Saturday, November 13, 2010

Educational Media - The Responsibility of Technology

In this fast paced world , everything is running through a place screen, a folding dice , a place where people are unseen , where data and knowledge are being consumed at a rapid speed.
A day goes by and millions; if not over a billion are fed by the Internet media.

Thus meaning that data is sporadic, it is instantaneous and timely vanished, for an article or any sort of message, is only good within its day.
What leaves the readers and people, into a sharp confined horizon of thought, a "bit synapse" mind.

The manner in which message is conveyed, has turned knowledge and information to lewdness and spew. With no value or treasure within the knowledge itself.
Tarnishing the way intellectuality is observed, created and conversed.

It is not astound to understand that the times we are living in are deteriorating human stature, and abbreviating what we see as true, for the truth has already been deluded with stupidity and thought reduction.

For the nature of human beings, has become a stupid manner of confined and cowardice existence.
Creating a kind of being, that is a disgrace to anything human, from all time to tarnish it.
To find humans, a sloth, absorbing vanity, greed and stature, while sitting in place and doing nothing.

For to take grace and subdue it, is to make way for gruesome times and filthy future's.

For the time we are living in, is making others feel like fools, null kings and queens... , what is empowering the filth and disgrace within the world itself.

Lethargy, ignorance and retardation have become gained ways of existence, they have become accepted into main stream lividity.

The deterioration of human kind, is at the account of technological use and the funnel of it, by individuals, that use these technologies to the best of their consciousness, intelligence, heart soul and mind.

These technologies are well due into suffering and the confinement of the human mind.
For technology is made in order to refine life, not contain or confine it.
The users of technology itself, are the ones in charge and responsible for their actions, for a user of the Internet can easily be and become and intellectual person within the limits of lesson and study, yet to the best of its kind, reaches the peaks of their own intelligence, making online poker more popular than debating the dictionary.

The best we can do, is to watch humanity turn into a forgotten piece of filth, or try and change.


This deterioration of the human mind and spirit is directly connected to the use of the media, the way the media holds itself and re constructs the way to profit and knowledgeable insight.

We can now see, that the human mind is deteriorating at a rapid speed.

All due to thought and thought process. To the speed at which humanity is working at, the consumption of knowledge and the process of media consumption.

All within the while of that the atro and retro spects are not considered enough...for they are devastating and alarming.

Let us float a moment into the sight of a global point of view, and look at our habitants...
We can see tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of people waking up everyday and checking their mail, news and other such.

We can see millions of people on the streets, looking at their daily newspapers for chime of thought and rhythm of speech and life, in a way where the news dictate the general atmosphere of things, all while "in the know", for the tidy gently human beings.

If we fathom ourselves in a heavenly spirit and divine entity, we need to know and realize the affect of what we consume into our own lives, and how it affects our way of thought, motion, speech and self expression.
For the complexity of why humans read the news, is deep and more fathomed to far fetch than many can understand.

The worry, the woe, the weariness into knowing, the questions of know. Into where we are, what we are doing, and what is going on. These are all questions of virtue, that are directly connected to god and faith.
The one's that claim to know what is in the how, and to how to know...what is in the know.

The reason why people are indulged in the news, is because they look above to the sky, and wonder.

 What is going on?

I believe and think, that an educational media will be more prosperous for the people, as an agenda of instilling and infusing thought and intelligence within the people, instead of rage, worry and poverty. For the essence of feeling what we know after reading the newspaper, is well known. We are either sheltered by the notion of relief as in : "phew! not me! so im glad!", or to the point of weariness that is "this is terrible, who will help, what will happen..." , to the worry and trouble that obtains the mind, the thought process that gives people stress and tension within their own lives.

Think of a newspaper or media or news station, that resounds people with the notions and feelings of motivation and happiness, exchanging "What will happen?!" , with : "I feel great" or "I must help someone".

Even better, think about a newspaper, that publishes the same thing everyday, as a prayer plate to society, simply supplying alternate information, all positive and constructive to human kind and society. Construction of faith and good deed, good spirits and well off attitude.

A form of media that causes upliftment and enrichment, daily.

A newspaper that teaches children and adults. A radio program that enriches and instructs others.
A television series, the heels deep within the know of the questions of human beings.

If "C.S.I" can change branches in the Police Department, all over the globe...why cant something else...cause world peace?

The question of old :
Why is the media so violent and depressed?
Why does the media report on the bad , corrupt and evil?


This old question will right be adue and answered with a snoot cliche` and an annoying adorned way into brushing away a parasitic notion. By anyone "elderly" or "old-time".

Yet a question that has been resounding for hundreds of years , has still not met an answer.
So cliche`s and cynicism are well beyond their way of gift.

Thus will say "It sells" , yet that is not the answer.

For to answer this question is to know stupidity and raw evil in its purity, a fathom of mind that cannot be contained or understood, for it is not well within to mind to spread fear, tension and woe.

The answer : "Why is the media negative?" is simply : "It is. The owners and editors , keep it that way".

It is not forcibly containable , and is a malice force against humanity.
To say the coherence over the media outlets, to legislate further impression on the media to have higher standard, for there is higher capability and responsibility to change society and shift awareness.
In no way, to turn media into a governmental tool...yet to prove and change the media, into a much more diligent and responsible faction. Even as important government itself.
To expand the media's horizon, by kneeling and proving to the media, that its power is far beyond great.
To improve and stature mankind.

To realize a way that within government needs to come the humility and understanding that the media is crate, a swindle that nests society and its awareness. The knowledge and ability of one to understand the notion of the matter's at hand. A greater form of power than speech and memory.
For everyday, we are born again.

Thus making the media a strong force for government , and even stronger.

To work aside , side by side , never to collide, for the better, together of stride.

Believe so to see a world where the local newspaper dictates on lesson, of civility and knobility, dignity and pride. Prints out stories with lesson and insight, that the messages of "be aware", "worry" and "interrogate" are well gone, yet presented in different manners.
Not to turn the people into innocent prey, but to relieve them from harming contemporaries.

A form of intellectual media, responsible and parent like. A home harness to hold the people as friends and children, to have them with the keep safe and well minded.
A media that treats the people as their own, to the best care and knowledge of love.

In sight of legality,

The state and authority can well be downed with knowing the limits to where censorship begins and the welfare of the people ends, for if the media is actually hurting the people, censorship is not the right term in order to control and sway direct the media, yet preservation of national and state treasures and resources.
The same way that it is illegal to spill waste into a healthy lake, same with bad and corrupt news for a citizen and individual. What makes the internet, a wrong and harmful place for the weak of mind, the tender of thought that consume knowledge and insight from the internet everyday, to even overshadow their own educational school system at hand. In pace that a single child can induce himself with more information learned from the internet, rather from his classroom.

A situation in where the education of one individual is based and relied on the media,...thus creating way for the government to alarm the media about and from the civilian decisions and newly acquitted manners.
As in that times change and create new situations, where government adjusts adjustment that can be crucial for the welfare of others if done today.

Still now, within time, the media outlets do not know how to swallow the Internet.
That is forcing written press to peg down, and become substance based against quantity.
Newspaper sales are plummeting around the world, yet still that the written press is the foundation of journalism due to educational and academic backbone. Written press is fading away, leaving scholars and academics all over the world, chasing the latest spew by "Teenager with I-Phone".
A complete disaster and shakedown to the written and heard press, by the generation conducting itself with momentary oppression, momentary concentration and care. A "bit synapse" mind.

The Internet ,
That is free of content and free of purchase, a world that profit comes from philanthropy.
In complete polarity from product attractiveness and success, as in a newspaper, to where the consumor is depending on the product...the internet is reversed, where the product is depending on a consumer.
Giving and handing the power to the individual itself.
A begging market.

What means that as any market, the attractiveness of the product needs to appeal to the public.

What better a product, than enrichment and sobriety?
The media.
The internet media.
All media.
To see and hope for a better time, or a necessity of this time and era, of an educational media, and an academic back to any technological storm, as in that the next "I-Phone", will be constituted as a progressive tool for humanity, and marked as a vessel to spread wealth, intelligence and humility through out the world.
Believe so that every I-Phone owner, was obligated to read the latest UN decisions, or contribute a dollar for the needy,... perhaps contribute a song or poem, an ideal, an a worldwide question or problem. A way that in every mass product or invention, that creates technological leap for human kind...

Human kind itself needs to leap aswell...

For if technological evolution over seeds human evolution, we will see a race of pod's, lethard's and quits.


Why is the media de-constructive?
On what premise is this the truth?

Simply..... : Why?

To beleive that the resistance and fight to power the know, within civil rank and the usage of "spillage" or "ratting out", complaint and tattle tale, the squeal and insider that knows the truth.
The way and manner that the majority of people have always wanted to know what is happening in higher ranks...civility, evidentially turned itself to be conniving and spying on others ways.
An evolution of look openers and people that interfere and busy body anything and anyone around them, as a zealot looking for gold or a doorman looking for an entrance, through out history, mankind has been looking up for a slave owner, a master, a none the elite, something wise and unknown, always striving to understand the best and profound, the top. Making his way in mud and rubble to topple and deafeat the lead master, only to know what they know, and try to understand the game, of being in lead. To want and dream about control Making his way in mud and rubble to topple and deafeat the lead master, only to know what they know, and try to understand the game, of being in lead. To want and dream about control ,and from feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, always looking up to steal or tame what they saw fit as leadership and the divine. 
Instead of following faith, followed man.
Creating an endless tide of hatred, shallowness and war. Keeping up resistance over and over again, when thee had the best of it.
                                    Life itself. at hand.

Nothing more and nothing better, ever supreme enough to surpass the essence of life, and receive ultimate understanding and gift from the high and mighty, a gift and flight of know.

To want and cherish the essence of divinity and the above, and try to understand everything. To know everything and the reason...the why and story of how it all happened and where it is going.
To basic foundation that media can be the opposite of an inferiority complex and envy...
Greater than spying and fault digging...
Greater than wanting what's is own , and finding a way to reach retrieve it.

It can be the word, the know itself.
The answer to all questions and fathoms, the answer to all beliefs and wantings...
The know of the story, and the way of essence to ill it be, and find it another day for the best of them.
The bible, the torah...the way the best can explain themselves and understand the way of white.
White beams, white feelings, white and shining bright lights of splendor, love and want.
The insight of divinity and righteousness.
Every day, ... at your doorstep.

Think of a media outlet , the distributes faith.

It will shine every pillow, every doorstep, every way, every family and every person.

These contagious attributes, that during time and race have covered the human kind with such awareness, that they have become a busy body, a spy within virtue, a person and human that is interfered directly and indirectly to anyone else and others thoughts, the way and pasture in to where each and every human is every others interest, a world full of pests and hacks, leeches to find their own.
Question diggers and scheme plotters, an infestation of bad wrong doers and malice thoughts and emotions.

To feel and understand the inadequacy of the working class, that wants to infiltrate the halls and chambers of the upper class, government and royalty, to know what they are planning, to seize power and obstruct, to defame, tear and destroy. To envy power and try to resolute, take hold of it and own it.

To understand the responsibility of the media is to know human faith, and in its range, to understand god and good willing within the people.
To reconstruct media into a wide range of variety that enriches people with flavor, love, relief, comfort, humor and intelligence.

To understand the media's responsibility and to give the people what they need, when they wake groggy and unpleased from a bad sleeps night or a terrible morning. A sign in which that life is continuing as a force of giving faith and pleasure to people, everyday for the rest of dawn.


If we awake within a day to reveal that news is "better" and "good", we can change the nuance of all cliche`'s in time, to the gaunt of worry despair of our youth and elders, that have turned stone cynic a way where they say life is : "Pffff..." and scoff at all that is right and virtuous. The cynic's that have lost all faith and no longer believe that change can be real, to shape a better world.
Those cynic's...that have been brought up and educated by generations of quitter's and the forgotten.
Parent's and teachers that shed their dissatisfaction from the world onto the young. To infiltrate their hearts with despair and lack of belief. Cynical prostration and beat, a life full of hatred and unwanted feelings, to shape and cover a mind and heart with the terrible cynicism and laziness of prior generations.
"Nothing can change. It never amounts to anything" , "Life is nothing, it all amounts to turd".
These are the voices that have accumulated in our minds, and always become a part of our existence. Squeezing us and funneling us from the truth, absorbing us and abiding us in all that is true...taking away our truth and becoming us into stale forgotten beings that don`t beleive in anything.
A way to stop having faith, in order not to suffer from it anymore.
Cynicism for faith, a sad outlook aside all that is true and righteous.

To believe and understand that time and relative sense have become a sight where humanity exists without the realm of faith, a sense and hone of grief that has instilled itself well within the way of present and prior generations.

The way that within indifference and conformity create a state of dismay, depression and the loss of faith. Faith for a better day and better world, for to loose such faith, is to loose all.

A faith wide and well known called indifference.
All adue to the many aspects and affects in life , that consume the way of spirit and the aspiration to higher grounds , a way within the wanting of a better life and better world for self and others.

This is a concept , that not time or relevance can defeat , for one that uplifts these ideals daily, can resist the downside and conformity done by plagiarists of truth and subdued ideals of resistance and change.
For the change is always in you , and has always been.


Why let and allow, watch the media be a negative force in the world, if it can be a nourishing, pleasant and positive one?

To think of a newspaper or pamphlet that is spreading word, spreading constructive and pleasant thought, giving out word within depth to inspire and motivate, to empower people and give them faith, that their resemblance and presence is important.
That their behavior in what they see as "meaningless" life, is very important for the spread and disperse of well good faith and brotherhood, the vending of peace.

I believe that a social media is important to impress citizens and human kind, to leave good affect on their hearts, minds and souls.
It is imperative and well important to treat the masses as children and brothers, as family.
To which we care for them , and look after them and their days and mentality, their happiness and comfort, and I believe that the media can have great affect into these ideals and ways, to create better life for all.

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