Monday, October 11, 2010

Wiki Procalamity - Internet Legitimacy - Future - Humankind

Where is the Internet?

Where is the knowledge published on the Internet?

Does it a have a place?

Where are all these places inter combined?

Do they actually exist?

What is the legal stature of this knowledge?

What is the state of this stature to this knowledge?

Lets try to answer that. :)


To understand that hundreds of millions of people are being educated and informed by such a website , that is literally changing the human hierarchy and educational system worldwide , erupting the planes of educational structure and causing earthquakes in the forms of intelligence worldwide. Creating a situation where an African maid worker , can be better educated and knowledgeable as a professor from the university of Berlin, all due to technology.
The phenomena is unique and untouched in forms of time and relation , for there can be no parallel in terms of mass information and opportunity regardless of location , there has been nothing and no such thing , an event or any geographical president to this phenomena.

To battle this idea , is to think of the old and the new aswell.
To combine both elementary worlds in the argument of Law.
To find and respect the law that is founded , by leading governments and the human agenda , yet to also find respect at the silly weakness of it , by prophetic Internet users at hand today , worldwide , the voice of this generation, that is far from being incompetent.

To break down structure and understand that the legitimacy of the Internet is never to reach , for it cannot be catched.

A lawsuit against Internet users can be swifted and shifted easily by the wit of thought, the scrambling of judicial offices and forces.

An attempt by the judicial powers of government can be met with snooty adue , and spun in the judicial system forever, for its flaws are known and are at plain sight.

Where is the Internet?
I ask , and the answer that it is in the computer sitting beside me , yet also at the same time , in infinite locations throughout the world , for I can ask a friend of mine to log into my Facebook in shanghai , which ultimately gives legality to my own presence in shanghai.

So , the Internet is everywhere and nowhere , at the same time.

It cannot be catched or located , what means the the legitimacy of judicial forces cannot be front and held by these captures, for the complexity of authority.

Attempts by the legislative hand can be met with endless spun.
A way in where leaders of this generation can distort ,twist and change any found word by refuting it.
Much to the primary attributes of this generation

The Internet is nowhere, no one or thing controls the Internet , if to trace the legality of the Internet itself , it may roll back all the way to the United States of America where it was originally patented.

Yet the knowledge and data on the Internet , are under no judicial umbrella , to every server and hard drive, is under the jurisdiction of the nation, state, city and county within they are in.
Making a global judicial observer for the Internet a difficult task to apply , for the judicial battle into forming one judicial firm to hover over the internet , needs to go through every judicial branch on land.

In this slite ,
It is possible to see the never ending work and drama that a single problem of calamity can evolve.

The disambiguation of proper media and its vocal and atleast the pace of what is termed "Media" and what is termed "Private" , for what one releases in his own form and platform is a plat combination of "Media" and "Private" substance, thus make the legitimacy of the material aboast.
It is impossible to understand the relativity to this substance. For it is at charge to decide "Where" and "How" this substance has came to life, for to have this media, this substance, is proper to the jurisdiction of where it was made and conjured.

For if the piece of media and substance was created with the computer, using the web...Where is it?
What is the legislative structure to\for\against this substance\material?

For if I am in the state of Israel , and my writings are against the government, are they subject to censorship laws after uploaded into the net (?)
As for, does the country of Israel have the right, to remove something from the Internet, with the authority and hand of Israel, from the Internet,...that is freely adjourned.

Does the government have the ability and chance to remove content from the web, a place with no place, and no boundary.

Thus making and creating the net to be a self governed , anarchic , civil place of conduct, where one is the judge and the jury.

Creating a legislative ordeal that is far fetched and of immense global effect.

Think about a world that is not properly defined, yet already present within a large portion of humanity.

A way and manner that in each seat, lays a government.
A censor , and a minister with enough leverage and possible leverage to reach millions of readers everyday, making each user of the Internet , a legislative president.
The internal truth or justice system of each individual can be a subject of issue and interrogation.
Creating a state and world where each individual is a state of his own , a judicial force.

Let us say that one decides to post a picture of a woman vandalized, and painted with bruises on her face.
This individual needs to prove that his sense of humor is much stronger than his sadistic tendencies.
As in publishing sadistic material , is against the law in certain countries.
So that If a person from Spain is publishing sadistic material as a joke, it is up to him to prove that he is not sadistic, yet only with a false sense of humor.
What can squeeze dry any budget of any government , if needed to investigate each and every PC in its jurisdiction.
A havoc of privatized publicity. Privatized publicity and anarchy.

In terms of legislation, it is imperative to combine both worlds together, the old and new.

The "old" (hence, legislative ideal and fathom) in this world is solid.
Civilization and society today would not be existing in these specific freedom's, if not for the debate and scripture of the geniuses of time. The script in where freedom today is based on the republic to where it is handed, and the essence of the truth to it.

The American constitution to be a wonderful example of genius simplicity regarding mankind and its rights toward life.

The "old" meaning all solidarity done by government and the autonomy, the decisions about human rights and the scope of life in its sway.
All these should be treasured always, yet to the sight forward for the new.

The new that is sighting world unity and "world government" (so to dict) at hand, and looking forward to a world conveyed by humanity itself, swayed and passionate towards the enrichment of human kind and the stature of well being and life.
A sight in where many today, are already eager enough to shed and brake the constraints of nationalization and army to lead a greater life into the future, full with love, care and mutual respect.
 Much to the ideal of humanitarian work and agenda.

The ideal in where humanity is above anything.
Higher than nation, stature, pride, resemblance, conduct, law, statesmanship, eagerness and so on.
The tenderness and delicate threads in where each human being needs to be caressed and pampered as the last king of this world.

The only deficiency of the powers of old, is their hierarchic system, and the stages and levels of mankind that need to be climbed and stepped in order to reveal true importance in this world.
Something , ... that the Internet has shattered.
For more people can listen to "Jambo Jones" from Cruckville, Idaho in a day , times over the dominant DJ from london on public radio.

The plane of medium has and will be flattened.
Creating a situation where word, stature and influence are completely free radical.
Making a state where man can shape his own agenda and mind, regardless of location or sodalitarian construction of society.
Meaning where government have less and smaller affect of the mental state of their civilians, that are open and free to ponder where ever ghost believes before.

A state where nation is incapable of herding, none the less crippling the states ability to influence and shape the stability of mentality and nationalism. Making patriotism a choice rather than a pact or truce.

An eruption to where state is no longer a long arm to stencil society and the private, yet an observer to the choice of their freedoms.

From the eyes of the "old" it is simply :
A coup.

The way in order that man has personified himself is over, for each individual now has a way to shape his own agenda and mind. To know face without the oppression or pressure of others, and the ability to step back from ordinary life, and do some unique contemplation for himself.
None to the pressure and repercussion of being called a traitor or an outsider.

The actual state of PC livelihood is not considered yet, it is not determined or solidified, for the plane and plateau of one's individual thoughts and ideals, can be met with endless opportunities to amuse, enrich or indulge himself.

A funny thing meaning Politically Correct and the Personal Computer. The two that will collide untill the use of computers is aligned with the freedoms of mankind and the interpretations of culture, direction and thought.

What is unlawful in the use of the computer?
What is considered treason?
What are the lines of respect and conduct of one, even when alone.
Should there be an Internet government , and how should this government be seated?

I believe that the usage of computers, is along the lines of the behavior of one in public distance. Saying that the Internet is the same as the street or market. That the behavior of one must be accounted for as being a part of cyber-society or meta-society all within the while that human factors are the one's that are in charge.
Meaning that a human cannot hide behind the fact that his actions and decisions are meta physical...and not be accountable, for the physicality itself of the mind and body have brought these meta physical actions to life.

A complex ideal at best, and a complicated one.

Treason against national ideals and culture, a manner in way individuals express or convey themselves contrary to national ideals and aspects. For instance : Shouting at a baby, that is un accepted in modern society, yet for some can retain comic relief and even evident educational structure.
To draw the lines between right and wrong once again, all in the virtual world. Creating a duality of identity, and possibly more. Thus making one,...plural and concealed, a state and notion to where one person can contain enough individualism to create endless identities for himself and portray and convey himself in any manner or will that he chooses fit. A complexity of delux individualism, deep as the many dimensions one can choose fit.

A problematic ordeal for state, that is in responsibility towards all citizens to keep them safe, as in order to know all citizens. To protect and unveil the internal structures of ideology and idealism in order to keep society and civilization stable and progressive. Making shape shifters or plural identities a problem.
For to know one is to realize him, without the means of secrecy.

Yet all these notions, are still under the privacy laws of human rights.
So where is the problem exactly?

A government for the internet will be an initial look at the future world government that will be at hand, a peek into the future for the world and where it will be in the future.
A sneak peak into the future itself and the manner in which the future will be conveyed and shaped.
To look at a government for the Internet, is to mix all kinds of truth and culture, all belief systems, to accept all forms of humor and consent, and to realize that there can be no difference between cultural beleifs or attributes, yet the acceptance of any korkyness and individuality that every nation or culture has to offer.
A supreme power of acceptance, and a new form of dictation between what is right and wrong.

A complete reparation and deconstruction of law.

It is in the power of the Internet itself to crush governments and to ridicule knowledge as it is seen.

The Internet can and will become a stronger force of information transmission to citizens, higher and stronger than any government, for it can be reached and possessed by anyone and anymeans.

The structural government of any nation is now threatened by the Internet itself, and its ability to sway national conduct and enlightenment. The ability to transmit and astound citizens and individuals on their own planes and nationalistic structures.

To reach a villager in Mozambique and to enlighten him with enough power and strength with knowledge to corrupt and collapse his own government, with the power of the pen and virtue.
It is abound to obsolete truth and make it a worldwide transversal agreement amongst men.
To make knowledge an absolute truth to maintain and be spread worldwide without any interference.

The structure of the government of the Internet can be amazing, for it is based on individual value, and cannot be obtained by any rule or power, for to hold and restrict this power, is to have control over each and every individual at hand. What is impossible, and if is tried, will cause eventual dictatorship and human enslavement.

This is a point pick figure, in which time has done its own with one, and knowledge is obsolete to maintain anywhere and anything by any means.

Current government is at a risk to the time and try of its people, that can ridicule and twist to turn any judicial procedure and commitment by swift snark and judicial understanding.
The use of snide remark and wistful intelligence, to the breach of a new era of individualism and unity based on uniqueness and mutual respect.

(Yet on the contrary - ignorance aswell is on the rise, creating a destabilization with the usage of the technology at hand. On one aspect a overgrowing intelligence and power , and the latter the indulgence in ignorance and personal entertainment)

The new person, is sharp and acute enough to be witty and wise as a scholar, what disrupts the human hierarchy of old, and conducts a new structure of society and civilization, that is not structured on wealth, blood or stature, yet on individual merit and capability.

Where anyone and everyone is equal, to the weight and body of their own pen and mind.

To weigh in knowledge as an enforcement, an actual hand of legislative power.

A state in where each PC seat, is a governor and a member of government , that is entitled to speak his mind and try to differentiate the structures and puddles of truth.
A one member society, a nation of one, responding faith and idealism to the take on the sorority or surroundings of faith and senate, congress, hall or have a world full of participants in shaping the ideals and notions that are better for mankind.
A virtual reality of introspective truth, and the shaping of it.

Because of the nature of the Internet itself, that cannot be corrupted by violence, conversing can be much easier and atoned to the thought of it, meaning that progressing through a conversation or debate , ideal.
Can take on planes of more serenity and peace than instead of a physical plane, for to the best of blood, diplomacy and wit... the majority of individuals have a difficulty to behave and obey the lines of conduct within the actual physical life itself.

A place in aggression cannot be pursued for it will solely mean cap locks, sporadic writing, and the ultimate harm, the loss of hardware or software.
What leaves the human itself, un harmed.

A good enough platform to convey and converse with the ignorant and deadly , and try to open their trains of thought to progress and the future. To broaden the planes of peace and mutual understanding.

Yet also, that the human factor can be indulged in a large amount of cloaking and dis-trust.
For one can take the time to retort and reply to a message, not to the best of his knowledge and capability, yet with a conniving and deceptive truth that is simply texted in.

To a point that where the writings of one, need to be equivalent to his ability to speak and on the right lines of his knowledge.
As ultimate transparency must be advised, to not encounter false and wronged writings or stances. A problematic ordeal when issuing the identification of the PC user , and his actual physical persona and stature.

The procalamity itself, that has already shaped and observed enough minds to be called and founded as an international force of education and idealistic molding. Is to realize that the gift and power of the Internet , is weighing over the educational systems and capabilities of many governments worldwide. That cannot supply the same opportunities and knowledge as does the Internet , and in this case Wikipedia .

To think that a website, has educated more minds than the judicial system of the world and countries, counties, city's, villages, neighborhoods and schools, in a shorter period than the other teachers and educational systems have done so far in the past 5 years.
For you can ask the students , the young and the old, how they have become so intelligent and well knowledge , and simply they will state Google and Wikipedia , as the primary sources of their knowledge.

This being said, as to the contrary that knowledge does not necessarily supply intelligence. For one can know many things, yet still be a fool or a juggle muffin buddy individual.
Especially in this generation, to the contrary of the ideal. Are many wise crackers, the young and taunting that hold the Internet in front of the educational system as a toy or a muppet, an excuse and refuge to the educational systems of the old. A dangling prize or taunt , to the orders of truth, government and society to enrich and empower the individual.
For one can complete a Doctor internship, yet to the power of his soul and might, can still be a type of a buffoon or idiot.

So, in terms of legality...
Is Wikipedia liable for the knowledge that it is conveying, and for the affect that it can have on the individual and his decisions.
The same as an educational system of a nation, that is in direct responsibility and liability of the education and knowledge that is being consumed and conveyed , yet to the problem of the notion itself, that it can be convicted.
For if in school, a notion or lesson of the Bolsheviks and their pillaging of the Jews is learned, and later on some students decide to go on rampaging a Jewish neighborhood. Then is the school responsible, directly or indirectly to its knowledge?
The issue and discussion of weather the study of this topic is to the beneficiary of the student itself, and if it is correct and constructive to the individual.

As so , is the procalamity of Wikipedia accountable for the state and condition of every human being that has accounted for. His knowledge and his way of life , his intelligence.
By what seal or power is Wikipedia an educational branch , and by what ideals does it virtue?

These are imperative questions, to reveal and understand the agenda behind the privatized and the public.
For they have infused themselves.
Creating a state of "Open" life.
Where privacy is nothing and gone, and public is anyone and anythings property.
A publicized privacy.

So that if the Internet is gaining speed everyday, as the primary injection of education and knowledge...
By what means does it stand virtue?
Will there need to be a coat of arms within the Internet itself, and a virtual standard?
Equivalent to state laws and social stature?

I believe that a legislative ordeal is at hand, for it to battle and stabilize the Internet for proper generations to come, and to control to doctornal feed given to the people, convessed (confessed convo) in culture, aptitude and siding, which gathers both from technology and both from solitude.

The best way to proclaim the Internet, is to find the way that it is perceived and used for what virtue and essence, the best way and manner to precede the fact that the Internet will become the educative tool of the young from a prime age, soaring over the educational system.

A manner in which ideology and social constraint structure can be disbelieved during the Internet time and age.
A must during that the core essence of nations can no longer construct, shape and mold the personality and internal belief system of a one.

Creating a new state of freedom.

To understand this problem , is to realize that a new legislative branch is on its way to sleen , the launch in where a time is and will be president to judge anytime and anything, regardless of faith or location.
A done president, to where anything and anytime, can be subjected to truth regardless of passion, truth or social emancipation.
A nationalized agenda of worldwide collaboration towards idealizing the truth and its virtues, without any splendor of contamination from the agenda rulers.
A spide world spread way in which to find the others that tarnish and feed confide in this world, hide within their traptures , are the ones that need to be found and endured.
The cape rulers of this world, all downed in their own.
The scape ruler and found leader of this interpret that is call social structure and belief.

To try and understand where the world starts and where the internet begins.
A place in where the life of one individual, is enough construct to handle government.
A one state of mind , a course and discourse in the land of law.
The sobriety of good over evil, and the conduct of persistent faith.

No other force can ever believe that the construct of the internet can be dissolved, or controlled in anyway, for the terms of belief cannot be done with without constraint, and that is nothing we believe in.
Any way or term , to think and believe that the world can be constraint , is to think about modern day slavery, and the end of mankind.

We cannot tend the idea or fathom that the internet can be restraint, by any government or force, for it is un obtainable , and belongs to nobody.
The united states of america will do a severe punishment and deserve all the rain of living hell and hatred, if done anything against the internet. The world will not survive, the future will be compromised and children will be degenerated backwards in generations, for all the will of mankind.

Nothing or anything can take away the internet, and any attempt to do so , will be disastrous for human kind, and the faith of progress and unity.
To take away anything from the internet, is to degenerate human kind, suffocate it send it to prison.

It is imperative for the future of the human race for the internet to survive and flourish.
To be the best they ever can.

To add : 2nd of July, 2011

It is imperative to understand, that through the leveling of knowledge through wordily "PC" politically correct ideals. Much muster and merit to the notion of time, relation, heritage, religion, nationality, race and the record of personal suffering can be absolved.
As in where to that liberalism scatters the flame of warriors, and their fight and muster through out time.
To dish out a citation to a soldier or warrior, that has shed blood to protect his loved one's...a warrior that has fed on rage and hatred in order to protect his lovers. To then "clean" the slate with conniving and twisted political correctness. As in to find a cold, plain and dry explanation to everything. Squeezing the emotions out of them.

As I have seen a value in Wikipedia about "Gehena" that is supposed to mean "Genehom"...that which means Hell in hebrew. It has been plained out, cleansed...fed to a simple and cold "explanation" to the word Hell.
To take the meta physical, the physical. Faith, emotion and perception, and trying to plain it out.
To be "cold and precise" as to say to a mother..."Why are you crying during birth?" "It would be much better to be calm". Completely de-humanizing knowledge, and human faithful manner. The feeling to carry the label of "I am a Jew" with the pride, rage, anger and hatred that comes along with it...yet to strike it with a dumbfounding law rule to be cold "precise" and politically correct. Making emotions unlwaful, and an act of violence.

The times to where the young are destroying all else, through auto deduction...for they cannot live and experience the ordeal's of suffering, emotions, sacrifice, understanding, study and dwelling on their own.
For if a young girl that say's..."We are not supposed to work, yet get money as everyone" .... is because she is basically saying "I am to weak and weary to work, I cannot do I must find a overture."

To say that the value of "Hell" in wikipedia, regarding hebrew. Is is rude and uncharming.
It is to take the ordeal of deep rooted philosophy and religion, only respected to the elite of mind accepted by community as The Rabbi Melubavitz , or in reference the Dalai Llama or the Vatican...
To say that everyone is entitled to speak their mind, and word is of equivalent to force leveling and stealing souls of their wrongdoings, their righteousness and their life.
To say "So?" .... without the slightest contemplation or resemblance to what it takes to actually be this person or genius. What it actually be of this merit...and be capable of shaping spoken word, academic value and educational stature.

In words, to find a world where the mind's are coercing. The dictation of knowledge cold, mechanic and weak through extreme liberalization. A danger for the gut and its history. A danger of wiping slate the past clean, in order to live "politically correct" or "directly" to the so called and fathomed "ultimate truth".
Conducted, formed and released by the weakest of minds and soul. The young and technological.
A generation of sit down power crazed fiends. Strong on virtuality, and virtual mentality.
Yet weak on real life, knowledge, power, conduct, depth, gut, merit, muster and all other concepts and traits that form the elite, independent and fruitful human being.

In this addition, I am weary...for the dictation of united ramification of history and knowledge. A "one in all" thought line. A one verse and plain eco structure. A one minded fertility. Of knowledge.
It is the castration of thought, merit and pride. Of nation, religion, person, history, war, heartship and pain.

We cannot never be all the same, and under one mind...yet this does not mean to not be at peace.
Peace is not a one mind concept, it is not a one soul concept, yet only an obedience of law.
Law that is nationalized, patronized and under the divine of all costs. For law is the structure of belief.
The scriptures, torah's, quran's and tao's...were all predecessors of modern nationalized law.
To the point where international law, is founded on divine law. If we would enjoy to funnel and faze the process of it. If we would truly like to squeeze down the relative and historical reference.

Knowledge cannot be ramificated by weakness of liberty, for liberty is the achievement of warriors.
Liberty is not a coercion, yet an obtained force. Through time, awareness, social and spiritual gift.
The utmost knowledge of peace, is the one that resides in self.

To take all knowledge, and clean avoid any "quarrels" or to be weak. For the differences between us, are the one's that shape us, form us and make us unique. Quay to the maral of thought and persistence, the essence of being. To what once know the truth, and the truth existing today. Not for someone else to shape it, yet to hold it dear and true. To hold it close to heart and to love.

To only dictate the diction of truth, and feed it. Is to be the aggressor aswell. The edict of dictation cannot be sweeped clean, for it is deep enough to devour the earth.

Today I am against wikipedia, for it is a united liberal meshing...of A-national, A-cultural, Atheistic and Crude factual prostrate. It is even abstained from objectivity. As if the plains of paper have yellowed themselves.
A true lie and spit in the face of kingdom come of all time that existed long before.

The young and neo-new cannot create a state where a coercive train of though is forced upon as "health" or "truth" for this is worse than any tyranny, and a true dictatorship with flower's coating. The diligence of this generation, as wreak of weakness. The coercion of democracy and humanitarianism, the coercion of human decency and respect, the coercion of politic. Done by tyrants and weak instigating arbitrators.
This is the apparent danger of the slum of done young liberalists.

The danger of loosing history and all kind's. To the pound of chest and merit, and the value of spilt blood.
If as to say in liberalistic notions "War is wrong" yet to be weak enough at not protecting yourself.
Yes, war is wrong. Yet what if someone is trying to ramificate your own history, your heritage and religion?
Would you resist? Put up a fight? Or just say..."well yeah...ok...thats true ok. My name is Alphabet."

To deny the things that we are made out of , and our merit. Our blood. Our shed tears and pain, the merit of our gut that cries out for recognition and enjoyment. The shout for freedom, pleasure and love. The roar of peace, solidarity and independence.

Whist, a child with a laptop. Coercing and twisting anything everyway possible...only to submit you.
To fascist liberalism. A wide spread notion of peaceful people in body, yet using all and entire straights and ways of mindful manipulation and coercion.

A way into where the futile, uneducated, the general population, are choking the higher ranks of civility with using humility as a weapon. The opposite and reverse intent direction of humility, democracy and humanitarianism itself. A castration, done by the people. To castrate the notions of thought, the pillars of might and knowledge. The implication of monarchy and its destruction, through the timeful notion of "power to the people" yet not noticing, that the higher ranks of civility, the one's that care, support and feed civilization the most, are being dragged down. A case of censoring the people from the "elite" and "rich", the socially grown. The monarchy's, the royalties, the intellectual, the solidified. The sustained and based. Lets say, The Rockerfellers...just for instance.

Once, just a family. Today,...a global force. (pfffff tsss....)

As to where one family, can do the same in relation. An example to the ability to succeed and achieve.
A notion where the lower classes are pulling the higher classes down, instead of climbing up to them.
A weakness of guy, capability and ability. All within the lines of the mind and knowledge.

I have scattered a tad...yet will continue in the future....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cerebral Affect - Resonance - Music - Sound

Did you know that in certain countries and counties of strict Islam , electric guitars are outlawed?
As well as flutes , types of drums and electronic music , they are all outlawed from daily life...

Did you know that?

Did you know that there is not one thing in all of creation , that does not make a sound?
Any tree , any piece of wood and metal , anything basically, speaks.

The thought of every tone, every figure of tone and every letter that we can possibly see, has already sounded voice within our minds.
Any visionary thing that we can see, has already spoke within our minds, already resonated and created a way for more calculation and contemplation.

It is an explanation, on how music, sound and voice can affect our lives. That they can Become a vessel tool for us to explain ourselves, obtain spirit, thought, self expression, and the vibrance of tone that resounds within us.

We listen to music and feel, we hear speech and feel, we hear ourselves think and feel.

This, everybody knows.

Thats why music, voice and thought are powerful tools in existence. Especially in these times, where agony pain and suffering are at a rise and alltime high.
Music has become an extreme therapeutic tool. Feelings and thoughts absolve within listening, to tunnel and funnel the emotions themselves , and move them on to better places.

For you can ask 500 million people how they are doing, yet they might not hear you, because of their I-Pod.

Who if all of us, have listened to a song once a day or a tune, to make all of our emotions and feelings evolve and dissolve, make them blossom, a part of life, a trek a treble a track, some place where we cannot live without them, the tunes and sounds that are a part of us.

Making the day more bearable and better, a place to where we can escape or release...
A manner and way to which we are salvaged, saved, taken away, to not deal with our bowels or troubles.
Another drug to fumigate the mind, to tarnish it and contaminate it.

To understand that each and every song we listen to is an "Agent" giving us "Graphical Text Perception",
leading and at sometimes furthering us from the truth.

So to understand this, the affect of music to your soul and body, is to be aware, of the malice and harsh contamination an artist may or can have on you, in you cerebral and subconscious, within yourself an "Agent" and the thought itself, conveyed by the artist, within its message.


I hope your starting to get me. :)

The way we manner our life;  is the way it contemplates upon to us.
The way we state our mind;   is the way we see our life and exist in it.
The elements we choose to indulge in life;  are the primary factors to our sway and impression of faith, feeling and emotions, involving hope and passion.

In other words, the things we choose to have friction with in life, are the things that leave residue on our souls.
The most proper way to live life, is to strive and flourish alone, all with a spouse or a friend can be even better, yet when alone, solitude is virtue. For our ultimate spouse and mate, is always the divine.
To listen and talk, to take lesson from and to watch and observe, from the divine itself that exists in all things.

An essence of life is silence, and for those who can hold it, will know life.
It will reveal self to themselves in a way that no ponder can ever know , and will make eye sight wide.
The light that will spread through the eye's and reveal a large span of awareness to one , that is willing to confide in silence and lesson, for the better of his\hers propaganda, to order a steady life and flourish within it.

Listen to this :

Realize that every song you listen to, is a battle over your soul, taste...and ear.
That the capabilities of your mind to understand the influences of the music are far from your old and wise, for if you did realize how much affect a song can have on your life, you would be much more careful to your choices.

This song for instance, is a terrible piece.
In no way what so ever , regardless of taste, can this be a constructive or positive force within life.
The undertones and overtones of this kind of music, can easily be interpreted as : Anger, Madness, Disruption Revenge, Agony, Hatred, Violence, Pain and ultimately, the undertones and belly of it : Death.

Severe depression and sadness. Within this song, and listening to it, is enough poison to contaminate your ear, soul and body for the rest of the week, day, and even entire life.

Listen closely.

Find the affect it has on you, and understand that each cord from the world and universe is shaping your state of being.

As any mantra or a prayer, everything and anything we hold to ourselves with our life and our rituals, dictates the way we feel. The way we live, think and decide.

Everything and anything in our life derives from the soul up to the mind and body. Then released into energy with decision making and action, as our body mind and soul act upon the final stage of expression. The thoughts themselves, turning into actions and decisions.

In play.

For some, the prayer of dawn, for others, the chimes of notion , to all what of its own and to the best of its knowledge, to enthrive the others with the passion and pain to be living and alive, and to instill their day with love. When awaking from sleep, you can listen to אדוני, or cho-nam-dang or Bless the holy spirit. It can be the sound of your cup of coffee, the sound of the water pouring into the glass, the sound of the kettle and water boiling ,the sound of the birds chirping, your makeup kit box click, the flicker of the match box or lighter, that lights your morning cigarette.

The sound of your slippers when you just get out of bed , the whisper of your sheets when they are peeled off of you, yet it is all in your ears, always, a part of your life that is expressed onto you, something external that hits within you, that you never pay enough attention to.

For if you have, you would be conversing with the world and universe, and as a communicator, well off within this world. Un-affected by pressure and status , wants and dis-wants, royalty, poverty, society, looks and so on...

For to hear the world, is to know yourself, and the strategy in which you build yourself.
Portray and hold.

Sound - Resonance - Truth

As someone saying "Good morning love, this is a wonderful day!" with truth resounding from their voice.
This would and could change the agony and despair many wake up to , to their day.
The "nothingness" the "void" and the question of "For what?".

For the slightest tone of love and way, faith, hope and direction, would make everyday better and well off.
An experience without any misery or pain, any woe or sadness...just listen to the name.
For the unaware, do not know,...that its all in the ears.
The stability, the happiness, and the joy of being alive.

Its not called your equilibrium for nothing.


Explaining further ,
Within the soul, every word has a "soul prompt" that flickers within you, a way in to trigger you, an instant reaction to an algorithm,a mind jerk (knee-jerk) reaction, done with by the probability and fathom of mind.
Calculated and done with by the paranoid of mind, to find their way through society, they think and know probability, to calculate the possible reflect and response from others, to think and figure out the probabilities from interacting with others, their thoughts and emotions, the reaction of one individual, the thought of the next, and to probable something as "Socio-Chess" what is called Politics. To think and know thought and reaction, to the sound of words. Presumption, the phrases that are once part of our reality and life, to have the answers to them. This is way that people react and conduct themselves in this world, a manner in which life can be conveyed through conversation and mutual agreement. Without the nonsense of though , to think for someone else , and indulge in paranoia. For the word itself , is deep. Deeper than you can beleive.

For the be the best politician and leader , is not the best liar , yet the truthful one.

In order for us to understand , how to maintain ourselves within society, we need to comprehend the fact that our inner voice is also heard by our habitants , and also a part of society itself.
A part in which that our thoughts and emotions vibrate beyond the bow and feed upon each other , in a never ending sphere of consciousness. One ring affecting the other , hinting and hitting above, for the next orb to reveal itself and congest itself. In so that our presence and importance is always felt by others , always in touch with them and as a ripple in a pond from the throw of a rock, that is us in the middle , with the world around us. As the core of essence and the rhythm of speech and life to revolve around all that is human.

For one in nature can suffice all , direct and absorb what is real and true and reside in it.
Thus that space and time can revolve around him, strong enough to consume the galaxy and energy around him. To begin with voice, thought and sound , and finish with the completion and reconstruction of your divine soul.

A - א - and so on , with all alphabets and languages , that are constructed from puddles inside the ripples, that reside within us in our souls, our way to pronounce all that is us.

Meaning your voice , and manner , the inner specs of your soul , resounding from your tone within outwards.

So forth that in basic social politics,
Easily, to be prepared with the reaction, for self empowerment and up liftment.
The worth of one, within his power, to his own wit and merit, the capability to flucid conversation and sway with the person infront of you, for the best severance and construction, done by both individuals.

It is a manner of basic psychology within one, the majority of simple folk :

One thinks, inside his mind his inner voice of recollection, his thoughts and manner of speach, his dreams, angers, envy, hatred, love, passion, desire. All of these things, as a cord whispering beyond his bones.

The thought of others thinking, and the complete and entire insecurity of every single individual on earth, that everyone hates him, that he is ridiculed and scoffed at, a mockery and the figment of others dreams for brutality and childish cruelty. Only to reveal the opposite, in a world where on the inside everyone thinks that people hate them, to reveal the world of truth, that internally in the soul, everyone envy's the other, wanting to be exactly like them, and switch places with them.
What creates a world full of idol's and admirer's, a world full of love and completion.
To the best of your subconscious and relevance of fear, and the overcome of it.
For if people could really subside in their truth, they could shed all masks and shells of fear, to show their admiration to all of their counterparts and others, that surround them, and speak the truth with compliment and flattering, the red gist of plump cheeks and the embarrassment of adoration. For that is the essence of map for mankind. The blessed truth. For the opposite of what we internally think, to our own shortcomings, are usually not the place where one concludes himself, for there is no true evil in man.
The essence and tride of the human being is to better himself for others, even without the external being that you see everyday in body and shell.

For inside, is only love, joy and pleasantries, the way and wish that we can all be kings and queens. Get along with everyone, to lead and be heard, to be followed and adored.
It is as a sided coin, to one the worst possible and to the other, a flip, the grandeur and fantasy of possibility.

All in the difference between "So how was the movie?" (I really dont care) and "So how was the movie?" (I am dearly intrigued).

The way one contemplates himself, and looks for the reaction that he missed the time before, and how he should act upon this time...
The lesson of "I should have said" , that is a part of any infantile's life , and the way that many in life suffer repeatedly,  for the regret of not being prepared for retort, and the resonance of one's mind that gives way to his own portrayal is of a gift and study, a lesson to be proclaimed.

For when someone asks you "Where do you work?"...
You already have an answer conveyed, premeditated, a prompt.

Something you have decided to do within life to avoid discomfort and embarrassment , the rush of blood through your veins, that hurts every bit and ounce of your body, when the truth resides in you , the ultimate pain. As in there is not much more hurtful than embarrassment, when being dooped or fooled in public, who now does remember the feeling trembling through your body when this actually occurred?

When someone asks you "How old are you?", you immediately feel that power, that rush of blood through your vein , running through you. The power of asking a tool what to be, and an answer way above you, to give the fool that has asked you. The high and might of every soul , the way life is looked upon as a fight, instead of as courting.

It is called Intelligence

To when it is at hand there is an advantage. The same way someone can ask you : "How old are you?" , giving you the peak of the mountain for another to climb. Meaning you have the information.

What makes Thinking - Thought - Contemplation - Funneling very important for evolving and creating a better mind and state of being for self.

If I decide to say to you : "Your mother" , with any tone I choose fit.
It will probably prompt violence , hatred and defense of any kind, none the less pop your blood into reaction.
Putting you in a stance of weakness to the power of my mouth.
To watch you, as clay within my hands, prompted and played by the rhythm of my speech.
A weakness, to the highest degree.
If I choose to make you angry, sad, brave, depressed, confident, energetic, happy, hopeful, worthy, worthless, stupid, smart, strong, weak, impotent, grand and to whatever I choose to make you, is the power of the tip of my tongue. To your own weakness of mind, lack of work and lack of identity.
This is the truth , of pressure, resonance and influential sound.
That one tone, on sound or wave, can affect your daily life and subconscious.

What makes your ears , the best weapon against you , for you can be controlled or puppeteerd by the easiest hints of words and tone's.
You ears , are your weak spot.

In order to be a strong individual, and to lead a proud and strong life, you must be able to endure the most offensive and horrible things that sound tone, the truth if it be, or nightmare.
The passage in life is long. In each day that we reside in is the world and all of its eternity.
All of its faith and love, all of its thought and tenderness, the hope and the memory of life itself, as a carry on.
If yesterday, you rode a bicycle for the first time, then tomorrow you will already carry the memory and notion of doing such a thing, becoming a part of you forever. A stoned mark within your life itself.
Same with words, and experiences. Conversations and idea's.
They are a part of your day the same way they were a part of your tomorrow, yet yet belief the way that ill if it be sound, for the faith and hope in one day, is absolved and deteriorated from everyday that goes by.
In instance, that we can remember how we fell down from the playground gym when we were small, yet do not remember the depths of faith, hope and motivation that can carry us daily.
The same ideal's and ideologies, the same nuances that reside deep within us, are not calculated or seemed breath within a day itself, for they are buried under the superficial notion of "they" and carry.
To think that society cannot understand or contain our faith and belief, for us in order to carry them, we need to walk tall, and proud guilty. A way in where memory can sustain our day, yet the memory of our belief system is brushed aside, while our taste in music, is still and always a frontal flag of our own when asked upon, for if I would have asked you 2 weeks ago "What is your favorite type of music?" you would have a steady answer. Yet if I would ask "What do you beleive in?" , you would change everyday, for your foundations and thought process are loose and weak. This is not a proper way to conduct self, and is a neglect to the worth that is you. So much that a person can walk tall with his opinions about music and fashion, yet not about religion or ideology.
So that it is so easy to prompt your blood : "Jesus was a bitch" , "Jews are filth" , "Buddhists are liars" , "Islam is filth", to watch and convey you eating a tomato, as I would throw one to a gerbil.

Creating a state of inequality and inferiority, for the work done by the mind and the individual himself, to create an immune system against life and society, without the reference of straying or hiding from it, yet being strong and impenetrable. A strong member of society, a conducive one. Neither a coward or a stray.

A backbone and four-feet, a tone and message, the ability to transcend over sound and heart, to control the boiling blood within your vein and not being a slave to emotional prompts.
To be able to control your utter feelings and foreseen outbursts, in a way that the usage of a word, sound or tone can light you up like a fire cracker, shallow depth within the ear and self. The emancipation of one from all the others, and the rise and upliftment of self.


"Your mother!" or "How much do you weigh?" , to touch your itty bitty feelings.
Your ears , can be your biggest weakness in life , if you are not strong enough to hear the sound of truth.


The mind itself works to the ponder of the soul , and the manner in which the baul speaks , the way life conveyed and chose by you , to pass your uniqueness onto the world.
The mind , is full of words. Phrases , sentences , idea's , ideals , notions , thoughts , words.

For to connect with anything , it must be described and identified, thus that "My mother" is...: "My mother" , and "My wife" means "My wife". For if your wife did not have a name , you would not be able to think or fathom about her , for feelings interpret themselves with words or sounds eventually ,alongside images, to convey and build the way future thoughts communicate with self.
Mind way to think and ponder, plan and beleive , feel and communicate, with the tender aspects of the deep well of emotions and though driven deep from space and coherence, the infinitus of human soul and spirit , in order to communication and set.

The personal interpretation within the mind , and the way words, sounds and ideals inspire or resonate within the mind and soul.

For "My Mother" is deeper than you know , it is your foundation in life , and a stepping stone.

Probably one of the deepest words one can say to another , much to their interpretation and analysis of the word itself , contemplating deep within one's mind and soul.

Creating a state where digging , dissecting and Thinking must be done , in order to Progress as a human being.

Have you ever reached an answer to the words "My mother" , within yourself.
Do you have a set point and comma?
A pin point, an end to the thought itself and a trustworthy setting to the final ideal of the issue itself.
A settlement. A resolve.

The proper way into thinking , that nothing is truly your own , for the mind you have is absorbed and far from being unique, clean and independent.
The weeble , the weak , the weary.

"Your mother" or this .

Is the affect of music and sound , the affect music can have on one's soul mind and body.
For these reasons to be exact, some music in certain places in the world, is simply not allowed, for the wise of thought and ear can understand the affect sound can have on one's mind, eyes, body and soul.
It can cause resistance, uprival, rebellion, craze or cultivate ignorance.

The reason in which you need to protect yourself from music, is because of the emotional charge and energy that it is conveyed through. Pushed forward from it, as a domino affect within the soul and mind.

Let us try to understand the undertones and messages of certain sounds and artists :

Try this for instance :

Now , in comparison , how does this make you feel?
What bowels down in your emotional spheres?
In your right of mind , and virtue...what resounds?
What message do you feel that is the right path?

For what will happen if you listen to this 5 times in a row when you awake?


When we contemplate music, and taste, we look inside a human, and find the things one holds dearest, the deepest and most identified emotions one can feel.
The things one confides in, and the emotions, feelings that are solidified within his own identity.
Thus the question of old and good "So, what kind of music do you like?"

Being a mirror inside the soul, or a view to peak within ones body and mind, to try and understand their inner places, thoughts and feelings, the try and reach of uniqueness and specialty of each individual.
What resembles self within their own choices and perceptions within this world, for anything and everything you can ever choose is a reflection towards self, and the essence of self.

As being said, that the ways one chooses to identify himself , is by his own choices, that reflect inward out, to the world and to self, for self resemblance and self recognition, to have a fasaun and personality within this world and to fight the battle of unique.
A struggle for one, his entire life, for standing up for himself, making the work to stride and struggle much more difficult than one can think.
For to understand self, one needs to find the contemplation of self into funneling all thought and concentration to what is true. The truth residing in self and the ultimate shiver.

For we are never the music we choose to hear, or the clothes that we choose to wear, or the resemblance of our face, for every and each soul in this world, is deep enough to cover the ocean, and smart enough to soar over the clouds. On superficial levels we can be hip hop entrepreneurs , yet inside, an Eskimo fisherman.

In instance, the music we choose to resemble ourselves in, is the personality and fasaun we choose to carry ourselves in the way we stride to survive in this life, the way we try to carry ourselves and become one with ourselves and with our presence within society.

So, as we choose the music we decide to exist in, it is in direct reflect inward to our soul and outward to our fasaun or external way to hold face, survive within this world and society.
Same as the voice we choose for ourselves, and the manner we choose to express ourselves within language.

In regard,
I highly recommend that the best and most preferred way to exist within life is to live without music , and to exist without these external social tools of expression, the social categories set by the status quo, as in : democrat,rocker,laborer and so on, for these characteristic traits limit the mind and identity of one, much to the possibility of thought and the train of it. That a laborist, will not annoy or amuse himself by thinking of the solution for world hunger, for it is "not his place", confining self into social structure and identity incarceration. To the fact that the attributes one connects himself to, can eventually constraint him and cause a shutter to the options of the mind, a closed confined view towards society and his contribution to it, and the individuals ability and capability to spread change and leadership. Thus meaning, that a preferred manner to living, is within self to find self from within. To be able and live within self for the refinery of truth , the way to keep ourselves at best and exist. A core resonance within the soul itself. To hear ourselves and resemble resonance within ourself.

These characteristics, that we choose to live within them and have, are our ability to personify ourselves and exist within our truth, to the best of our character and life. To the best of our ability to know life and exist in it...

For the many questions we have in life, are concluded from society and our reflection and absorbency of it, the way that living life with society, means society exists within us, a part of us that causes suffering and pain, confusion and dilemma, when we contemplate that we are "a part" of something. To the point that if a person would neglect the concept of social repercussion, he would exists within the truths of every whim he could desire. Probably obtain beastlike behavior.

For the common human being , always reflects inward out , to find himself within the crowd, to identify himself. Then begins the battle of self awareness, identity , opinion and self worth. The way we receive and hold pride and honor within the crowd itself. The manner in which we beleive to exist in within this world , with the aspiration to the highest degree of capability, honor, pride, belief and faith.

At times,
We need to deal with the differentials that we encounter in society. The differences of thought and our erosion with them. If any.

In some instances ,we reflect into ourselves with the mirror of others , what makes our own personal identity shift and shake.

Rattled for the thought that one cannot look at himself from another's eyes, because they are not of his own, and are a deformation of the construction of his belief and spiritual map.

Meaning that when you look at yourself, from someone else's eyes, for that will be un natural and unforgiving, strange, weird and disruptive, with a large sense of injustice. False and crude, practically evil.

The manner in which you choose to speak and resemble yourself, your opinions and self vindication.

For if the strongest man in the world, will still retort to "Faggot", he is far from being strongest, from within.
The way people personify themselves, is in direct connection to their identity and ideal, the best way they can touch themselves and be real enough to exist within reality.

The best ways to realize where self is, and to where I exist, is to remove any social structure within the eye of self, and to reflect upon to self, without the recollection or resemblance of any figure or structure.

For to shed all pales from yourself, is to find your true color.

Everyone understands what music is , yet as a tool , it can be highly disruptive and hurtful to your inner soul and space , to your inner life and spirit.

The music itself , can become a wronged tool , all due to life , for as a screwdriver or a gun , when not knowing how to use a tool for its right reasons , it can become a deadly weapon , a tool that can cause harm to yourself.


The ear is a very delicate organ , think of it.
All judgment that we hear , all sounds , all things that we encounter , all things that we learn , hear and understand , they come from our ears.
For without listening , we could not be in a learning process.

Within the mind itself , the listening and hearing process is very delicate and real , it is very important for us to be able to hear and listen to the domains of truth , within our life and world.

The ear is one of the most dominant tools and affective tools in the human body , the manner in which sound is thought. The manner in which listening affects thought and contemplation , as a funnel of lesson , word , and experience.
The ear itself is connected directly to our subconscious at all times , and is a primary reactor to our deepest most internal feelings.

As we listen and hear sounds and words, our mind reacts with the same feeling we reflect towards any sound we can hear, as the voice of a young child speaking , hitting directly to the softest parts of the spirit, and arousing the most tender and delicate emotions known to self.

For instance, the cry of a baby, would arouse the feelings regarding the meaning of this sound, for a cry of a baby can mean : help, duress, discomfort, hunger or simply anger.

Yet when the sound hits the ear, the soul has already done with the interpretation and decision. To the decision in which manner to reply. In an instant, fast as the speed of light.

For example,
To the sound of a crying baby, your reaction would be:  unrest.
It is a direct reflection to your soul and a stage to where dissection can be done within yourself, for the further and broader understanding of your self.
For if I hear the cry of a baby, and my emotions react in a certain way.

Why? dont I care for this baby, or "Why am I uneased?",
and the answer to this tone, is far fetched beyond the soul and entity.

Creating a wide range of work and thought to be done, a way in which sound , can create a space for us to understand the deepest and most profound thoughts of ourselves, the deepest bowels of our truth, and to find us digging, to see ourselves in full purity for the first time.
To wake.

The ear, is so delicate, that even the slightest phrases or words, can uplift the spirit easily as a feather in the wind, for to the heavy of heart, a few words of kindness can go a very long way.

As in , telling someone "Im sorry" or "You look great!" , is more work than you can fathom , for the heart and mind , are always in need of good care and love.

The ear itself : Hearing, is one of the most dominant organs in the human body. Way that eyes are tainted with sight and perception, concentration and attention. Taste is far more persuaded, touch is announced with feeling, mood and concentration. Smelling is also very dominant, yet we might touch ground on smell a different time.

We all have the ability to hear, that is a prime divine tool in order to succeed in this life, a prime organ close to god, is our ear. That knows the truth and its tools, the way we hear and think, what we know and how we channel the universe.

If we have the capability to listen and hear the truth from someone, if they are lying, we know this, we know it. Its not a hunch, or a capability, it is a probability, it is the truth in all its kind.

We are human, meaning that we are able to hear and listen to anything and anyone, at any time, and to also exist within the realm of imagination, that is possibility.

For one cannot imagine anything that is not true. If it is as a picture in your mind, or a sound in your head, it is true. For we, as humans, are capable of all, and all of it.

The ear, is our tool to understand reality, and to differ between the right and wrong, to understand the known and the unknown, the false from the lie and the truth, from the vein. For anything that we feel, is a rush of truth or falsity within ourselves, as a conductor of truth, what is it.

We know who is truthful, who is concealing himself. Who is aggressive, bitter, unhappy, worried, troubled and crazed, within speach itself. The voice and manner of delivery is a direct observation within the soul itself.
An introspect within the person and soul itself, a direct reflection of the soul and spirit.
The voice and the resounding faith of in which they lie, thus meaning their social mentality and ideology, emotional state and other Idioms are heard and observed. All within the while of bit synapses of the mind within the mind, while hearing.

Thus being said, you know the truth, when someone says "Have a good day", and really meant it.
This is your ear, and your capability, of distinguishing the noise from the truth, to know truth at where it is.
The love, the virtue and the deed behind it.

What we hear, is what we know.

For if you listen and hear one word in life, you will know the entire world.

For instance, the voice of our mother, as in the tone of her voice and her real intent. We hear the truth resounding behind it, and the real initial intent. Yet we are not fast or capable enough to speak the truth as we know it, for most of the truth, the instant truth, of most of humanity can be vile and aggressive.

One with depth of thought and the intelligent can retort and understand, but for the many, it is very difficult to carry a constructive conversation within the realm of fairness and thought, without the hindering and resonance of violence within their voice and essence.

It is very strange , the way people decide to speak and listen, what they choose to know, in contrary to what they choose to scoff at, or forget.

Think about it , we can hear a dog bark outside our door,...know and understand that he wants to come in. Yet when someone says "god" we are completely lost.

The mind is constructed in a way, that it can differentiate between malice conductors and productive ones, Creating a situation where the mind cleans out the filth in order for us to progress and live happy and healthy lives.

This is a process of catharsis for the mind , it is a manner in which faith and hope float above, for not to become erratic, depressed or violent in anyway.
To not become unsatisfied, grumpy , gone , humiliated , frustrated , annoyed or worthless.

It is a way in which the human mind and body , relieve themselves from all that makes them feel bad or disruptive, in order to continue life. The point,... that certain truth's can be devastating.

Now please, be truthful with yourself , and ask yourself  "How do I feel?", in truth.

Take your time to answer, for it can take 2 years or 20 in order to truly answer a question.

To reveal your awareness, and find your truth within you.

All senses are amazing, and a core vessel of the divine and obsolete.

With sound, nothing is equivalent, it is always a job well done, for a tone can never go unheard, even the horn of a car or the sounds of the wing of a bird. When we hear anything, our initial response is to react, for the ear is so tender and delicate, it is so immediate, that the affect to it is instantaneous and direct.

The memory of sound is also the most dominant one, for to remember songs, voices and sounds is an imminent and large part of the human memory, reminisce in a way where you can remember the voice of almost anyone and everyone you know in life, and to hear them resound in your mind, your imagination, your brain and your voice.

We can hear ourselves contemplating and thinking from within, these are the best manners in which one can exist, when listening the most, to hear his external ear and his internal ear to have the widest span of listening.
The mind is constantly speaking , and the soul is constantly interpreting or feeling, what the mind has to offer.
As thoughts of despair or void become feelings of abyss or death.
All connected, body mind and soul.


can be a malice and disruptive tool within the mind, and basically causes escape and refuge within the mind itself.
As a drug , the music makes our mind escape its initial feelings, and creates a world where we are existing in a wrongful truth, alongside a song or an artist, or the chime of a guitar, making way for our feelings to be covered and comforted with activity, for the moment one stops to indulge himself with all of these things, the truth resides within him, and resonates with calmness, for the feelings at hand are being funneled, or at least amused with sound and notion.

To take a guitar player , that has been funneling his feelings through his guitar everyday, and to take his guitar away, is to see a stripped human being... a person without anything, completely naked and gone, done and finished, without any way to express himself. With time, this guitar player might become erratic, troubled and depressed, even dangerous and psychotic, for he does not have anyway to express himself.
Let alone be capable enough to understand his emotions and funnel them into the right direction, to make chamber and way within his heart and soul, and to feel pleased and welcomed by his own self.

It is very important for the health and mental state of a human being , to be able to express himself and the bowels and depths of his truth and soul.

Yet to speak of speaking, is to deal with fear and worry of others, for the repercussion of speech and talk, is far fetched and by far the most hurtful and productive tool possibly made, the best weapon and the most affective manner to convey a message. The majority of people are so confined, that the manner in which they express themselves is completely bizarre, the tides of happiness and awareness create a state of psychosis and possibly mania all due to severe pressure done by one individual, to the faults and bowels of his truth, the lack of self expression and confession.

A bowel so strained and tight, the way a stomach feels when not speaking the truth, or holding a secret... a terrible feeling within the self.
Society these days, has become so pulled back and judgmental, that the slightest nuance of speech can be disruptive to the easiest , the slightest tone or choice of words , can cause havoc.

The manners in which society exists these days, are in direct connection to the essence of fear , that is dominating life as we know it, creating even more confined beings, even further confined individuals, scared and cowardly people. The lines of agenda to where "comedy" has replaced suffering, woe, stance, backbone, opinion and even self expression.

All due to the lines that speech and sound , can resonate far beyond anything.
For to call someone "Fat" or "Retarded" , "Un useful" or "Incompetent", will shatter their walls and bring doom to their day and life.

Society today , has become such a soft and disgusting pillar of human existence , that the slightest expression "Against" something , can be met with immediate force and ignorant violence.
Enough to speak with someone's girlfriend, or to slightly reply to some nonsense , to meet the "hard hand of justice" working its way on what is true or false, what is proper to the improper.

The simple notion of sound , a word , and its resonance within the soul , can erupt almost every individual, causing complete loss of control and immediate and unthoughtful of behavior, without any premeditation for the cultivation of neanderthalic actions.

A time where people are drenched with advance and commodities, yet the mind, soul and body are all pulled back by deficit, feelings being incarcerated by their owners, and self expression being the last and most lonely thing in the world, for times have dictated an identity war, for the individuals that thrive to stay unique, have evidentially caved within technological subsidiaries.

A generation and kind of weak fellows, followers, all done with by leading the pack into oblivion, a sheep herd generation, that was once founded on its elements of survival, has completely collapsed and caved.
Defeat to the highest degree, of all due to human royalties and freedoms, all gone and forsaken, wronged and deleted, the right to speak, to pass judgment, the right to argue and debate, the right to shout, have all gone and have been squeezed into a tight place where your butt is sitting right now, holding all of that energy , making it wow and crazy. An empirical a-hole.

Tense beyond belief, squeezed and pushed without knowledge, at the world at their feet, all knowing, yet confined and scared, not even feeding the one percent within their know and capability, to do good for others, and evidently themselves.

For when one deals with his own energy, and funnels it, the more evolution and progress can be made and done within the life itself, and the steps further into divinity and awareness are being done.

The high steps to heaven become more evident, and life changes within your realm and body.

Thus I advise anyone and everyone, to shed all matters from life, and meditate, to begin with.
I would recommend to the young at heart and life today, to meditate at night, with no lights on, no music and no television, radio, keep your cellphone open and just sit with yourself and relax, breath in and out and experience life itself, do not shy away from painful thoughts , that need to be fought and not brushed away with excuse, for suffering the exact mirror of us is the way to serenity.

Meditation can also be done within movement, yet one must be aware of his thoughts and the tunning of them.
The thoughts that pass through your mind, are the cords of your spirit and life.
So to be aware to your life, is to know your spirit and tone.
Our thoughts.
You think.
You think.
You think.


The thoughts that cause us pain and humiliation are the exact thoughts that need to be confronted with, and dealt with. For the thoughts themselves, that cause all this pain, confusion and war, within one's self, are the reasons and curtains that are concealing you from the truth.
Your own private truth, the residue of your soul, where you reside.

In all affect , one must know , that to overcome any battle he must suffer , from his own thought and the reflection into his own thought, the battle itself , is to deal with the truth and move it forward, for you will be amazed to reveal, that truth is lucid. It changes rapidly and unconventionally, when speaking specifically about human emotion and thought.

The sound, the breath of music, and anything that is ever inside of our mind, is a question within the I itself, as all due regarding to BE and "when?", to regard in essence to life itself.

For we always know the truth, yet do we do not know when to accomplish it, and to assimilate it into the truth by acting on i, and creating it to be real within reality.
For in the mind one can exist with all fantasies and all lanes open, yet in reality, things can be different.
For the more aware you are, the further away you can exist within life, and receive the gifts of divinity.

We listen to the song, and we imagine ourselves rocking out infront of a crowd, or shouting in someone's face, doing something completely bizarre and crazy to have fun, and let it ou , take everything and everything out of our body for complete release of our woe and emotions, to fuck over the world, with our actions, and for once, be the kings and queens that we want to be, and choose to be, aspire and dream about being, for when one accommodates himself with these experiences, he can achieve the heights and realms of stardom, fame, wealth and adoration, with one simple instance of experience and audacity.

So I urge you, to stop consoling yourself with reality and certain truth's, and to simply exist in DO, to relieve yourself from these pains and suffering within the mind itself.


As though music unties constraints, and is used as an easy outlet to relieve people from pain and stress.
An easy timely solution, to a larger problem, called life.
For instant relief press here, and for the big picture, that within life, huge and real lesson should be worked at, in order to make way for true and better progress.

To understand this, is to make way for serenity and peace to fill your house, and your chamber, your love and your life, the best ways one can suffice himself is in within his own constraint and power.

A peace serenity, a wide know of range of self and the dwell within power and faith to reach and obtain serenity peace and livivity within all the realms of calmness and ease.

To say the least, that the peak of life, is to reach and obtain the notion and power of nothing.
To exist within nothing, in complete love and happiness, within anyway.


You may listen to this , or play this tune for a small child :

and try to remain relaxed , find yourself a peaceful note or place to exist in, a calm and pleasant way to think, maybe try to read while listening to this song, at a high volume.

How do you feel?

To the exact point of my message, that every and any song that we encounter or have in our life, is one that carries us further into the future , ... a part of our subconscious and existence forever.

The awareness and importance of how we carry ourselves, and what we absorb from this world is crucial to our survival and existence.

Some might argue with these notions, yet the exact message between the tones and music should be well advised and known, for the over flow and undertones of each message, are the ones to weary and worry about.

The sides of music that can harm you are the ones that you are un aware of , and the reasons the material was made, to match your thoughts and feelings and even overcome them, turning you into succumbing to the music itself.

Becoming a force within your soul that drives obtainable force that you cannot contain.
A sickness.
A parasite.

Something inside of you , that you can never release, without the proper work being done, meaning that cleansing the mind and spirit from its calculators can mean that behavior should be proper within its way, and well along to the pain in which they cave, the bait that they choose to bite, and whatever they need to flight over chance and rapture, the best attempt some have to close a chapter, make some emotions or memories turn into past , dissolve them and move on for better times and feelings to have.

I have witnessed many scenes and scenarios where music became the staggering heart within one, and the bleeding vein within the life itself, a way in where people refuge in music to distant all emotions and try and survive, the cry and woe agony of their sorrow, the thrive of their victory and triumph of their heart, the same way that today, some people cannot even walk down the street without listening to music. Residing in the fearful and drenched reality that they live. A trip to where uncomforted is a constant, and individuals can simply not exist within the realm of silence and to confront their life, and understand that confronting the truths and evidence that is a front fort facial within anything and everything within their life, for to not speak and uplift all emotions, confronting the deepest most emotions and feelings within self , arising them into dissolve and solution, for to hold any idea or will to express self, is a way of bottling self and piling up pressure within the body mind and soul itself, creating unhappiness, dissatisfaction, depression, lack of motivation, lethargy and laziness, deterioration of physique and the body itself, and the piling of emotional distance between self to self , self with others and the communication of self with any external being or force.

To understand, the feelings and emotion , are primary the tools in which one can progress himself, the way that life seems to be a long journey, never competing with self, and always evolving, moving forward,everyday.
Understanding the the progress of life day by day, is the best way to achieve, peace comfort and happiness, bliss, serenity and satisfaction.
The ways that people choose, to bottle and affiliate their feelings towards music or songs , is the lack of self expression, to what makes way to nerve and pressure, compressing the truth and suffocating it.

Creating a tense human, a suffering one, the one that competes with his mind during all times and does endless calculations to it , and of it. The one that cannot bare any equality, for his mind is to hurry to overcome and compete, the one that cannot fall before the work at hand , and the time the mind needs to relax , and contemplate. No visionary sequences , neither audio vocal sequences , neither physical sequences.

Simply thought, and the dwell of it.

Escape is in no way the reason why music or speech were created.
Yet for the reason of culture , enrichment , inspiration , insight , relief , entertainment , pastime and unity.

This is the true reason of music and sound.
The upliftment and inspiration...the broadening of the mind and spirit.
The loose of feeling, the release and freedom of pain and suffering.
Not the craziness and war stepped violence, not the stardom or the power.
Yet the way....and the peace.


My Final point and caution is to speak about the presence and usage of music that is not on the lines of the soul, for to listen to anything that is not internally connected, can be phrased as cohesion and oppression, on the mind body and soul.

Be careful to what you listen to, and be even further carefull to what you sound.
For your presence and resonance, is far more important than you can beleive.

The voice of others, is our ability to know them and change them.
To speak the mirror voice they need to hear to evolve.
We can always take our truth and might in order to forgive others, yet we need to march them forward.
To make a better space and religion to live in.
The best way that we can ever keep.
The best.

If we hear someone talking, and they are suffering, yet reluctant to receive help, we can say "quack", yet in the right tone, the message is heard.
For words can have constraint, and intent can follow waves, yet the truth is setting us free always.
We need this truth, to evolve and make our lives better.
To beleive in what we have and enjoy it.
To make this world better.
It is the sake of human kind that you hear, and the pain and passion of fear to hear.
This is what we weary , the pain and passion to change all these things without the taking of you, without the violence of speaking or hindering.
For the fight is long, for the speechless.

Tight. Sound voice, rectify yourself and others, and try to find way to decontaminate the surroundings.
We can win, slowly but surely.
To the tender sound of your voice, living in truth always, and the best take immagination can have.
Is the best, of wait...that in which it we take.

So beast the best and forever fret, the speak of what you need in breath.
The wet way to take the pain into the vein, and create a better set for your violence and hatred to neglect.
If you dont want to change , you can do so on yourself, just check.
Who is smiling , and who is fret.

For the best times are in what you dont tech.
The symes and smiles of mine to reflect.
The ways we love life in tides to have and power to set.
A mine of mine to yours my lust search it.
The best tides and chimes you must take in order to be let.

I urge you, to be love and listen, sacrifice the tension, and break down untill your pension.
Speak the truth and let it fly, be ready for surprise when it comes by.
For the people on land dont like the taste of sand, that rubs through their teeth, with the bitterness of man.

So in time, to let is speak, the sight of truth and love through the mountians they will peak.
So said grace and love for god to say the least.

To leave you with my favorite song. :)

Say what?