Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Miss Treaty

Time and god. Religion.
Jesus christ. The Buddha. Muhammad. Scores and thousands of Jewish icons.
Abraham, Moses, David and even Michael.

There is something missing from humanity, in all due time and lesson.
Something bewildering that cannot be concepted.
Something gone and forgotten that is never on top or up heaving.
A tide lesson and know, into where human kind is not pointing forward, not building and growing to the way time and lesson has, is and will direct it.
A misshalf to where human kind never learn or understand the treaty, into where time, revelation and lesson have always been a part of us. Yet never internally a lesson, to find and grow within the lines that we proceed and dictate for ourselves.
The way and gesture for faith, future and development.

The human kind tends to neglect, forget and dis believe in the notions and cord's of time. The ultimate observation that ignorance is the most dominant forth step through out history, for with one lesson from the buddha, all flesh and poverty, all war and suffering...would be over.
For with one verse from the prophet pnb, peace would reign ultimately over earth.
For with one book from the Torah, enough knowledge would surface for human kind for eternity.

This is the ultimate revelation for truth, that Ignorance is the most dominant force in history.

This forth step of humanity, still today as and like any other. To realize and understand the truth for what it entails and its thrive. Through ust the human beings, for humanity and earth.
To actually realize and reveal what we list as true, for the better of self and mankind in general.

These are all easy concepts to understand, for the whole of humanity are already and have been born into religious education of some sort. An automatic divine thirst and thrust. To that that if etter, people would be or would have been...the ultimate revelation of truth and its progress.

To thust, I reach the lowest point of humanity. The gowl gather and least set point to truth of which it can reveal itself. The lowest gallow : Sex.
To understand and reveal, that humanity and its mind...surrounds around this concept. Daily and ultimately since time and forever, for the lack of intelligence and capability of human kind to proceed or carry on thought and thinking. The "ordeal" of daily life and its thought, reveal that Sex is behind %98 of all thoughts, and is the backbone of almost every spoken word sub-consciously.

Humanity is filth infested, for it reaches and presumes to know the bond between human kind.
To find the bond through sex and its concepts. The unity in it and its tie between all living creatures.
Instead for instance, for choosing Air to be this binding concept.

The inferiority and hemorrhage of the mind are in way of proper dictation of thought and the proceed of future. The darkness and pain of a futile mind, swollen and hurting through its days. In concept of Sex and its affiliates. The suffering itself from all thought and contemplation of painful ordeals and ideal's , are what hold back human kind to proceed in a healthy and over whelming life of happiness, completion and peace.

The miss treaty, into where human kind has so many things to bind them and relate to.
Yet the thought of "I" and "Them" is so brutally beaten, to a point where "I" thinks to be at war with other's for his uniqueness and incapacity to shallow grace, as saying hello or representing faith and gesture.
A place to where humanity is missing all else, regarding life...when creating and making Sex as the pin point and pivot , to where all agree and disagree. To find faith, wisdom, time and all widow.

A way, place and time into where all deduction is taking place, to reveal and show blood revel, lust, filth, greed, sex, hatred, anger and pain as the binding structures in which mankind relate to one another.
The lowest places possible to revelate and understand relation. The lowest concepts. The lowest ideals.
The lowest. The low.

As the binding and gathering factor's of human kind and faith. This is the era that we live in today, and this is the era that human kind has always lived in, for it is ignorant and forever ending sphere of suffering, pain, neglect, stupidity and war. For humanity cannot move past the concept's of the lowest gallows.
A hemorrhaging mind, swollen.

We as human beings, must understand that the concepts that relate us. Are not the one's of faith, yet the one's of ignorance. To find the utmost of etter be and to unify ourselves through concepts that are uniting through all, yet are differentiated by taste. As Air, it aswell may be Humor or Music, perhaps food.
Might ultimately be Faith, show and find a world that all believe in God...yet "which one?" Doh!

It is stupidity that unites us, and the miss treaty of all else things, that create this world as a one unit concept and reality. All relates to one another, feed's of another and finds the reality to be true as the way we build it.
The smallest soul in the world, responsible for the largest one, as a cause and effect rainbow, never ending in sphere, yet eternally combusting inside it self to create more sway and swivel , revealing the core circle of life and earth, eternally neverending and complexing. Meshing and evolving.

This is not the end of all things, yet simply the right and only beginning of it.
The never ending core of earth and mankind, along side animals and nature, to bond unity and understandment together. For the better of faith and mankind.

Reveal a picture of ignorance and idiocy : One going to sleep, wishing peace for himself. His heart empty for hatred for cannot sleep with hatred.

and waking with opposition in his heart.
A muslim sleeping, a jew sleeping, a buddhist sleeping, a christian sleeping.
Where is all the difference now?

It is the constraint and shackles of our own mind and self representation that constraint and fuel war as we know it, for our own ideals and decisions themselves.

The sway and movement of our bodies, the conjure of our tongues. We mind reality to elate the truth yet take no part in it. Humanity is the tender shade of laziness and blame, to where each soul holds his own throne, his own capacity and justice. Each soul holds his woe close to himself and clenches dearly to his own name and way of life, to find himself egotistical and in reverence for "change", all while could not even change himself if needed when wanted.

A world full of soul's that see only themselves, and the low shallow points of others to ordeal with faith and love, the deeming of self worth, virtue peace and value. To waste away their shame on love and value.
A waste away to every soul to be forgiven, yet not forgive others and accept their way and life.
A miss treaty into where all see only themselves and say "I want peace" , yet does nothing for peace himself.
As the lazy ignorant egotistical buffoon this solely soul is truly is, and his way in life, to really achieve and ultimately thrive for the concept of truth and peace to resonate and resound through earth.

A yearning mind and body, yet a lazy and delicate physique. Weak from doing and acting, weak on representing and speaking. Weak on thought, terrible at mind. The flip to the flip, the 4'th side of the coin.
To ultimately reveal the true spirit of mankind.
Ignorant, violent, sex, hateful and pitiful. Allongside all things and concepts, that one might advocate himself.

As a thief mechanic , regarding engineering to himself. Yet still cheating and lying to every costumer that comes into his garage.

A world full of two blinded backstabbers, liars and cheaters. Holding their own virtue as testimony and argument. A world full of one's ,....yet never the two or many. The miss treaty into where humanity has so many tools to commune all and bind together, yet dwell in sin for comparison and social reflection.
The lowest and most crude points are the one's gathering you, and pushing everyone together to climate.
The worst notions of togetherness and the foundations of spew and evil to gather and join.
The wrong, the miss...of what we know as true and what we find to believe.
The beautiful part of every soul in the world, the nicest and purest idea's and ideal's inside every soul living.
Yet never shown, heard or seen. Never a part of reality itself, ... only to find a miss treaty of human life living with in its own self, looking out from its own eye's. With the power, the beauty and the intellect to create and join peace,...but the ultimate realization that life is puny and that "People are shit" to force and join the few as many. The true foundations of society, opposite and reverse to what resides in a human soul.
The flip side of every coin, find that everyone takes a shit. Yet not all how to read or teach.
The horrible and amazing agenda of all time, that sin, crudity, selfishness, hatred and ego are the binding and uniting forces between humanity. Causing the division, the gap itself, and causing the hatred and war. Fueling the fire and rage, creating the war and bloodshed itself. In every single last soul.
To find the heel of hatred, yet not the boundary of grace. Air, Wheat or Water.

A basic void in what we call human, religion, time, history and knowledge.
A void into what human kind calls civility and correctiveness.
A void into where the mind can nourish and help society and humanity with its own and private capabilities.
Yet the work itself, the word and gesture itself, to cave these gaps and to cover these stoops is never going to be done or attempted. For the body cannot thrive and push itself to those limits, the whim and human itself does not have enough confidence or pride to do so,...and evidently. Human kind looks for profit, a feedback, something to own, have or get from another. Not realizing that giving for giving is good enough for profit,...for the best of way and tender enough to proceed the real and beef that we utterly know and proceed with.
As a rich man giving to the poor, and still continues to drink his soup everyday.

A concept that human kind is greedy enough to give "for" , yet not to give "with". For to proceed they need something. Stature,...congress, love, attention. Something of that sort. A way that giving is bribery, or a sort of self conviction. For to give for getting, is stealing.

The enlist of all that we know and carry as human beings, to want and get the utter and final truth for mankind and peace. Auto deduction to the sight of know and how, the waste of way and gesture.
It is the time of hole gallow , to uplift the spirits of the utter sense of their being.
Let low be release , speak and gather the wisdom of know and time...for the true and greatness of the sublime sphere of knowing...being and existing.

For others, and the northern grace of knowledge!

A way into where the mind is a connotative box. Speech is forgiven, for it is not elated within the truth of one.
To say "Mother" for one , is to say "Curse" for another, hence the miss treaty , for never equivalent within the mind. Mutual understanding and progress.
A box mind conundrum. Playing and whisting away with sphere to the sound of notions, the hinder of thoughts and sounds...the neglect of perception to be the ultimate truth and the dwelling in self conscious for self conviction and enthronement.

One perceeds himself as the holder of  - O - , when not realizing the depth of it.
To deal and sway with others as your own and self, and realize the ultimate depth of truth.
That is giving, tending care and listening. Knowing, attention and absorbing.
The delivery of knowledge and good faith, the chance of elect and reverence...the good heart of fellowship and unity for peace.

This is the miss treaty, when one always thinks and says "Shoot! I should have" , when not taking his lesson forward to continue his life.

We conjure thoughts, connotations....
The miss treaty where all life is infront of us, yet we play to forward what,...and for who.

The repetatuity of human kind to error, to suffer and cause suffering. To live in pain. A distraught mind.
A dwelling and heaving reality. A tormented soul. A sick body...

All these things are fueled and signified by the miss treaty. Ignorance itself.
The strongest binding factor through out history is Ignorance, and the fuel that the notoriety of human kind is living with. The sickness and fraught of human kind, is Ignorance. The pit deep cave that is sorrow, neglect and Ignorance. The never ending embelishment of thought , is Ignorance.
The source of all pain, is Ignorance. The source of all wars are differences, is Ignorance.

The miss treaty into where an eternal and countless measures and means of truth, binding structures of faith, literacy, progress, construct and flourish are all infront of us. Yet the mind is a deterioration of filth, relapsing always to Ignorance, time and time again...into all that is known as human kind today and its existence.
The mind, the soul....all Ignorant. Fearfull, stupid, lethargic. The miss treaty into where a thousands topics and whims of air are infront of us, to catch and wist with, for the future of mankind and ourselves.
Yet human kind chooses over all virtues, the vice. A contrary model for all that is progressive and built for the future...human kind chooses to dwell about present time, in order to cruel and play out the past. A sort of bowel movment that is good only for the time that it is spoken, and not the remainder of eternity.

For if one desides today to curse at a Taxi will resound eternally, with the same matter and coin as in blessing someone with "Have a fantastic day" and such.

It is the step forth of human kind, from each and every single individual...that believes from its eyes to concept. (Another topic I wish to write on).  That one beleives to be the center of all creatures and unity, from thus abiding through self the world, meaningless and egotistical,... all while not understanding the concept of scarificion and giving...for all grace to shed and splendor the truth, faith and future worldwide.
The fear of individuals, that have courage to hate and shade themselves with clothing or sway, yet have no might to allow this grace to spread and fuel itself for others.

A core unity, in self and forself...the miss treaty of ability, lesson and faith to spread with intelligence and humility...yet the bonding of human kind through futility, meaningless and worthless, the downshaded and embarrassed, the criminal and filth of mind, the lazy, the low, the imprisoned, sad and complaining.

The mind itself, and the worth of actually do the right thing.

The miss treaty, into where humanity does all that is wrong, alongside all that is right in front of them.
To nourish and flourish, and wake into a world where all is best and progressing into a faith and way to where life can be an enjoyment and lovely pasture and way.

The destiny and faith of every living life , that knows incitefully and directly...its purpose in life.
The miss treaty to where all is offered in life, for splendor and the notion of happiness in life...yet the utter abyss that witch it eternally array's in.

To wonder why and how humanity has reached this point, into where social relation is nothing.
Closer than ever. Culture, dialect, heritage, religious difference is at the tightest point in history due to technological transference. To find the human race moments away from each other, seconds and minutes away from inter acting and socially evolving. Yet the utter stupidity that continues to drench blood at every single moment and day, for the miss treaty and ordeal of punishment, fear and suffering that is well beyond the actual and true intentions of anything divine and alive.

Retardation, futility of thought and stupidity as uniting factors.
Religion, divinity, awareness and epiphany neglected.

Books,...any of them.
The bible,...its lesson. The Quran,...buddha's endless and infinite teachings...
A thousands ways for one to find self. A thousand ways for one to find peace.
Tens of thousands of ways to find inner value, self respect, intelligence...sway of earth and leadership.
Endless and countless platforms to serve the divine and flourish. Countless ways to nourish world peace and take part in it. A world and history dense packed with enough intelligence, lesson and virtue to splash this planet for eternity to live in peace and serenity. Enough knowledge for eternity. Enough.

Yet today...the most popular thought on planet earth was .... "Pussy" and "Dick" .
The ignorance of human kind, ultimately finding its way to its owners cannot no longer shadow the best ways of life, and hide between the lines of thought and conduct.
Human life, has become an abomination to anything intelligent, anything smart or uplifting.
Anything progressive.

I can re-phrase this point in a thousand ways,...philosophize about it, even turn it into art.
Yet simply, human kind is to degenerate to give up its own domain.

and to all else...a shadow slope.

*Not finished*

Friday, April 8, 2011

De evaluating evil - Today and Time

There is a time for man and woman across the earth, to understand the value of truth and the power of it.
The utmost fear of man and woman, to find their truth...and what they have done within their lives.
The truth, behind every vision, every eye sight and the truth behind their veins,...what boils in them.
Their train of thought and syndrome, what they tend to be belief and what they see as their own, their gesture and their faith.

Time today, and social relation have brought mankind to all forms of auto deduction, to the point of infantile pegging and sodomy. A form of mental and social incapacity to form a state of mind and a train of thought.
Human kind has become degenerate to the point and thought of their own virtue and gesture within time itself.
The man has once become an ape, and no one or nothing is solitude.

A gathering of spew and retardation, to voice the most and gathering of all humanity, on the basis of sin.
To all that sin, this is the playground...of who is far more evil, rather than the true utmost place.
To where people are judged and valued by their good, rather not their evil.
A time in where mankind has become a value of deceit, lying, portrayal and falsity.

Today,...human kind is in rubble of thought. Pressure immense pressure, on the mind itself...
Pressure, immense pressure on every location space and time. Human kind is burying itself under pressure.
The mind and its cone, the sphere is under severe inter cranial pressure, to a point where suffocation and eruption will list itself.
Sex of the mind is epidemic, the mind itself is not baring the moments that progress through it.
Time has become a devilish perception of all mankind. Tone,sway, thought and gesture,... all judging, all knowing, all pummelling and pegging further on, to find and receive the ultimate way of the truth.
Human kind, has absolved its own nature "To do" , or find truth...for it does not have the stomach for it.

Human kind itself, has turned judgment into sin, thus creating all rules to absolve themselves, all structures to crash and fall, all boundaries to be open. Human kind has made decisions in this past decade, to fuel it and squeeze it down to the bauld griff of what it is made of. The true essence of life itself and the journey of it, the search for it. To "top" it, or "receive" it, all while most of humanity has already fallen under the primal and obvious sword of "sin" and pasture. Human kind has revealed itself, as the where sin has become a farce , to make all evil permitted. Within the mind itself, within the way and all fordeemer.
All of this, during time and the way and sway of earth,... has already become a way and path into where all has become the domain of evil. The domain of the wrong doing. Human kind has devoured all sin's , to contemplate "what happens after, and what is it good for" . To the answer where, "nothing happens, it is simply your life, your recollection of it, and testimony."
People have gathered their life, to find where and how they cannot perceive the faith that they have done this , during these years, to where human kind raced against time to devour life at its best peak's.

Human kind, the young and adolescent, have taken all sweetness from life, to form an agenda of "To what you know" , "Deceit" , "Deception" and perhaps a simple tone and notion of what is called evil.
To scoff and evil, is not to know evil, yet to strengthen it.
One must understand, that evil cannot be defeated by kneeling to it, as most humanity has already done.
Yet the virtue, is to fight evil with evil, and finding the greater good.

Alas, time has shed all humanity from fear, and all fear from humanity, to show grace is method, to show sight is lie, to speak is deception, to move is to lie and to think, is the domain and lair of all evil.

A time to where no one, and nothing is truly aware of the consequence of what they have done, through these years, to fully contemplate and understand their willing way and gesture, their faith and mind, their prayer.
Their actual life.

Un aware of all,... completely blind folded to self and self conviction. Realizing or even thinking, that there is no consequence to anything. A true belief of the death of god. All this,....that will wind down to life and repay itself, when wheel comes to end, and further the wheel will come to more. To find the most and truth, of what really happens within our minds and hearts, to the utmost truth of it.
This is inevitable,...not by man, but by life itself.

The evidence of all that has been decided by men and women, to find their pace and lively hood of what is true inside them. The epidemic of television and scenic thought, the epidemic of sex and its grip hold tight on what that is called the mind, the epidemic of fashion to kill all sight or perception, the epidemic of facebook for relation and value of one self.

All these notions put together, have founded and shaped a mind and humanity that is incapable and crippled to find anything in anyway, any train of true thought is gone. Any notion of truth is banished, any faith is crumbled. Anything in any way has already been gone from humanity, that has auto deducted its own way into oblivion. Humanity that has looked for all shortcuts to find the way to the top, with the remainder of life itself, many many many more years to come. For the value, strive and stride of life itself. The strong survive, and the weak pesture on by, with their heads down and hearts gone....while the true and virtuous live on.

A place and time, where criminals and whores can sit next to preachers and nuns, look them straight in the eye and say "What?!" , as the last buffoon and baboon on earth. Not to realize the perpetuation of faith, sight, sound, lesson, intelligence and dictation.
That are still in the territory of the known and intelligent.

In a way that only the sheep have personified themselves in a way where, something has happened to them.
Only the weak of mind have fell stoop into somewhere or something,...yet the strong resilient.
To weast away and reap what they have sown, truly and initially.
A time into where evil is everywhere, yet people say "Really? So what? its nothing" and create the reality that we live in today.
A time where evil, is accepted as common let only the virtuous stand ground, shining and holding the light.

Adding : May 14 , 2011

The time to where the young and ignorant, and created instant leveling the inconsideration of personal merit, intelligence and value. Forced equality by the ignorant to the elite and prominent.
Diplomacy, law and civility as the weapon of the inferior, criminal and ignorant.

A way into where the essence of one's being is to consider the other as himself, a volatile way of ignorance.
The of a leveling tool. As in "We both eat" as a place into where a plane is served, by the inferior,...the criminal...the volatile. As a peace offering, for the righteous...the good at heart.
The religious and the true righteous...
The actual good (people) that are leveled and challenged by the times of egotistical gifting devil's.
Leveling the plane.

In their own, power and cord of evil. Their own evil...used as a leveling plane and tool.
Never realizing the karmatic reaction of their choices and spirit...the evident end game.
In there for "Do you know the New York Jets?" or "Do you have sex?" as a leveling tool.
The laundering of sin, as to where a nervous kiss on the cheek is equivalent to rash and horrid sodomy on the tails of cocaine, violence and prostitution. As in to the theft of candy is equal to millions of dollars.

A tool of leveling, as though the others...are the "same" due to evil. De-evaluating it.
Cohersion of words and intent, to find the evil at heart and way...finding more evil within their level the eye's of saints and equivalent them.

A form of tearing and flipping inside out, using law, judgment and civility as as de-constructive weapons of eruption, destruction and anarchy. To twine royalty with gutter.

The taking of bowel, and making the strong weak and the weak many.
As in to where if someone is strong enough to stay away from theft his entire life..., to stay away from corruption and drugs, the strength, the might, the power of a bowel so strong.
The gut to be good, "equaled" by the bowels of people that are "strong" enough, to live on social security, do drugs, steal, lie, sodomize...
To "equialize" the bowel's of others...for "You breath too!" "We are the same!"

To cope with life, and its eternity...the struggle of everyday life.
The construct of people, not tolerable enough to speak or carry conversation...yet "shrewd" enough
For they dont have the stomach, the bowel to understand the merit, the value and essence of work and knowledge. The people that do not have the strength to live up to the high values of god and human society.
To take human kinship, and drizzle them down as drag and filth.

As a youngster with a basketball, staring into John Havliceks eyes, and throwing a scoop into the basket, saying "There!"... aside the "nonsense" of a fist full of championship rings.

A form of pulling the the elite and intelligent to the premise of the gutter. Diabolical more devilish, by shadowing, mixing and comparing it, to the slight short comings of a saint, as leverage.

To pull an angel down from his wings...for sometimes at flight, clips the edge of tree's and branches...cutting down some leaf's.

To equal the "sum" of evil with "evil" none the less, un aware of the karmatic consequence of choice and relief.
To compare sodomy, theft and murder with thought.
The sin of our time, by forced equality.The twisted most deformed and devilish form of supremacy.
Done by and from the gutter itself. The supremacy of the inferior.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Female Subordination through out history and gender personification

There is a way , to see the slavery of women today, to all that is knowledge and wisdom of way.
The tender sphere in which we carry ourselves and life , in a way where our swift and way, to wisdom and carry.
A way into where "a script" is born and the boundaries of characteristics and behavior are forbidden for the ways that we understand reality.

Women, are perhaps the most pummeled creatures through out time, and have suffered the largest and biggest amount of misery and pain through out time. To look and see women, is to hear them...yet today, like others, we ever hear women speak? Is their voice equivalent? Do we "why" "how" or "know" what women think of, what "they" are like, or how they walk?

This is the way and where time has revelated a systematic ordeal of slavery between mankind, and a gender personification, to tweedle dee the dumb rules and notions society deems itself to. Into, why is it that women cannot shout? Or not shave? Why is it, that women are subordinated into so many ordeals and convictions, without even speaking or knowing what truth is? Why is it that women are feared, yet are in fear themselves?
Why is it? That women, were and are, a core reason of almost every male conjure and thought, the resemblance of almost any and every notion proceeded in the mind for men,...going through the cord of "Women" while thinking, yet not to convict the same regarding women?
Why is it that women are neglect, pain and food, while men are all the there ender?

I do not understand this concept, and rebel against it always, to see mankind tending itself into some kind of sphere, where knowledge is known and doubt, is some kind of forgiving script, as to where life is a written foe, and we all tend pace and character in it. Some kind of lame cheap know where we think and know the essence of truth, yet only the written part of it. Only the corny, sleazy, cheap and dumb founded way, where we resemble ourselves, to what we know and find to be true.
A sick and never ending battle, to find humanity, cheap and stale, stenched with the fathom of thought that redeems it. A stink of wretched writing, and the boundaries of our faith, capability, yearnings, wantings and abilities. A conviction through out time, that has only shackled ourselves....human kind.

A rare cheese, a cheap corny life. To where and what we are as true. Only to see the burning heart of others, still imprisoned to what we see and want to be true, our only and utmost desire, of love and peace through out the world. This is such we desire, as writers and artists, then why then....have we come to a point of self conviction and subordination beyond greed, to the prostration of one self is the pain of their same life.
The same pain that everyone shares, the same and similar pain that we all have, the yearning of peace and unity. The same and utter place, to find the world suffering from "what is once" known and "what is" known, to the corny, dull stench of what reality has been summed up to. A shallow steep of ignorance, and an emotional prison. Somewhat of a cord and notion, to all that is pain, relief, imprisonment and war.

The waste of way and time, to the knowledge of mankind. The limp mind that we conjure ourselves to, and the slavery of women to men, the pain and suffering of reverse incarceration. The cheesy lime soap that writes our dumbfounded life, as some kind of dumb idiocy, the least and dumb founded way of our least and ability.
The most , and the utter , same leap.

We conjure ourselves in life, and think to least the beat...of our lives and self. Of our pain and suffering, of our yearnings and wants, and to what we the reality that we chose, what we truly have in ourselves. To find the most and tender way, to where we wish to create peace for all life....for it is truly the basic foundation of beating life. Peace.

A way into where women, are the characters of what we know today, and men their own character.
Self , and timefull imprisonment, to all that we can fathom or conjure, a box strut persona and mentality.
A copped out and constrained mentality, a life of "free incarceration" , aside anything that is true or of progressive thought. For as humans, we are dumbfounded by the dull and never ending loop of retardation when one thinks of sex. It is as a sphere of warm wind, to slam and hit your face like a dumb and stupid idiot, something that cuts the mind of thought and tends further for the belief and fathom of the way.

I have learned and grew to understand, that the subject that humans least understand in, yet dwell in the most is sex. A dumbfounded cape of mental retardation. It is simply dumbfounded, to least the words of depth, yet the reason of war, filth, separation and what we know as mankind today. To think of sex, is to know way.

Human kind, is practically incapacitated to funnel feeling, knowledge of earth and knowledge, for it is not capable of proceeding through the ordeal of accepting certain notions and tides. Certain proceedings, that are dwelled with pain and suffering. Human kind, does not deal with anything, for it is not strong enough mentally.
The notion of sex , the though of it, and the constraint to where human kind cannot ordeal with itself in time and fashion, to convict and decide what his inner and utmost eternal emotions are about this "subject", as the tome sphere of what all that is conviction itself.
The retarded and ape like mind, of a human, that is repetitive and a relapse to all thought and knowledge, over and over and over and over again, as a chimp seeing a banana through a glass window, yet always running into the window, to hit his forehead.

The notion of genders, the pace and material of though and knowledge. The actual presence of progressive thought , and the lineage of the future that is beginning now and now today like any other moment, to carry it further into mankind and the future.
We are idiots, human kind. We are possibly the most stupid and degenerate species ever to walk this earth, for we have had prophets, messengers from god, miracles, poets, artists, leaders and some to make us understand what the true virtue of this life is, yet we still do nothing about it. We are generally and eternally stupid. We are cripple to the thought of progress, and practically "aped" to what we see as true.
For we have not progressed anywhere during all this time, yet proceed always to become more and further more degenerate, with all conception and thought. To begin with sex, and to end with language and behavior.

Human kind simply does not comprehend, that anyone and everyone is crucial for the ordeal of happiness and the utmost revelation to what is true. The preservation of life and happiness, all through peace, love and enrichment. Yet how can one possibly understand these concepts, when he reads the word "LOVE" and thinks of a shiny red heart, and perhaps a doink slamming against a whum, further more and further again to more? How can humanity possibly reveal itself , if it cannot even get past the thought of flesh pounding flesh, as the dumbest and most cruel being?

We try to think as human beings, and revelate the understanding of what it is to be true, only to reveal our way of fathom, and relapsing mind to taint itself again and again, further and furthermore for the banishment and ultimate misery of mankind. To dwell on a concept never seen or known, too private to ever speak upon, and too intimate to ever be public. This is the dwelling and pain of human kind and misery.

The mind and its relapse on what is known, to battle sex and to supposedly represent the roles of humanity and human kind. The supposed truth between the sexes and the separation between them in role playing.
Subordination, Characteristics, Traits and for such.
The actual "script" played out by human beings, to relate into where the know themselves accordingly to what they perceive to be true. The lines of their conduct basically. Box set mentality if you wish, according to what is known as law, conduct, religion, stature, "story playing" and for such.
The actual perpetuation of human relations within this world, turn farce and never neglected further from before.

The way and notion of time, gender separation and personification. Down to the robuddles of truth, and the inner itty bitty pieces of what forms reality today. The incarceration of thought, conduct and willing way to feel free to do anything, yet never to harm a single soul. This time has brought us to a point, where gender's are looking for a shortcut or a way out of life. The procedure of it, or the natural sway of it. The natural day by day process of living, into where all is possible. Regardless of gender or social and mental constraint.
A notion to where a nare and snare have become the revelation of truth, to replace the essence of truth and peace, that can reside in every single soul. To see itself free of notion and cord, to follow speech and willing intent, to the streams of their heart that directs them.

It is the actual specification of gender roles and the enslavement to them, the rules that we create cause suffering and weight to all life and beings. The way that we class and file ourselves, to our role, our train of thought...and our proceeding conception. The will of way and gesture, to all that is faith and cognition.
The actual constraint of what we proceed as true and known, actually believe what we see forth in this life. All during and with, the constraint and conception of what we believe to be true, through gender roles and personification. As a clown that cannot be sad, or a mechanic that cannot be a pilot. A sort of "screenplay" writing, all due to life and traits. The role playing, that makes and devours our freedom, to actually be and thrive to follow our dreams and deepest yearnings.

Gender personification, and role playing...into where the thought itself. Is simply,...pre meditated and corny.
A man will play the role of a man, and the woman will play the role of the woman...with her amazing thought and intuition and attention, her ability to read minds and listen with the last of her natural tentacles.
The un aware men, or unwilling to enslave their mind to the females, are the one's who suffer consequence, when the women hear, listen and understand their inner thoughts and feelings.

It is the way where human beings have altro-ceptive abilities, and the conjure themselves through the shallow and swale whists of way. The understanding that human beings are alternate beings, that can swift change and be in the tides and notions of way. The mind itself, in character and responsible to way of thought, and the best tenderness of environment setting and mental absorb and state. We as humans are much more advanced than we tend to believe,... and this change and shift between the sexe's also causes trauma and mis belief within the people. For what we know is what we are, what our minds say is one thing, and our mouth can be completely different. It is the way in where life, has shadowed itself to romanticize and be a state of mind, into where shadow can proclaim itself, and actually be as presence. A way and where life is a strategic place and notion, for art, conception and which is thought, and the source of all difference.

This is how and why, through out eternity...women have been slaves (etc. "slaves") of men and mankind, for the forth set thought of cognition, and the battle of male's to dictate this future. The actual persistence and existence in future, and future the place where dictation is solely known, and decided by the one individual. The actual reason of war, from thought and the battle of the mind itself. Into where one wants to plan and dictate the upcoming moments and future, a sort of uphill battle within the mind itself.
To find and tend the way, between the one who is more dominant, with the thought itself, and its ability to pass and give way. The stronger mind, is more dominant, to fight over the persuasion and dictation of reality itself. A source of all wars and tug-a-wars. A notion of cognition and perceptive dictation. If once 50 thousands years ago, one made a fault for something, it simply just be that for one mistake 50 thousand years ago, all women are still paying for that fault, as an escellation and degredation through fear and punishment.
As in tence of a married couple, that have not made love nor talk to another, for an incident where one finished the butter, creating an empty piece of bread for the lather. Somewhat of perpetual conviction, all due that most of women have done, or have behaved in these manners, to instill the crime or wrongdoing to women and souls that have no pretense or connection to any event sprouting revenge or punishment.
A way and notion, to kind the apeman...that convicted his wife for treason, when petting a bird.
So then this ape man, constrained his wife or spouse/mate/partner/whatever to the home or cave, revelating and still connecting to what we see today, as the structure of sex and the battle of it.

To understand, that one mistake and act of crime and enforcement, done by mostly idiots and retards, are still hurting and constraining mankind and women today.
As way to where, that murder was done millions of years ago, the sight of nuclear facilities....still perpetuating the faith and order, willing due the problem and fear of murder. That touches few souls, yet has instilled itself as a notion and way of life, and idea inside everyone....for the idiocy of human conduct and perceptional thought.

Women, females....dealt as or thought as "Women" , "Females"....not done with their conviction, utterly unfree and incarcerated. For the mindful perception of these words and convictions. A way into where women are "women" and men are "men". Creating a dull world full and concived by beasts and moron's, un aware of the true capability of man. A way that the sexes are the prime deficiency of mankind, thoughtful notion and willing way to realize and understand what is true and known within this world. What is shaped and surrounded by and upon, and what humanity ultimately see's to perceive as true and willing.

To stress further on the notion and tide that onto women the pummel of speech, movement and tone, the weakness of freedom and ability to stand hold stance within security. A snide into where woman cannot be secure or persistent without the evident faith or gesture from the opposite sex. Discrimination and racism, sexism and humiliation. All to the degree of human conditioning and thoughtful understanding.
Women today and since ever, regarded as "Women" and not human beings to initially begin with.
Enslavement and subordination to the whims and glimpse of dictation and allignment.
The structure and belief of lanes and path's, the absolve of freedom all through what story telling and "prenatal experience" can tend. The way and where people are constrained to notions, ideals, words , history and sex...before they have even begun to stress their own identity. (If there is one constructed).

This is my point, that women have become "Women" all due to what men have done to "Women".
The sadness of it, and the mental, social, physical and psychological slavery that has sprouted from these ideals. The actual notion and presence, or relevant faith.

The notion and slavery of gender personification and gender enslavement, to wideful notions and ways.
Of which we see as true, and tend the utter grace of pace and placement.
A writer, and person...that truth then thou tends to believe,...and the fathom of it. For placement, form and progress. The procedure of what, which and where...up to the bowels of the dome that tends and creates the next where manipulation begins and sound placement enriches the reality, of treason and acting, of role playing and sought out to be true...the winder way of grace and time...all through the power and humility of relieving one from script and chess-like speech and actually redeem the person himself from placement, slavery, trip trap and trench.

We are now, and perhaps along history have suffocated our abilities as human beings and people, because of gender personification and gender role playing. The mind itself and its algorithms, the mind tending thought, person tending thought, and thought tending thought. All due to constraint of social belief and structure. Conduct and construction of thought and belief, the actual perception of what is tending to be and believe, what is actually real and constructed. What is actually true and personified, by the self and by the standards of perception.

To realize that realization is by thought alone, and the ultimate revelation of the truth, is the the depth of knowledge, wisdom of way and acknowledgment of all these concepts. All these variables and shin's , to attribute and understand the ultimate conception of truth, its round ro bust and shape. The true and whole truth, with all of its parameters, believed and shaped by the delicate and endless bits and pieces of truth and their pin points. As a church built with millions bits and pieces of tainted glass in different color's,... all to shape the church itself and its structure. Thousands of small pieces, all combining together to reveal what we have infront of us, the actual and present truth. That needs all these small and obscure moments, to divide and collide, ultimately unite. To shape and form the conduct and construct of truth, so that it can flourish.

Gender personification, to where women have tended to believe that they have traits, trains of thoughts, level's, perceptions, characteristics and roles. Roles all the way up to emotional perception, emotional reaction and emotional thought. These are the tones and notions of where subordination and human enslavement begin, when we are taught to tend what we believe, and do not dig down deep to find the answers and cords that we were shaped into believing. The constraint and social infliction since we were children, our own subordination and simply programming.

The notion of Women and their "inferiority" towards men, their "inadequacy" and faults, their role playing.
A simple way into where time has shaped the human, to deal with ordeal and create surface material of decision and consequence. The constraint of it, and relation to time.

I believe in a world and time where constraint can be shed, for the unification of human kind and the reperation of time and the mind. For social unification and gender unification, for the sexes to truly unite.
Not in bodily ways, yet the essence of spirit and thought, for all to cherish and flourish.
The true and real equality, that is supposed to be true, and the actual unity that can come without gender roles or perception. For humility, decency, honor, mutual respect and equality.
To find the ultimate and true direction of sex equality, and the notion of togetherness for human kind and faith.
Unity for all and everywhere, never to shed or loose anything from basic sex drive. Yet to have a proper means and dictation for it and towards it. To understand that where is everywhere, time and notion.
Rythm and sphere are all, for a better world and life. To acctually perceive the unity of thought and direction.
For all to understand, that now is everywhere, and the sacrificion of thought and way...are always a part of technique, timefull manner and sway.

A world if where the unity truly existed, men and women would be free from social and sexual gender, lanes and tone's ,... yet an actual truth to bring peace and unity together.
No fear, no woe or sorrow,...yet actual and true respect for one another...for the grace and sufficiency of mankind.

A way into where sexual oppression will release its clentch from mankind, releiving men and women from role playing and systematic thinking. To lift the constraint above mankind from all that is "known" and all that "we know" for what is best for faith and test for human kind and the sexes.

Freedom from all that is "known" or pretence, freedom from all that is gender,...yet only the merit of one.
His grace, faith, gesture and capture all and understand that the smallest of souls, is the largest when speaking of importance, relevance and impact.

To understand that before anything perceptual, you can actually create world peace wherever you are.
The liberation of gender roles, and the upliftment of women and female's. For more work opportunities, more respect and value, and much more freedom to exist and flourish solely.

A world where females and women, are not the material of other's thoughts, yet completely free to roam the battle and banishment of ideal, conception and shape the world that they see free to cherish and uplift.

Say grace.

*this article is not finished*