Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Educational Upbringing - De humanizing Children

This is a tide between the way that parents see the world, to the child within them, the child infront of them, and the child that they were once and knew.

As in the parent, and its forma and shape as a parent and person, yet the child that they still are and always will be. Inside. As the oval shape of life, where everything is a beginning and an end, and to nowhere is the personify of the future , yet the dictation of it.

To understand that we are once we knew, and now we are still the same yet larger.
A way into waste to find all said "Maturity" had be.

The way into where we all know the faults and mistakes of maturity and parenthood, yet we do not repair them.
The cliche`s and mistakes of prior generations that are passed down through repression and the vindication of cliche`s and "General knowledge" as in to say "Children are god. They are the closest thing to god, and as young as they are, they are pure and smarter, more intelligent."

This is one cliche` that has been passed on for enough generations, ruining the fault of parenthood and discriminating mankind to one, contaminating itself with false being and disruptive thought, and also creating a situation between parents children and adults, into where lies and falsity is present.
A dysfunction and mal practice of the truth.

It is a manner where faults and mistakes are passed on by generations, to fault by not refuting them.
It is not present that the fact of refuting exists , and must be present. To better mankind and faith in human beings.

Isnt it true, that there are certain truth's that reside in all of us, yet have not been passed on to us?
As in : "Food is bad for you, it makes you fat" .
Yet no one has never actually told us these things , as in a way where an orb is surrounding us and making us beleive these things without them being present.

An orb, or realm into where souls connect and disconnect. Feed each other with the realm of thought and absorbency, a wave into where thoughts and sounds instill themselves in people, without ever being true.
A most and way into others, to pre leam thought and find it, in the way they project it in others.
An educational thinking system, and the prolonging wait to find the essence be in others, to make them perfect in silence and resilient in name.

Some might say, that this is the progress and prolonging of human kind.
The upbringing and the state of faculty when preceding another, a waste in way into others feed from a one, and find themselves in this one, waiting in vain for succession and leading.

A state into where we have all of human kind, capable of everything, and incapable in thought.
For the proud essence of leading is in the waste of human kind, and the modified way we are taught to achieve.

As an adult brings a child into the world, alongside his inner child and youth...
Thus happens a change in faith, or "know" and knowledge within him, a way into where the parent, yet not long before an infant, is now in charge of a life like his own, and as his own.

The preceding and succession of self, without knowing the faith and power of succeeding the precede.

Why do we actually pass on our faults to another?
Knowingly, un knowingly...

Why is it that we trash our presence inside the faith and know, and not instill the present in others?
Only to feed them into the future and the past, not reflecting towards what is true and known.
The lesson and education of knowledge and faith within any age, and to release the notion and power of age categorization.
The imprisonment of mankind and faith, during "to age" and know...understand what the truth is, and how the power of "Be" can be proclaimed and handed forward.

To see a world where the essence of now has no boundaries of thought or age, and to see a world full of leaders and good presenters, of life and faith.
Beyond the land and world.

If a parent stands by his child , and see's him as an equivalent, it is not only wrong, but a mis perception.
If a parent see's a child as the equivalent from the child's point of view, this is wrong, for the parent is no longer a child. Perhaps within the parent, there is still a flame of childhood, yet physically and mentally he is no longer this child. And perhaps he is.

Parents cannot stand aside their children and wait for them to be smart, yet need to educate them in the proper way to feed them with the mistakes and knowledge of what they have learned.A parent cannot ask a child "Where is the sun?" and the child will answer "I dont know" ... for the parent to think "This kid is pretty dumb" , an imbecilic and childish way to present thought , and a demeaning way and manner to be this leader, that directs and progressing humans within life and the world.

It is racial, and bigotry to precede the faith and knowledge within the world and present them to feeders as in "I have the know" , "Now , suck up".
This is a the source of pain and violence, hierarchy and patronization, yet alone war, resent and hatred.
For if one is leading by a leash and not by example, this is a model of slavery.

It is up to the parent to beleive and know that he is an equivalent to the child.
Not in the child perspective, not a parents perspective, yet the worth of mankind and the value of human life.
There is no way, that a parent can succeed his child by being smarter, for they will prolong their living, taking what essence and faith they had infront of them and be the one that mattered the most to them.
The educational pastor and being, that directed them towards life and created them to be the leader and head as they now control to be.

To deal with children on the same base of knowledge that "As we know" , is a crucial part of the upbringing.
For parents relieve themselves and forget about the knowledge that they have obtained during the years , to pass it on to their children.
The knowledge and know of the world, and the power passion and pain of being alive.
To treat

The psychology in it is very clear.
The cloaking and rogue rouse within the parent , that "The child doesn't know" , is putting him in a position of power. What he always did release from the world , to resemble the face of god and -BE IN POWER-.
A lewd and materialistic ideal for the wee of faith and weak of mind.
The person itself, cloaking and lying into his way to find the "best" in life, and see that his child is beneath him.
"Finally! A true idolizer! A slave to my skin and presence! A yearner for my skin and way! A listener to my speech!"

A losing gift, into where time and essence has not known the beef, but has portrayed the way into where parents re instill the slavery within them to god, as there the children are slaves to the parents.
To where a person is always "A slave" for god,....thus the parent is vindicating and revenging his pain and fortune through his child , that is now "Idolizing" him, as the grace and heaven of god.

A turntable of pain and reflect, gesture , respect and capture.
A way into where the child grown into adulthood and then parenthood, is still the resentful child that does not know why he is alive, has no knowledge of it, and simply wants everyone to fall to his name and knee's , to be : "The god himself" , as there the faith where everyone is the knowledge and "God is the almighty!" "We are all his slaves!" "Nothing is above him" and "We are beneath him, a nothing and no one, all due to the mighty god, that is in all things, and the king of the world, enjoying all and receiving all the fear, gifts and pleasures in the world"

A neurotic and infantile way that the person is transversing his envy towards god, with hatred to his children.
A cord and way to where the essence of god is passed on to the person "CREATING LIFE" and becoming this god sense in a way, to feel the feelings of superiority and control "As god does".
Infantile, jerk and chain reaction.

Thus dwelling the human kind, in its current state, where sex and envy, hatred and the puny of heart are exampled by the hatred and disgust towards god.
The sadness and contemplation into where this plate is empty , for god has all of the plates.
A complete opposition to what all faiths dictate as true.

That god is a friend, a gift... and all that you have is given to you unconditionally by him...
The food, your health, your sky and water, your land and clothes...

Thus where people take these things as DEBT , and beleive that the virtue of giving is conditioned by giving back. Reflecting on the inadequacy and retardation, the inner and external achievements of one , "When god wants you to be a king and lead" (Supposedly).
This is a complete misconception of the thought and name of god, the resemblance of religion, and what we percept as truth.

The internal perception of one and all, that within himself the life and god.
To not let others know what he see's and life, and knows of god.
A sense of forgotten and loneliness, for one can never perceive the thought as being united with god or another, for body separates them.
An ideal that is based on ignorance and lack of thought, that no one and nothing can ever understand them within the thought and perception of god, and within the self.
A notion where everyone thinks they are lonely, and yet everyone is the same, reflecting and participating in the same ordeals, thoughts and names.

A blindness, to where all of human kind is the same, and the difference, is on virtue alone.
Yet what virtue is greater than living and being alive?
For a doctor and scholar, will never profane themselves to be higher or greater than a homeless bum , yet only more educated, and perhaps much more fortunate.

It is a way, that a child has turn parent, still learning from life and trying to understand the best way for him to freedom, and eternity. To the pasture of faith and way, that something can be understood from this life, and perhaps the path to royalty and happiness can be made through the children themselves.
A sense of hope of riches and fame, if not through self , perhaps through the children.
Circles and spheres of deadly energy , all anticipating and wanting present, vindication, upliftment, charm, grace...
A pummeling of energy directed towards the child, immensely putting crating pressure on him.
Dementing and shaping his cerebral and internal presence and essence.

A way and where no one is aware of what they are doing to their children and life,...to the world, not even till the point when they are old and wanning. A journey of question in life, that is answered by substituting your own questions, with the astonishment and lack of knowledge of your child. For "If someone is dumber than me, I must be in power and smarter..." in simple and basic psychology.
The child replaces the amaze and shock abyss of the parent, once child , still infant... with a transference of bad energy and epitomal  scorn , wreek of squeal, the embody of all bad malice and false energies in life, straight into the body and mind of the child. With Zer0 reflect into the past. As a new page has been open infront of them , where they need not to confront or deal with their past, their personality, the shortcomings or defects that they have , yet only to resemble the face of god infront of these children.
Representing themselves as the GOD , and committing a crime worse than murder or fame, much worse than rape or theft. Creating a person, DUMBFOUNDED , completely un aware of his surroundings, A SLAVE to his name and mother , an idiot and imbecile that will trek and travel his life to find truth and answers , all due to the insignificance and lies of his parents.

The crime of patronizing, as a patron.
The shed of we and face, to portray someone that you are not, and to shame the essence of brotherhood and love.
A notion of disaster and the cape of wisdom, a mask of quay and control to hide the inadequacy and ignorance in one.
What parent wants his child to know and understand that he is ignorant, and as dumb "as he is".
Oblivious to the fact of god and faith, the twain to ender and all knowledge of truth's and ways.
The exploration of the world, and the shaping of it to pass on for better, wiser more peaceful , content and whole generations.
How ignorant and stupid can one be, not understanding that ALL knowledge must be passed on early to another , in order to feed grace and progress.

War? I will show you war, dwarf!

 Thus the adult, through ignorance is equal and even inferior to the child.
Mentally and psychologically.

To watch an infant crawl, and be drunk with amazement, a corny caper of wisdom and way,... still understanding life , and "learning" about life through your children.
Such charm and amazement by watching a small human defecate on himself, and having daily "epiphanies" about life... " I cant beleive this was me once!" , as a monkey would say and beleive.

Taking a child as a toy, a reflection tool, not to "only" take care of him, yet to "learn" from it.
As a waste and neglect to begin with.
A lack of spectrum and knowledge of thought, simply to be a crime against humanity.
Nothing short than a baboon, to watch a child and think he is not watching back, or will not remember.

The reality we dictate for human beings, since the day they were born.
"Oh well , did you see David's cock, he fucked me for hours last night!"
-Darla! Your baby is in the room!!
"Oh dont worry , he doesn't understand anything"

The same crimes done to you.
Where are you today? Oh high and mighty.

The sight and notion to where people are always equal.
So to "goo goo ga ga" a baby, is no different than to "goo goo ga ga" a senior executive.
What is it good for if there is no sense of equality?

Making and creating a state of instability between the two, is to create obvious hierarchy , and to continue the state of human enslavement to system and structure. Without the crucial and real leadership invested and instilled in each and every individual.

To stop the current way and manner we see humanity and time,... children must be invested and looked at as leaders, when born, and given the same opportunities that we have,... the "old" and living.
It is because of infantile emotions in an adult, that does not participate in sharing with his child, for he wishes and believes that his achievements will surpass him in duly fashion.
The inadequacy and infantile feelings one can have in all due respect to inferiority complexes, envy and issues of worth , all detain the fact that an adult can teach an infant so much, that at a very early age, this infant may surpass him and reflect on his world in a worldly and educational fashion.

Instead of going "Goo goo ga ga" to a baby,... why not speak to him about currency, or the history of imperialism?
Can you see this picture?

An infant, with a mind and soul , coming to this world, understanding everything,... is put in a situation where everyone tells him "You dont understand, maybe when you grow up" , confining them and domesticating them to a train of thought. That they are young and stupid. Thus creating the reality, your baby is stupid.



 The ignorance, and lack of knowledge that is the same way that you can understand something, so can the baby.
Any questions that you might have, can be answered by any person...yet to accept the answers is on the might and merit of the size of the soul.

Imagine yourself in a room , when someone starts to speak of you...
"You know Sheryl has a very sensitive stomach, and a very big nose"
Then you , Sheryl...look around the room to see who is talking about you...
"Oh dont worry, she doesnt understand"
Leaving you , Sheryl , dumbfounded , ignorant and angry.


The future is bright in the sight of technology and knowledge, the fate and wisdom of the world is up to the grabs of the intellect to teach and learn from the best, to pass on to future generations.
In all due respect to country, religion, race and individuality.
A creation of a better future is understanding the limitations of one's intelligence, and the gift of knowledge to others. Without any circumstance and unconditionally giving forward for more intelligence to be passed on to others. For the future of mankind, and the shift between infantry, (hence) , childhood, adolescence and adulthood.
The plane and maturity to level the agreement , and end what we see as hierarchy and strategical thought and belief all due to notion god, belief and life.
To treat life as it is , a blessing and a journey , where all are important and are capable to create a better state and unity for mankind.


It is in no way , or place where a parent can demean himself to the "level" of a child and see himself in a way where things are "equal" . This is a perception of discrimination and neglect of responsibility.
Where a parent needs to understand that "equality" between parents and children, is not based only on mutual respect, yet intelligent thinking.
If a child does not work, or is under no pressure,... it is not proper for a parent to release their flame onto this child , when seeking something from them. No manner of revenge or spite is mature enough for the both.

These concepts begin very young, and a child can become a partner and not a burden, if educated properly.
A friend and council.
A way and where a child is a vindicator of pain and treachery , when deciding and believing in the parent itself , within their way and life, creating support and general ideal for faith and loving, each other, for blessing and eternity.
A huddle , of thoughts and emotions , a peace and pact between people.
Not a resemblance of feed and hierarchy and patronization.
A swindle and way where people are perfect , and in knowledge and faith , are capable and able to understand anything and everything, at any given time.
To lead others , and to create a better life for all.

The subconscious , within its sphere , is absorbing of the reality itself.
It is almost as a mouth itself, and almost the same as a mind.
The essence and vibe of a human being is sent through the sub conscious and felt by other beings and entities.
This is a prime form of communication between beings and people , unknowingly to public, yet evident from within.
A place where all beleive in god, yet in different pretense, to the same ideals and feelings of one self.

Eventually , the ideal that parents and children can exist together in a flourishing world, existing off one another and feeding off one another , yet with no internal dillema.
For thoughts are heard beyond words, and nothing can change this.
The instance into where the essence of body mind and spirit are instilled with others and given to a wide range of good thought, faith and emotion.
To never give or transfer pain to anyone, in conciousness or subconciousness.

The idea that children are inferior to adults must stop, to cut the chain that humanity is used to.
A resemblance of stupidity and a cord release of hereditary resemblance of nothingness and inadequacy.
The times of when failure can stop.
The times of where sadness can stop.
The times at where regret will not exist.

Only to find today, still empty from releasing the deep down bowels of what we really mean and want to dictate. Our dreams unfulfilled , still alive and breathing.
The waste of life into where parents instill their dreams into children, creating more wieght and sorrow within their life and way , and more pressure and silence building up in their cerebral.

A parent, ... giving birth to a child when he was "35 years old" , and saying..."Well , my child will surpass myself one day, and I can live my dreams through him". This said when one is "OLD" , and leaving, neglecting and disarraying his life while he see's them. A complete neglect and quit on life itself, and the merits and dreams of an individual.

A resemblance of a void , and false prophecies convicted onto another.
Why do the generations make the same mistakes over and over?

Why not treat a child as a king,... to talk and contemplate with them , wait for their virtue and word, answer , question and council, teach , educate and direct.
Within humility and mutual respect...
For the feelings and ways of wisdom are all felt through a human being , contemplated and known for all.

This up till now , might further on in the future.
Thank you.