Sunday, February 13, 2011

Religious Legitation

There is and has been a way into where people have shaped their opinion and character, relying on the religion or faith they were brought up in. A way into where the religion is dictating the manner, speech, ideology and social conviction of one self...before the one has even begun spiritual insight or inspection.

Religious legitation to where people are backed or backing self on the pretense of religion, regardless and without their own social, spiritual and religious searching and meddling.  For one to say that he does not like pork because he is Jewish, regardless of his own choice and taste. For one to say that he is against Arabs because he was born Jewish, regardless of his heartily intentions.

A way into where the religion dictates the man, instead of the man finding his own private way through religion. To enrich the religion itself, and to dictate the truth and falsity, the distinction between right and wrong to the perseverance of self and the greater good of mankind.

A way into where the religion has taken control of a persona.
The attributions collected and defined by an individual, on a reverse aspect of what they believe to be true. The molding and shape of one's soul, mind body and the merit of religion instead of being an individual and unique perspective in the world and along it.

A where into where "knowledge" has fed and shaped the people, instead of people shaping the knowledge itself.

A projection of self lateralization, personifying personal reel and conduct of thought in the lines of social and religious belief and intent.

Self adorned constraint, as do sheep when herded, to walk along the lines, or to find themselves without a stable and proper support to exist and live within life.

Upbringing within this world. The attributes that confine human conduct and thought, personalization and affiliation with certain truth's and ideals.

The way that people understand and personify themselves into a way that the religion dictates the way that the people think and receive themselves...instead of the way that a person feels or knows himself regardless of religion. To take dictation and perception into a way where one finds himself. Something about the way that one seems to know himself, and give respect to all that he has seen living true. To his parents and his virtue, and heritage. A sort of confinement against betrayal, to hold and uplift the way and ideals that have built on and lived for through the 'me'. A recollection of generations after generations that carry some sort of ideal or carry, a hoard of sheep holding up the virtue to some ordeal or deal that has been fordham. Fordeeming the keep and looking for what they had or knew to be on their own , as "known" or knowledge passed on to shape and reel the people. As the cliches of old time that "persian people are cheap" to make and concrete a knowledge or saying, a general personna and perception against and for a certain type of people. A way into where people base the foundation of  their knowledge to the base of heritage and "hereditary personification" . Some what of coherse times, or  knowledgeable reliance to the  deal of herding. A somewhat of blind reliance to the  cords that we proceed as truth and blood.

As will though a new born muslim, to resist the notion of jeans, before even starting to contemplate the notion and  its volume and solitude. A smear into a way where people understand themselves through unspoken social and cultural pretense. A solidarity unspoken, a crest within the unheard. Yet only re affirmed and understood through fathom, boggle and attempt to solve social, genetic and religious agitation. To some kime the way, into where they are, and who they are, through what "they know" with all  loyalty due process. The feeder of blind pigs. A saught see proceeding, into where individuals relate themselves, to what they fear to loose from infantry. A baby pro longed to proceed, only not to speak against the relation of his parents, and resist, for then he would loose his life and feeding. Self , familiarized confinement, through self proclaimed oppression. A fear. To where one once known that what we are at  what we know , is   dictated or personified by our parents, and their predecessors. A revelation of passing through all fears, and not letting what each and ultimate soul knows and  needs to be true. We harness what we know , to not betray the invisible beast that is instilled in our elders, that are the same as the last and ultimate infant that has been born today. Restraint from fear from being abandoned. Self portrayal of survival for self diligence, not to outcast or outlaw self. A revelation of fear. Through out what the heart and mind knows to be true, and what family, crest, blood and government hold still. All through that all where once and  will continue to be infants. From day one, and through elderhood, to hold what blood and life seeds to not be outcasted. Self and social enslavement, all one is enjoying the fact. We are a treator of all seeds, and we still try and uplift our bordem, to perpetuate faith, through our fathers, nations and mothers,.... through our religions... and we see our parents crying as we do, when 17 and when 74, to uplift the truth.

A herd, of fear and president. We hold the before, and let the land drink oil, and spilled pew... all "in faith" of what we try and know to be loyal, to the last heed, a way that we create our own reality. And drink the land that we spill...

Crest to blood, hereditary, nationality, ... historical culture...all the things and notions that we proceed to believe to know as true...are all false in the name of pro longing wanning, and the relation to what we see and know to be true. A way and least to where people know and believe what they are brought into, and see the same faith relevance within them, reflecting their own being.

A place into where the people hold on to the tides a virtue. A cobe. In order not to commit treason or betray. A sense of fear to behold time and not to be be-headed. Fear to dictate and legislate,..., in order to hold dear to the past and not crete it by its virtue. A way into where people have their own ideology to contain the present of their faith, to hold what they truly perceive to be true,..., opposite from their own intent and wantings,..., crest into a hold crest of faith, value and time. Somewhat to hold dearing, the proclaimed and rigid truth,... the boxed thought mentality. Self constraint of knowledge faith and representation. Things that begin with the question of "I" and funnel down to continue to the smallest thing president in human life.

A way into manner, that some believe themselves to be constrained through belief.
The strategic culture of dictation, into where some realize their faith and love through this dictation, the revelation of I and internal core, to all context and connotations. The cone stone, a self perpetuation of crest and its dictation regardless of self. The actual speech, writings, manner and sway within life,... all along the lines of fear from banishment and neglect, perhaps earning enemies. Self inflicting herd. Human kind that in core wants to elate self, in contrary becomes an agent or representative of a certain sect, crest, nation or ideal. A co-bot.

Somewhat that holds the tablet before anything was ever seen or given, ... a sight of a blind and perpetual zealot.

According to law and knowledge, we as humans know what we know, according to the know. This is not our incarceration, yet only our foundation.

Anything can always be changed for the greater good, without tarnishing, embellishing or defying any order. The times of old will be well held and taken care of, regardless of faith and legislation, social conduct and manner, public speech and freedom.

Our life is to precious and short to vindicate our lines or what we know as our lines, our home or house, our legion.

To what loyalty will we heel, if we do not bring peace to human kind?
To what prize are we ailing if we do not see the tomorrow infront of us?
For all kinds and people to come together, and love the differences of change.
For all people to bow down to the same source, that is themselves, their heart, mother and family. Their house and notion, their nation, their love their home and their heat. The same factors that unite all human beings, to elate all of them and become the one that we proceed to be living, and aspire to be. A one world living free from oppression, with equal opportunity for all, no fear of war or repercussion, yet the evident balance of good and evil.

That any insect will know and understand. What we know of this world and how we choose to divide it, how we choose to sect and separate, the races, languages, continents, colors, flags, themes, cultures, religions, customs, traditions... it seems as though we find every reason to move someone back away from us, yet have no idea how to pull them in closer, to be closer and warmer, to create peace. It seems that inside ourself...each and everyone of us is for peace. We know the truth inside of us, yet seem to loose understanding when looking at others, that they are the same as you, on many levels, and the most ultimate one. Of yearning for peace, security and happiness. How can we be so blind, that "the others" are the "I" .
We are the ones that create this change, and we will do it for the better and good. To defeat evil with conviction, for all make it good this time.

For life is right now, and how can we be so ignorant, to just let it pass by again, for the blood of our fellow mates to be spilt again and over again.

To cut the cycle. Renew it, and understand it. That life is right here, and we cannot let it pass by. We are the ultimate revelators of this world, you and me. Same like any other, to the least of differences, yet the majority of similarities. One uni under god for faith, love and conduct. To better earth forever. The legislation and conviction, that as people we fight for some cause, any cause, only to strengthen the hatred and gaps within our world. Only to spill more blood and have vengeance. We think about ourselves and our pack, our tribe or union, and take all others to be either victims or enemies. Not realizing that we are legislating the present, future and actually inscribing the history of earth, everyday within our own unique lives. As important as any man or nation, is the sway of one and his life. A sole soul, as important to the world entirely. The importance of every individual, the revelation of one person's mouth, as a deceleration. A bond and ideal, a stature.
The idea and concept, into where one is a bar of himself, as himself. The understanding that one, is the balance of good and evil, and the weighing of it.

The manner and form that one thinks in, speaks or carries evident and crucial. To not let the spheres that are "above" us dictate who we are and how we act, our opinions and ideologies, yet the deepeth in them, to shape them...for self thought for all thought.

This passage is partially finished.

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