Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Fail of Jihad - A new world

We can see now, the beginning of what was sought before, and the end to any karmatic reaction.
All rivers end in the ocean, as do deeds and actions. The 9\11 attacks have not only made the Muslim world suffer, yet have ended the Arabian "empire" for what it stood on. The idea of unity and congregation, against the Jews and the west that is. This has failed. Iraq and Afghanistan have become shells splendor of wheat for the Americans, waste and places for reduction and company. These places will be well abound to travel earth when the procedure is done, when the revelation of truth will devour the Muslim earth, and become one with Allah and his purest intentions.

Jihad proclaimed itself to be the leader of peace and Islamic intention and dictation. To the sight and ears of the many suffering from these tyrants that hold the Koran to dearly at chest, to swipe and twist the truth for their own ego and way. The dreams of fanatic rulers are crumbling in their own hands, for the greed and hatred within their way was their beacon. The envy and try to control, their blood lust, and in these escalating days, no crime can go undone in the name of all karma and destiny. For what you seed is what you sow.
The rulers of Jihad are loosing everyday, as they have done then at 9/11 to paint an entire religion in the name of blood and hatred, neglecting and forgetting the people of truth. That bring them food, drive their taxi's, pay their rent, try to study. The people struggling everyday over and over again, to bring freedom and opportunity to their life and way. A sway and way that nothing is beyond truth, not religion nor blood.
To see the "American" belief becoming the beacon of earth and the yearning of true.
To decide alone, and merit.

I have said many years ago, as I will say again...that true jihad is with your pen, not your sword, as said pnb bless it true, and he will know the way.

This uprisal will spread throughout every oppressive state or country beyond land and region, to become the ultimate truth of man. That through word and love, will come truth, order and destiny. To find the fair and equal, to find the best that mankind can supply the earth with living and love, for the future and the unbound destiny of the world, planet earth and mankind.

This will be the tide, and the future, find all people living free amongst god and religion, to the best fate they can see true. In sight of them, the ultimate revelation of truth within time and suffering.
To uplift humanity to its greatest and highest beacon,...always and through truth.

The uprising in Tunisia, and now in Egypt...are not the first flares to be thrown, yet the actual heart of man, that yearns for the same thing. The right of freedom. To live life as free men and women, to the best of their capability and way. Iran have not only obtained nuclear weapon's, yet have become a state where socialism is much more flexible, and capitalism has become an easier way of conduct.
The people in Egypt and in the Arabian world, are coming together to feel the notions of democracy, socialism and hinders and aspirations of capitalism. This progress is long, and will take many years.
Yet every living thing on the planet is well aware to the difference of good and evil, and this wave will not end, until the Arabian world is free from Islam as a coherence of law. To find that Islam is not sharia or radical, not cohersion or oppression, but to believe in the true virtue of Islam, is to know freedom and love for all.
This wave will not end, it will continue to build further and further on, untill the oppression of the "mighty" religious leaders will lift their hand from above their people and leave them to grace and prosper.
This is not about religion. This is not about war. This is not about politics.
This is about people that wish to drink coffee, and wear jeans.
This is about people that wish to buy car's and watch movies.
This is about people that want a cup of whiskey before they go to bed.
This is about people that want to live free, without oppression by any man or woman, by any book or hand.
Yet to the elite, by the "American" way, and to obsolete the freedom and passion of one way.

There is no fear to be seen, yet the future will be bright.

The politics and dictation will be sighted by the best of autonomic religion, as "based on the American constitution" and for reverence, and all religions in reflect. That know the ultimate truth beyond any living thing, to find earth and grace within the many, to the virtue of one and his punishment. The reverence of truth along mankind, and the sway and deterrence that has led mankind to his current state of war.
To neglect and oppose all that is true, for smite. Through out all mankind, religion has been here, as the ultimate truth of grace and god...the reverence and law given to humankind by god, or man...
The laws are simple to follow, and benefit everyone, anywhere to follow these simple rules always.

This is the truth, the American constitution...and religions,... will be the foundation of truth through Allah, Christ and the Buddha and the Torah, to find the end. Of one man and woman, living free to the notion of their doubt and way. We will see the Torah rise more and furthermore, to reveal its truth and reverence, to find its consolidation and perseverance throughout all battles and virtue's, to be one with earth and love.

This is not to say that oppression will be born with force, yet the bottle neck of time will drain itself to the first point, of what man knows to be true to this day. Nothing beyond that, to the dwelling and sorrow of life itself through suffering.

These people need freedom and they need money, to live a better life with health and cleanliness.
To live a life full life full of opportunity , judgment and law.
The benefication of truth, through religion and way. The bureaucracy of religion and the benefication.
To relieve religion from the religious and turn it in to the founding heart of man, that looks for one thing only.
Truth, love, security and peace.

The ultimate revelation of truth, through chambers of law and state, to love the Torah as the Buddha and Christ to find Allah and Muhammad. To whole solstice of all religions and love coming through the heart of man and woman. The ultimate and never ending foundation of truth for the future.

It is no longer evident that humankind can continue existing without the notions of truth to fulfill and reside , direct, in its own destiny.

The way where I want to live life , free, from any torture or neglect.

Jihad is done. Is it the capture and faith of the few, that infuse anger and hatred through words to twist religion. It is the power of the weak and the tame of beauty and health, all in the name of power and gruesome money. The evident danger, in the opposition of what a man truly is, of what a woman truly is.
A sad prepetuator of truth and peace alongside love.

This is battle against paper. Pieces of paper that dictate the love we have, what we want to love, and how we want to love it. This is the world, and the evident danger of governments to clench what they see as their "responsibility" and have hold tight clench on power and regime. Something this generation will not suffice in, for it is revolutionary. The wave of vengeance through bureaucracy and state, is always in motion.
The times of old will be forgotten, for the best unite of truth and religion.
The actual order of things...when one has judgment, and releases his faith within and onto the world.

We want peace, and the simple matters are right here. As easy as tic tac toe.
The paperwork, is strained by the government, will meet the heart. That wants only goodness for man.
That wants only the truth for man, and the Torah that is ultimate belief in god the almighty all through his ways and rules. The governments will not hold their lines, for they understand that they are fighting a glimpse of an enemy, as a man sending his dog to the pound yet wanting him at home.
They will not be able to continue to rely of paper, stature and state to feed people with grace and freedom.

These governments, all over the world...will not hold straint to themselves, for the believe and know that their poverty is their own mistake. And if pieces of paper control the unite of mankind, why not change them?
Why not make the world a better place? If it is as easy to change the lyric?

Are we that dumbfounded? The human kind? Are we that belligerent? Are we as stupid as dumb beasts?
To hold a crest or armor to a notion and flag, for something that is never seen,... or has given us any leadership and direction,...not any love or grace, never any laughter, never any peace...

Human kind, will unite alongside these lines of fairness and statutory with religion, state and idea.
The mind of mankind will be free from all lines of oppression and law, to find the basic state between good and evil. A law, where nothing and no one is above the almighty, to decide what good is grace, and how evil is filth, this is up to us, to understand, and alongside their virtue, we will know the grace of god.

Spreading further and deeper within the earth, while all countries suffer from their crest and ignorance.
All religions suffer from automatic war, because of crest. All books pound each other over and over again, like ramming bulls. We fight over nothing, what we "know" to be true, what we "know" that we are, what we "understand" that is truth in this world...while our heart says the truth, that no one and nothing can be heard.

Mankind is a simple seeks earth in its way. What it knows of it, and how he see's it to be true.
The ultimate disaster of seeding truth through truth, and finding it. To the astonishment of way and love...the astonishment that all stars are above us, shining...and we see them as beacons of truth, wisdom and hope.

The unification of mankind, through thought, wisdom and way.
The Torah.
Pummeled and destroyed by all times, the Jewish people, castrated and killed through out history, to become the smallest nation on earth, will see the truth beyond time, and the ramification of it.
To what it is today, and find the least of it. One man loving woman, one woman loving man, under god full of grace with a home and nothing more. This is the ultimate catch of life, there is no beyond it.
It is the elite and supreme. Good solid judgment, to all that is true, without bribery or snicker.

Time will shelter the way,... common sense will become "evil" in the eyes of monarchy, yet will prevail, for the essence of truth is right infront of us, on the Internet, and in the books,... we know how to eradicate war.
For no one, and no thing desires war for himself, yet only love and peace.

This swirl will never end, untill the emancipation of law and conduct through the belief of god, and all due to statutory faith. There will be a fuse with religion and law, a way to where they will be equal. The best judgment of mankind, and the best judgment of religion. To weight in both scales, find the best truth for man and humankind. The future, bright with progress, all along the well lines of humankind and faith.
To fairly mix the two into a bright pasture of freedom and structure.
The right of both worlds, never pending on one another.
This is the ultimate truth, mixing with texture within these days...becoming a solid matter and forming the shape of truth. This is happening, and will continue to happen in the future. Ramification and beneficiary of all kinds for their way and hope, faith of man.

The way of mankind, is beyond religion and state. It is the best notion of what we can do here for a living.
How to chase our hearts and create a better world.
These ideals and notions will soar over anything written, for nothing can write the heart of man.
Nothing can scripture the inner soul of the body, the wanting, the yearning and the crime.
It is up for humankind to shape a new faith, absorbed with the best notion of respect for time inducted with faith, bureaucracy, socialism and progress.

This is the end of Jihad, and the rise of Arabian socialism, democracy and capitalism.
Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy are spreading through out the world, all continents are feeding through them. All lines are running through, this is the age and the time where mankind is realizing the ultimate revelation of the truth. Its way and time. Its future and progress. The plow through out time,...that will shape the way and find the line of the future.

It might be seen as the end of all religions, yet it is contrary,... it is the severance and deduction of control alongside religion, and the deduction of the power structure that has defamed religion. For religion is not a form of power, yet a form of belief. An individual belief, to everyman and woman his shadow of god, not a dictation of what the shadow seems to be or needs to look like. This is the mistake of times, where religion became a force of stature rather than personal faith. To take the individual and enslave him into the force of structure that was true alongside the regiment and structure. Monarchy and hierarchy, social formation.
When religion is only a reason for personal judgment and faith, something to help or hold on to when needed.

The constraint of religion and law, will be tied alongside the perpetuation of truth and the individual.
The suffering of one self alongside the the travesty of socialism, economy, poverty and sickness.
The twine of religion and faith alongside socialism.

This is the future and truth. The world will collide in grandeur and faith, with all doubt to the dictation of truth and legislative action. A united world of diligence and right of mind. The end of all slavery, misoccupation, wrongdoing, social repercussion, social hierarchy and a structure of personal conviction within economy.
Personal economic assassination, personal convicting economy, social economic structure, in a way where intelligence, name...conduct and "timely fashion" actually dictate what you "get" from the state and what you dont. How many more times, will we go to the bank, and only after kissing ass will receive what we need to receive? How in the world can these current laws, control our behavior to make us better people and citizens? Are they not offensive and impersonating in a way? Do we not realize that social conviction and economical hierarchy are the source of pain and suffering in this world? To not alone merit and cause, yet to base the social construct on more for the people, less for the loan.

 This change will come through time and diligence, the blood that will be spilt will be to the blame of the ignorant and stubborn. Those old chimes of old, the holders of crest and the believers of armor, holding up their flags, with complete contradiction to their heart. The rulers will fold, for they want to eat and drink with their people aswel. They want to live amongst them and live with them, always and forever can never the heart of man device itself is treason or deceit...yet only in truth and love.

These days are the beginning of the unity of the Arabian world based on human reflection.
The tides of religion and old will compensate the greater good of the civilian, to erase all ties of will wars and tales of old. Myth will dissolve, blood lines will be shattered. The conception of the world is changing, and it will change for the good. The mighty stand of the individual infront of all that is structure and merit.
No longer will blood libels between religions state the truth. No longer will the conception of status quo and story line relevance hold the beacon of light and stature. Yet "common sense" and relevance, a sense of relativity and proportion will dictate the progress of human kind. This Arabian rupture will not end with Arabia, yet will spread to the power of the individual and his knowledge. The individual's distinction between right and wrong.

Islam will instill itself with catharsis, to find the good of faith and word rise up over the evil, and devour the words and intentions of the angry few that have hoarded media and awareness today. The delusion and haze constraining humankind today. The neverending sphere to where confusion and religion have become a force of coherence and capture. The forcible taint of reverence as revelry. The taking of religion for herding.
It will no longer proceed. For Islam is not a nation of a place, it is not a name or an ideology, yet one single heart and mind aspiring for truth and humility, hope and faith, love, peace and acceptance.
Islam does not have a flag, and does not need a nation, for it is in the heart, and will continue to flourish through the heart itself.

Islam does not have an army, as is not a perception of war.
The old and few that have "shaped" the face of Islam have lost, and the revolution of the people has come.
All due to them as people, regardless of religion and state.
The Arabian world will continue to release more shades of socialism and capitalism, more wealth and money.
To the point where the religion will look for its true virtue and beacon, for its true place and wisdom.
To reside in Mecca, and all that is good and true of Islam.
No longer the tarnish of it, or use of it in political adventure.
Nation after nation, will "fall" to social revolution, untill they will collide in a way, to reach the highest peaks of their depths, and find Islam in Mecca, where it truly is. Yemen then Oman, Libya then Syria, Lebanon to the highest place. Nation after nation, will seek electricity, sewage and water. Transportation, social services and health care. The "topple" of government and Islamic "ideal",  all through what is equivalent...simply to the basic human rights deserving of all men and women.

This revolution will come to devour the powers that have steered the minds and lives of religion believers.
The head's of the religious monarchy and the heads of mosque will suffer from the hatred and revenge of the people, that will ramification the essence of Islam as a true notion of white founding spear, penetrating love and peace through the earth.

The tides of evil will shed. The heads of state will no longer virtue the capture of religion aside state and legislature. It will be separate. The best of socialism, aside the religion of one man and woman under god for liberty and justice for all. The fear of religious repercussion will be set and backed by individual's and the police system, that will be swept away from religious law. To shine and show the reality of citizen protection and service.

This is a revolution, with American flavor and religious unity. The right and strait of mind, the new and eccollective.  The wave of the young that will ring every bell to every highest office, and shake the walls of fear mongers and war spreaders. Every Arabian nation, will be renovated. As Iran, yet further. Above religious laws and above religion, to reign free in a nation full of law and freedom.

Time will show victory for the people. Social, economic and religious upliftment.

Ma a salam, peace, shalom.

*loose end*

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