Thursday, November 11, 2010

FAD - Times , Society and Politics

The days we are living in are suffering from a notion of lewd time, a lack of any kind of contemplation or patience.

A sway within man that is rapid voice and talk contemplation, the violence hidden behind every word is heard and taken, as the refute and virtue of the conversation.
No one is able to converse anymore, without the spite of themselves and the passion flaming withinside of them, the taunt and anger is so strong, that civility is almost dead and gone.

A simple notion of a conversation is met with so much resistance, as to which the individual is fighting so many battles and fronts:  the speech that is coming directly to him, notioning every tone and word within his fright, ... it is a battle within a battle, for the word being spoken is taken as argumentative prior to any point.
Without the initial point and progress of the converser, to make the conversation and argument at all.

It is a still pride consumption, and a combustive response, to rip handle, confine and siege every thing possible within the realm itself . A fight over pride and passion, sense and sensibility, knowledge and the hear-know.
To wipe out your contemponent ( your contemplation opponent) within the pace, and never listen to him with grace to begin with.
It is a sort of auto deduction, without and prior to any assessment.
A sort of faceless assassination, shoot to kill, talk to devour, a cruel and heavy world absorbed with self and self dictation.

A problematic situation when all doing done to faith and love, that need 2 to tango, and a faith in to where people need to accept one another when they speak.
Not to speak for speaking alone, yet to progress.

These days are about violence, and the complete contraption of it.
A sense in where violence has been suffocated so severely, that it is suppressed in every breath.
An actual part of existence, within man. (and woman)

A creep crawling advice, that behind every appearance, is a "godly" entity that is observing the truth as it is being held, and an awful sight to contemplate the fact that the observation and distinction is being done by the individual itself , this thus making it incomparable to any fame or thing , for it is unique.
A sort of individual oppression and dictation.
One man, one king, one god.
One woman, a goddess, slate seduction plate.

A form in where pride has deluded socialism, and conversation in the name of progress and unity.
Confide , use ,... unite... preoccupate...
All these things have gone to die. Obliteration of the yee , the small , the "insignificant"...
for to hold and held a world full of kings and goddesses, is to find only smuggery and vanity everywhere.
In the lowest slums of the earth, people carry themselves as royalty, dismissing the smallest hiss.

A time to where words carry no weight, even the most intellect and acute, even the most beautiful expressions, up to the worst and possible ways anyone can express themselves and behave...are brushed off.
As if though "nothing really matters" and people are not judged by their actions, attitude and way.
An essence and time that everything is lewd and steed, the capture of the best to fine it, and shake away all that is true.

Goss greatly delight , a pleasure of silence, to weight in the others and their virtue, and to be depicted as the last thug and crime, as they are equivalent to you in anyway, the same "pride" or "worth" to who you are and what you are, a fad time of disrespect and the neglect of serious thought. For the many.

A time to where all is distinction, and no comparison can or is being made between people, to parallel their worth and virtue, their time and contribution, the value and way of their life. A smear between when and where, why and how, to a side of un importance, and only the now is what counts. A slight and evident judgment, that all that you have done or worked for, is right now. To it, if your game isnt up so to speak as this moment, you are what you are, and are witnessing the best era of your game day.

To say as if "So what you won a nobel prize", "Look at you today" .

A cruel and inconsiderate ideology.
A fad time.

To lame and wheast the best of them, to contain and understand that all is well cape, shone the wake of the elderly and feedem into where time and whest was kept best, within the tape and mind.
Some supposedly found a way to crape it, yet to tort the best, the far keep is the best, into wait of it, and foresee it. The patience and virtue of time into where all is gone for ghost, to the best of it remains the same and capture. Forever to lines of beasts to kings, the same wheel progressing forth and forth back, for find time and ester.

Evidently, the human mind and race, in its majority, is so dwelled in retardation and bodily functions, is that intelligence, progress and enlightenment is far far away from daily matters and not even a part of the thought consumption.

A world full of ignorance and shallow hatred, impatience no steer, a wreck wake awake
to wone and follow the pest that is fame and sharlow, the shallow charlatan that pesters the weak,
finds his pace within others beak, a pestering flame taking gleam to all fame in all that is lame.
Pete the peak, find the sate, the sin of your fate, to understand that love and compassion is respect and proper dialect.

To form a repetition of pace, a progress slowly becoming reality. Making a way for proper way and know within this world and life, serene and peaceful, to create a larger, wider and better life.

With no woe or stress, no havoc of the mind or pain of heart.
No thought relapse and self-sheltering.
A world and life that is breathing and open.
Thinking,...and progressing.

No longer and not for long, can things be so insignificant.
For today's misshalf is tomorrow's ditch.

I would like to talk about political impatience, and the recollect of current events as they happen.
A form of time twisting, while the present is being judged as the past, for then a decision is automatically reminisced on, and becomes a fad. Instant nostalgia.

Yet still, incompetence and anger are justified.
The world is still suffering from war and bloodshed, hate and fear.

To understand the capability of leadership, is to know yourself, and the contribution one can generate to make the world a better place.
An instance to where government can be blamed and tarnished for ever more,...yet the civilian that is waking up each day, reading his paper and complaining to the inadequacy of others and his superiors, is a shame and a default torment.
The way and manner into which every person is an individual government, and is capable of implying his worldly views into his life and surroundings.

A notion to where not everyone has been made out to be a leader, yet it is easy for them to tare apart and tarnish leadership, abuse it, defame it, critizise it.
"You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk"

A sort of sense of ignorance and neglect, belligerent audiences that prime face of change doers and idealists, yet do not do anything besides complaint, and vote.

A way into where "following" the media and government today, relates not to any form of support or indulgence in progress , yet only a lazy stool type of progress. Spoiled and pampered, violent and crude.

Why not lead?
If you are such a good leadership critic?

I believe in the world, that can find change and progress in anyone.
Anyplace or anything.
That the idea that "government" exists -->there<---- is to not any idea and how government exists !here!.
Any and every citizen can take himself forward and believe so to self that he can lead the change around him, and not only sit on the side line and beleive that change is taking place elsewhere, yet really right in front of you, and you resemble that change.

Sight cant be found if not looked at.
Simmer ease at contemplation , yet no feud to refute , when you counterpart causes your agony and discrimination. 
Side with the idea, yet not the action.
A flame bursting in winds, hidden from the notoriety of the world.
Hiding landmasters and owners, conclaved and hermitian leaders, speakers and moralists.

The thought and Idea that the work needs to be done, yet you are not doing it.

"Down with his head!" - Idiocy.

To find a way into where the mind, is discriminating itself and its surroundings, by blaming instigations to place the right of mind. "Where is it?" , "Where do I start?" .... the answer? Right now. Here.

A leader knows what battle is, and the real fight of disaster, neglect, hatred, ignorance and rudeness.

If you would ever try ,... you would understand why leaders are the eventual enemies.

It is because you are too lazy, inconsiderate, spoiled, violent and ignorant to understand, or do something progressive in your life.

What you see from here, is not what you see from there.

Big up.

Taking the position of the leader for stance, is a might term obligation for you, because you need to understand how and why the leader is at "fame",... and understand that fame alone is not the issue, yet progress.
The mind of civilians and citizens can be so low and shallow, that the inconsiderate thought of contemplation, does not even consider the work, danger and attribute a leader must have.
The pressure, the education and diligence.
The strength, nerve and force.
The gut.

These things are easily dismissed by civilians and citizens, that they conder capture themselves as equivalents and level based society members. A defamation and mutilization to merit.

"Well, the president is a citizen, and so am I... , I have the power of speech aswell , the freedom to talk...well...that makes me and him pretty much the same...I can be like him..."

As though as the billions of bums and idiots, tarts and airheads fly and flock throughout this world, pend blame and hatred towards the government and social conduct, tend criticism and blame to all that is done wrong. Contributing nothing besides their own lazy lethargic life, spending air on breath and wheat on land.
A majority of kings. Sitting daily in their thrones eating their heart away, pestering every neuance and idea, without even fathoming of contributing on their own. Creating a better deal for their "ordeal".

A world full of ignorance, and the people that care the most, work the hardest and fuel this world with progress and passion, evidently become banished and hated for their actions, whatever they would be.

Day after day, the lazy win stride within their way, to be incompetent and embarrassed...only to hate and tarnish again.

Think of the OBAMA salvation, the parade's...the entire planet was gone forsaken with glee and bestowed happiness, hope, faith...
The world was rumbling and shaking due to the enormous hope and love, being set free through one man.

Days after, the storm passed, and the people looked for more consumption to put their "support" behind.
Turning world politics and social civilization, on the same scale of pop music and itinerary luncheonette.

Look at OBAMA now, not even in mid-term, already targeted and hated by the people.
Insanity within time. No sense of perception or a grasp hold of determinate ideology, no perseverance or stride.

Nothing in the way of virtue and patience, yet all indulged in twat time and big time dealership.

 Loser capability to do anything in their life, yet man and woman enough to bring down government.
Over and over again.

No support. No love. No intelligence.
Complete and utter ignorance and dissatisfaction, out of everything.

A time full of spoiled traitors, ignorant kings and shallow minded civilians.
The end of patriotism, caving social conduct and selfish socialism.

Lethargy , crudity and cave.

The way we grasp time and feed it, is the progress of the world and life.
We need to understand that each and every one of us has the power to make the change of a better place.
To stop feeding into social diagrams and cliche's, old sayings and discouragement.

The one needs to beleive that he can change it around, and do it, make it happen.
Every day, within the power of its way.

As one screaming for justice, while he hides chocolates from his wife.

Please god, make it better. For the pace and future of mankind, to understand that unity, is as easy as loving the same football team, same as loving to eat meat or "joke".
That it is as easy enough to talk, and love and cherish the way we have, in each and every single individual.

It is a farce, a catch forty four, an ironic picture of millions shouting what they want to dozens, not realizing that they are the power at hand, and they can change it.
Where? At work.
When? Right now.

and then, comes the substance of a leader. Thats when where and how.

It is the same that if you protest, you can support.

God bless.

In contrary to everything revolutionary, and in pride from the power of the people.
The blue collar working class stride for freedom and class, the fight of power and equality to shine over all fears...
This revolution can come from education,...and diplomacy.

No longer can  the red fist be full of only fighting, strength and grit, yet needs to be accompanied with humility, politic and prediction.

In a world full of geniuses, freedom of knowledge in every home, ability to exchange word, learn, teach, study with anyone anywhere in the world, how can we still play victim?

It is a time where the working class, is turning hypocrite to its "abilities", and the fathom of its way and capture.
A time in where the ability and capability of the smallest man, to create change is evident.
Add to that no longer,... can the size or altitude of man or woman, can be accused as excuse for being lethargic and inactive.
The knowledge, the space and ability is all there.

Yet only the old tale of hierarchy and social "statu-s-phere" is what is limiting the people, to lead.
Knobly, correctly, with stature, respect and royalty.

I beleive that the smallest kingdom can start with the biggest man, as small as he is.

The old battle of stature and social "rank" is gone.
For the tarnish of the people to prime leadership, and the pull down done by the people, to level eye sight with large government, to level pride, worth and value...has had the opposite affect.

Government is now kneeling to the people, and asking "Yes Master?".

Trying to feed off the people, while the people are still stuck in pride society and rank mentality, fighting for their "worth" or "voice".
When the smallest idiot can make a prime minister leave the stage, a world full of howling dogs dont understand that there are no lions left.

A state where any idiot can become a father to a new notion, yet to degenerate to understand that he is perpetuating his garbage society mentality rank.
That only leaders at heart and mind, have what it takes to move forward in life and structure.
A man can howl his entire life, about his ego, his wit and depth, his intelligence and power, yet never to able to rally anyone behind anything, because he doesnt have the material.

A time where merit has been leveled by cry babies, and now they have every opportunity to lead.
Yet no one is stepping up, for the babble mouth remains complain infant child to it the same.

It is a contradiction between pride and action, a contradiction between value, worth and merit.

Be loathed to what its own
To time and cherish the fat balloon
A watch where any is time and shown
To see what they do catch and own

My neck its pant to find my breath
I shout it out my easy check
The voice I have its heard
My word is shallow herd

I never use the tools I have
Im to busy larding up my lathe

So in which old way though can I say
The times we dictate
My own wisdom and way

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