can be indulged in a large amount of cloaking and dis-trust.
For one can take the time to retort and reply to a message, not to the best of his knowledge and capability, yet with a conniving and deceptive truth that is simply texted in.

To a point that where the writings of one, need to be equivalent to his ability to speak and on the right lines of his knowledge.
As ultimate transparency must be advised, to not encounter false and wronged writings or stances. A problematic ordeal when issuing the identification of the PC user , and his actual physical persona and stature.

The procalamity itself, that Wikipedia.org has already shaped and observed enough minds to be called and founded as an international force of education and idealistic molding. Is to realize that the gift and power of the Internet , is weighing over the educational systems and capabilities of many governments worldwide. That cannot supply the same opportunities and knowledge as does the Internet , and in this case Wikipedia .

To think that a website, has educated more minds than the judicial system of the world and countries, counties, city's, villages, neighborhoods and schools, in a shorter period than the other teachers and educational systems have done so far in the past 5 years.
For you can ask the students , the young and the old, how they have become so intelligent and well knowledge , and simply they will state Google and Wikipedia , as the primary sources of their knowledge.

This being said, as to the contrary that knowledge does not necessarily supply intelligence. For one can know many things, yet still be a fool or a juggle muffin buddy individual.
Especially in this generation, to the contrary of the ideal. Are many wise crackers, the young and taunting that hold the Internet in front of the educational system as a toy or a muppet, an excuse and refuge to the educational systems of the old. A dangling prize or taunt , to the orders of truth, government and society to enrich and empower the individual.
For one can complete a Doctor internship, yet to the power of his soul and might, can still be a type of a buffoon or idiot.

So, in terms of legality...
Is Wikipedia liable for the knowledge that it is conveying, and for the affect that it can have on the individual and his decisions.
The same as an educational system of a nation, that is in direct responsibility and liability of the education and knowledge that is being consumed and conveyed , yet to the problem of the notion itself, that it can be convicted.
For if in school, a notion or lesson of the Bolsheviks and their pillaging of the Jews is learned, and later on some students decide to go on rampaging a Jewish neighborhood. Then is the school responsible, directly or indirectly to its knowledge?
The issue and discussion of weather the study of this topic is to the beneficiary of the student itself, and if it is correct and constructive to the individual.

As so , is the procalamity of Wikipedia accountable for the state and condition of every human being that has accounted for. His knowledge and his way of life , his intelligence.
By what seal or power is Wikipedia an educational branch , and by what ideals does it virtue?

These are imperative questions, to reveal and understand the agenda behind the privatized and the public.
For they have infused themselves.
Creating a state of "Open" life.
Where privacy is nothing and gone, and public is anyone and anythings property.
A publicized privacy.

So that if the Internet is gaining speed everyday, as the primary injection of education and knowledge...
By what means does it stand virtue?
Will there need to be a coat of arms within the Internet itself, and a virtual standard?
Equivalent to state laws and social stature?

I believe that a legislative ordeal is at hand, for it to battle and stabilize the Internet for proper generations to come, and to control to doctornal feed given to the people, convessed (confessed convo) in culture, aptitude and siding, which gathers both from technology and both from solitude.

The best way to proclaim the Internet, is to find the way that it is perceived and used for what virtue and essence, the best way and manner to precede the fact that the Internet will become the educative tool of the young from a prime age, soaring over the educational system.

A manner in which ideology and social constraint structure can be disbelieved during the Internet time and age.
A must during that the core essence of nations can no longer construct, shape and mold the personality and internal belief system of a one.

Creating a new state of freedom.

To understand this problem , is to realize that a new legislative branch is on its way to sleen , the launch in where a time is and will be president to judge anytime and anything, regardless of faith or location.
A done president, to where anything and anytime, can be subjected to truth regardless of passion, truth or social emancipation.
A nationalized agenda of worldwide collaboration towards idealizing the truth and its virtues, without any splendor of contamination from the agenda rulers.
A spide world spread way in which to find the others that tarnish and feed confide in this world, hide within their traptures , are the ones that need to be found and endured.
The cape rulers of this world, all downed in their own.
The scape ruler and found leader of this interpret that is call social structure and belief.

To try and understand where the world starts and where the internet begins.
A place in where the life of one individual, is enough construct to handle government.
A one state of mind , a course and discourse in the land of law.
The sobriety of good over evil, and the conduct of persistent faith.

No other force can ever believe that the construct of the internet can be dissolved, or controlled in anyway, for the terms of belief cannot be done with without constraint, and that is nothing we believe in.
Any way or term , to think and believe that the world can be constraint , is to think about modern day slavery, and the end of mankind.

We cannot tend the idea or fathom that the internet can be restraint, by any government or force, for it is un obtainable , and belongs to nobody.
The united states of america will do a severe punishment and deserve all the rain of living hell and hatred, if done anything against the internet. The world will not survive, the future will be compromised and children will be degenerated backwards in generations, for all the will of mankind.

Nothing or anything can take away the internet, and any attempt to do so , will be disastrous for human kind, and the faith of progress and unity.
To take away anything from the internet, is to degenerate human kind, suffocate it send it to prison.

It is imperative for the future of the human race for the internet to survive and flourish.
To be the best they ever can.

To add : 2nd of July, 2011

It is imperative to understand, that through the leveling of knowledge through wordily "PC" politically correct ideals. Much muster and merit to the notion of time, relation, heritage, religion, nationality, race and the record of personal suffering can be absolved.
As in where to that liberalism scatters the flame of warriors, and their fight and muster through out time.
To dish out a citation to a soldier or warrior, that has shed blood to protect his loved one's...a warrior that has fed on rage and hatred in order to protect his lovers. To then "clean" the slate with conniving and twisted political correctness. As in to find a cold, plain and dry explanation to everything. Squeezing the emotions out of them.

As I have seen a value in Wikipedia about "Gehena" that is supposed to mean "Genehom"...that which means Hell in hebrew. It has been plained out, cleansed...fed to a simple and cold "explanation" to the word Hell.
To take the meta physical, the physical. Faith, emotion and perception, and trying to plain it out.
To be "cold and precise" as to say to a mother..."Why are you crying during birth?" "It would be much better to be calm". Completely de-humanizing knowledge, merit...faith and human faithful manner. The feeling to carry the label of "I am a Jew" with the pride, rage, anger and hatred that comes along with it...yet to strike it with a dumbfounding law rule to be cold "precise" and politically correct. Making emotions unlwaful, and an act of violence.

The times to where the young are destroying all else, through auto deduction...for they cannot live and experience the ordeal's of suffering, emotions, sacrifice, understanding, study and dwelling on their own.
For if a young girl that say's..."We are not supposed to work, yet get money as everyone" .... is because she is basically saying "I am to weak and weary to work, I cannot do it...so I must find a overture."

To say that the value of "Hell" in wikipedia, regarding hebrew. Is blasphemy...it is rude and uncharming.
It is to take the ordeal of deep rooted philosophy and religion, only respected to the elite of mind accepted by community as The Rabbi Melubavitz , or in reference the Dalai Llama or the Vatican...
To say that everyone is entitled to speak their mind, and word is of equivalent worth...is to force leveling and stealing souls of their wrongdoings, their righteousness and their life.
To say "So?" .... without the slightest contemplation or resemblance to what it takes to actually be this person or genius. What it actually takes...to be of this merit...and be capable of shaping spoken word, academic value and educational stature.

In words, to find a world where the mind's are coercing. The dictation of knowledge cold, mechanic and weak through extreme liberalization. A danger for the gut and its history. A danger of wiping slate the past clean, in order to live "politically correct" or "directly" to the so called and fathomed "ultimate truth".
Conducted, formed and released by the weakest of minds and soul. The young and technological.
A generation of sit down power crazed fiends. Strong on virtuality, and virtual mentality.
Yet weak on real life, knowledge, power, conduct, depth, gut, merit, muster and all other concepts and traits that form the elite, independent and fruitful human being.

In this addition, I am weary...for the dictation of united ramification of history and knowledge. A "one in all" thought line. A one verse and plain eco structure. A one minded fertility. Of knowledge.
It is the castration of thought, merit and pride. Of nation, religion, person, history, war, heartship and pain.

We cannot never be all the same, and under one mind...yet this does not mean to not be at peace.
Peace is not a one mind concept, it is not a one soul concept, yet only an obedience of law.
Law that is nationalized, patronized and under the divine of all costs. For law is the structure of belief.
The scriptures, torah's, quran's and tao's...were all predecessors of modern nationalized law.
To the point where international law, is founded on divine law. If we would enjoy to funnel and faze the process of it. If we would truly like to squeeze down the relative and historical reference.

Knowledge cannot be ramificated by weakness of liberty, for liberty is the achievement of warriors.
Liberty is not a coercion, yet an obtained force. Through time, awareness, social and spiritual gift.
The utmost knowledge of peace, is the one that resides in self.

To take all knowledge, and clean it...to avoid any "quarrels" or refutes...is to be weak. For the differences between us, are the one's that shape us, form us and make us unique. Quay to the maral of thought and persistence, the essence of being. To what once know the truth, and the truth existing today. Not for someone else to shape it, yet to hold it dear and true. To hold it close to heart and to love.

To only dictate the diction of truth, and feed it. Is to be the aggressor aswell. The edict of dictation cannot be sweeped clean, for it is deep enough to devour the earth.

Today I am against wikipedia, for it is a united liberal meshing...of A-national, A-cultural, Atheistic and Crude factual prostrate. It is even abstained from objectivity. As if the plains of paper have yellowed themselves.
A true lie and spit in the face of kingdom come of all time that existed long before.

The young and neo-new cannot create a state where a coercive train of though is forced upon as "health" or "truth" for this is worse than any tyranny, and a true dictatorship with flower's coating. The diligence of this generation, as wreak of weakness. The coercion of democracy and humanitarianism, the coercion of human decency and respect, the coercion of politic. Done by tyrants and weak instigating arbitrators.
This is the apparent danger of the slum of knowledge...by done young liberalists.

The danger of loosing history and all kind's. To the pound of chest and merit, and the value of spilt blood.
If as to say in liberalistic notions "War is wrong" yet to be weak enough at not protecting yourself.
Yes, war is wrong. Yet what if someone is trying to ramificate your own history, your heritage and religion?
Would you resist? Put up a fight? Or just say..."well yeah...ok...thats true ok. My name is Alphabet."

To deny the things that we are made out of , and our merit. Our blood. Our shed tears and pain, the merit of our gut that cries out for recognition and enjoyment. The shout for freedom, pleasure and love. The roar of peace, solidarity and independence.

Whist, a child with a laptop. Coercing and twisting anything everyway possible...only to submit you.
To fascist liberalism. A wide spread notion of peaceful people in body, yet using all and entire straights and ways of mindful manipulation and coercion.

A way into where the futile, uneducated, the general population, are choking the higher ranks of civility with using humility as a weapon. The opposite and reverse intent direction of humility, democracy and humanitarianism itself. A castration, done by the people. To castrate the notions of thought, the pillars of might and knowledge. The implication of monarchy and its destruction, through the timeful notion of "power to the people" yet not noticing, that the higher ranks of civility, the one's that care, support and feed civilization the most, are being dragged down. A case of censoring the people from the "elite" and "rich", the socially grown. The monarchy's, the royalties, the intellectual, the solidified. The sustained and based. Lets say, The Rockerfellers...just for instance.

Once, just a family. Today,...a global force. (pfffff tsss....)

As to where one family, can do the same in relation. An example to the ability to succeed and achieve.
A notion where the lower classes are pulling the higher classes down, instead of climbing up to them.
A weakness of guy, capability and ability. All within the lines of the mind and knowledge.

I have scattered a tad...yet will continue in the future....