Saturday, July 31, 2010

Facebook and Human Relations etc...

People are suffering from Facebook, they are plurally contemplating their lives while alone , which is un natural.
To take this place (life) and survive it means to take Facebook and induct it into our lives, on our real realms, to switch, the body and spirit for Facebook, for essence, a website cannot be or maintain our feelings about the world , we must not suffer by inter-twining the essence of life into being on Facebook. For it is vile and disruptive to the essence of way and sway of life.

We need to know that if this such platform (Facebook) ,to which we dedicates our lives to , we can dedicate them to any way , and any form or place ,any thing. For with this dedication , all is possible. In life and in reality.

If we are able to dedicate ourselves to such a puny thing , we are able to dedicate ourselves to anything puny , such as being kind and respectful , such as picking up our own garbage and saying hello to strangers and friends, such as fulfilling our dreams, eradicating violence and hatred from our hearts and spreading peace to long whener, to become whole people , with no reflect of neglect or any negative emotion, if we are able to dedicate ourselves to one thing , we are able to dedicate ourselves to all things.

We will and can strive in life , the moment we realize that our faith is in our plane, in our comfort zone, our reality, and thus meaning plane, hence Facebook ,for Facebook can\is a plane in our life, and to realize that and act upon it means that we can change. We can be who we are in closed places, protected and honed by our spear, safe and calm at ease, with ourselves, and we can understand, that even though we are not sitting alone in front of the computer, we are still and eternally alone in life, and capable of living our "Dream personna" outside , as we do in our mind when using Facebook. That our plane of reality is no different than Facebook, we conduct ourselves as we , and can as we in anyplace. The social part of it, is a distorted lie, ridicule and malice contemplation of self, for we shall never compare ourselves to other beings, for "I am obsolete" , and unique , "I am the world and everything in it" , for when "I love the world and everything in it."

I cannot obtain the fact that a web site is a force in my life , and for If I have made it a force in my life , I can make anything a force in my life.

We are all looking for acceptance and comfort , this is the realization of the usage of this website, the human mind body and spirit , are yearning and looking for acceptance and love , looking for warm social behavior , good company and warm loving feelings.

This platform or website is not the place to look for it. It is a place for marketing primarily , this website perhaps was constructed to create a P2P Instant Messaging Forum state , yet today is a monster of algorithmic marketing systems , it is based of the leeching of ones privacy , location and tenderness , to addition his life into the algorithmic system and combine him into a marketing DNA strand.

Facebook is a market , not a social gathering place.

The usage of this site is not of your own to it , it is the usage of the site of YOU.

To begin with, all of us, were weary and contemplating weather to create an account or not, for we saw the future in it, of us being slaved and part of it in the future , our own failure was to succumb to the notoriety of it and slope into the mass agenda and main-stream.
Today we are far behind on our decisions years ago, and with much mental and spiritual anguish from such a website and "Internal Internet condition" , for this site has leeched itself on human mind and spirit, conducting disease and technological virus spreading through the human veins, mind and spirit.

We must cut our relations with this website , but not on good terms , yet on excellent terms , and thus meaning to "cut realations" , is not to deactivate your account , for you are dependant now today on this site for communication and social love.

Yet when saying "cut relations" , is to be aware to the limit where emotion and spiritual mind of essence of the human body , are intouch with this website.
Do differentiate the body and mind from the internet , to seperate and create an ultimate barrier where the information suggested on the internet web site cannot dictate , sway , repel or lead our emotions in any way.

We and you cannot let a website dictate our emotions for any other human, their behavior , thier life or the portrayal of their life.

We have become cowards, looking inside a life, having an opinion of it, yet never speaking or being seen to contemplate about it or sign presence about it.

A hoard of ghost like entities , in human bodies, whistling away through life, without sounding word, creating a sickness to the mind, a god like experience, where we can stare someone in the eye, think anything, feel anything, without any judgment,...thinking , that we have funneled these difficult emotions on our own , but only betrayed the essence of decency and common politic, by respecting one in the presence of him, and dealing with the reflection of the person himself, infront of us, with our body. Turning us into social cowards.

A sickness , against human drive, to speak, to sound voice, to see, to act, to say, to react, to indulge in expression. Turning all these things lethargic.

In Facebook , when we are in this site (at times), we feel gigantic, we feel huge, known, celebrated, espeicially after a a "like" that has become a drug, how do you feel after receiving a "like"? And why dont you feel the same thing when walking down the street and seeing another with your own eyes?

As the world you are.
For, "I am the world and everything in it".

Yet in a way when we are online, we contemplate our lives in minuscule ways, we absorb our own relativity and worth in life, creating a social environment of faith and weep, for we think ourselves inside this conundrum and complex called life and see ourselves "as" a part of it as in "We see ourselves in Facebook" , "We see our life", We stare at ourselves, on this screen, instead of looking in the mirror, and the mirror is of no reflection. For true contemplation of life occurs when we are at our utmost loneliness, somewhere in nature, infront of the ocean or in the mountains, then we realize ourselves, not while looking at faireis and motions, notions of society and the reflection of self compared to others.
For you are unique and say it : out loud : "I am the world and everything in it".

In facebook , we send out a message to 500 or more people , in an instant, we wait for reply, we wait for any kind of attention, we yearn for attention, we wait.
We contemplate our own worth in this respect, looming and looking for worth in this world for us, care, nurture, we look for passion, we look for heart, we look for love.

In Facebook , If I send a message to 500 people, and not one regards me,...anyway you can look at it , it regards and reflects your worth , in an inhumane way , a cold and psyched technology that has and is losing essence with human faith and possibility, human blood and body.

There is an epidemic called technology and Facebook is its leader.

The mind is shrinking, the heart is slowing down , becoming smaller, the libido, the drive of man, is shrinking, the being drained by technology, for we dont know where to look for it anymore.

All along the while , the love is in you, always , as it always become.

Thus creating the stay in Facebook , to ramble , mix , torture and defame one's own essence of worth. Self worth and essence of life in virtue for all atrospect and vision.

The essence of being alive is not fathomed to twine ourselves with others , we are alternate beings in this world and we must accept that , that no one and no thing will ever be or resemble me, for each and every one of us humans is unique.

We cannot contemplate or presume ourselves to be a part of a pattern in life , for we are not machines and are not formed or formulated in anyway.

This life we live in, is blessed with opportunity, and when we confine ourselves to places that are told to us by notoriety, we commit suicide.

We cannot longer see and respect ourselves in the essence of others, yet look solely and primarily upon ourselves without the atrospect of others.

"They" cannot contain the essence of me or I and cannot "portray" me in any way, "I am unique" and the reason why my Inbox is empty, is NOT a contemplation , hint or hinder to my value or attractiveness as a human being. It does not mean or reflect anyone or anything to my own self.

The human being is valuable to begin with, his virtue and essence are obsolete.

We have created an environment that defames the essence and value of people, for they are all "in the same place" and they are all "on Facebook" ,a marketplace of humans.

So we contemplate others worth in comparison to mine, for if we do the same things, we must be similar.
Yet everyone takes a shit , does that make you the same as them?

The mind has paralleled life with the excuse of plane...
A avid doctor or professor that has studied for 40 years and has saved thousands of lives with his own bare hands, is ridiculed and paralleled by ignorant teenage pimple faced morons, for the thought conveys itself as "Well, the Doctor has a Facebook, and so do I..." , thus releasing so much hatred and incompetence into the air , leveling a stage , paralleling the unparalleled.
Defaming human worth, defaming life, stride, strive, achievement, virtue, conduct.
Defaming life itself.

We do not understand the essence and value of the mind itself , and the interaction between the mind body and ultimately the spirit of the human kind.

Yes this spirit , that derives us and deprives us, that drives us, that uplifts us and kicks us , that stales us and pushes us, that takes us up and pulls us down,
Is the platform of life, we live inside, always, and that inside comes out. For others to see,touch and hear.
That is the level of conversation , and that is what the level of conversation shall be.

Time and essence have dictated technology for the human spirit to be bottled up, it is packed, pressed and pressured, there is immense pressure to be with society and express ourselves freely in dis-interpreted environment, we fear that our actions and ways will be judged and calculated by any means, our speech, any form of movement or our likes and dislikes. An algorithmic fear of expression.
So we sit, infront of our computers, and life automated and false realities, instead of taking the streets and our tongues to funnel our life energy.

This bottling , will erupt, in life, with the smallest notion of hinder, with word, action or decision, we will crack and erode our decision making, make terrible mistakes in life regarding faith, passion and love.
To stop this bottling we need to re instate and revolve back to humanity and the original ways of feeling, expression and social behavior.

Feelings are at HIGH level, and expression is at the all time low.
This is a burst waiting to happen , in the human heart and mind.

I urge of you, not to make rash decisions, but perhaps to turn existing platforms of communication and existent more probable to the faith of mankind.
More expression , more feeling , more knowing, more talking, not hiding or bottling.
Truth , set it free.
Even on Facebook.
and especially on Facebook.

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