Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sobriety of I - Confiscation within the mind

The time and notion into where self revelation truly beings.
Confiscation of thought, entity perception and the outlook of "I".

This is about ignorance, ego and hatred. This is about self-entitlement.

A way into where one confiscates the primary notion of existence.
Into where all things seen are his premise and territory, his capability infinite and divinity supreme.
A place into where all "I" think and believe themselves to be the divinity itself, and confiscate the ideal and idea...the paradigm of God.

To think and believe, that people are their own preceptors within this world. All holding tight their own point of view, cold to others, egotistical and cowardly. Disgusting, filthy and unwelcoming, all from their ego and smite of "I". A world that is blind for the conception of "We" for they are not capable of obtaining enough heart or intelligence to shed their own war of grace, to peel away their supposed "worth".
As to where a world full of god's, and neither servants, priests, warriors, serpents, ministers and leaders left.
A world full of throne's, yet no one to kneel to them.

This is an ordeal all due will and conception, the thrive of "I" to the conception and perception of reality.
The plane that is set infront of "I" through his eyes, ears and bodily functions.
The notion of "I" as it is set in plane, through the eyes, the cerebral and all perception.
To where one lances about, through his own think and believe that the core of earth is himself, for no one can see his thoughts, touch or grasp hold his feelings, hear his thinking and most definitely sway his way with grace.

Today, human kind has reflected in a shallow way to the concept and perception of god.
All are "in the know" and "culturally elite" , for the premise of actually being...has taken the planes of the shallow and miserable.
In a world where anyone will and can believe that their worth is self entitled, initially instilled within themselves. A way that no virtue stands, immediate equivalence shatters the walls of reality in its true form.
With its player's, places and tone's...

An ordeal of confiscation and sobriety. For one to understand himself, his worth. His past, present and future...and to live through there, through the virtue and truth of the moment. As a person is, in his true self.

The sobriety not to be deluded by oneness, or the impersonation and resemblance of importance. To the resonation of leader's or ripple affect relation, as in to where people cannot duplicate themselves or resemble the assimilation relate to other beings in the molding of their own personality. As in a young 17 year old, relating to Bob Marley or Barack Obama, and deluding his own personality to begin with, with the relation of these icon's and figures aswell. A subconscious confiscation of personality, culture and way. The sobriety and truth, to be who you are, to the utmost and lowest value of your essence and entity.

To discover and understand that the plane that you are stepping on and in, is not your own. The sobriety to understand your futility and nothingness regardless of who you are. The absolute realization to the futility and emptiness of your life, within the sober mind itself. An understanding that as large and powerful you might and can become, that you are puny and minuscule to the tender lineage of eternal life.

Life and its continuum, the cord of life spreading from the beginning of time and earth, up until forever and possibly eternity, into relation of your own life. Its recording, resemblance and importance.
The few and the many, that have had this opportunity to impact life and space, yet today...the majority that spend time within "I" and sobriety, as the master's of peace and the obtainers and holder's of life itself.
A spiritual and human confiscation, the egotistical spread hands upon plane of reality and sight and say "I" as in where to where, the place, time and moment are in belonging and ownership of one self.

The tone and notion, to see human kind looking and observing from their own eye's and mind's, to each and everyone of them thinking that they are the unique, the special, the gifted, the barrer's of knowledge, secret and revenge. To see a score of human's all standing tall, with the resemblance of god allmighty, all claiming to have this holy ceptor to carry, in the name of truth and themselves.

A lie, into where it can be shown and seen. The perpetuation of difference and evil, the dictation of war and its severance, all within the same view of individuals. "I" am special, "I" am different, "I" am the preceptor.
A world full of people, thinking of themselves, their own self, their own beacon, their own crown and eye's...
A world full of "one's" , while no one, is anyone else. The humility to kneel, the humble to give respect and give. The hard stomach of shedding pride and ego, to surrender to another, to heave respect and honor.
To shed all fears and accept anytime and anywhere as your kneel humbly, with the utmost valor of respect and worth. The holiness of nothingness.

The view of a certain and specific reality.

To understand the viewpoint of this, is to see all people. Looking from within outward, and not even understanding a glimpse of the comprehension of what "We" is "Together" upon and at.
A world full of fear and self comfort, only and solely from the premise of "I".
To own and cherish, to control and dictate.

A world full of one's, that gnome to be the truth and the great heavenly upon.
Not realizing that they are the same as others. Exactly the same, from within.
Thinking, realizing, knowing and believing what they cannot tend to believe...that they are nothing.
Small , infinite, puny, unique but alas...neverlasting. As important as the last rain or breeze of air, within relation to creation, space, time and life itself.
The abyss that is uncomprehending, that will shatter the ego and hollow all knee' bring the fall of man and humanity, is to realize the truth that is within. The futility and anger, the nothingness, lethargic and grief of being "I". Without ever being truthful enough, or smart enough to be the truth and resemble it.
To the highest cords of dignity, and the lowest riff's of sin. A truth as to resemble yourself, and not anything other, not even god himself. For he is not you, and never will be you.

A sight, to see all people, think of themselves, their own perspective. Degenerate to the astral planes of relation and knowledge, weak on spiritual thought and religious practice and teachings. Yet still, fury and smite enough to carry this torch. In the name of "I" yes "I" , am the one. For you,...are you.
A world full of crux over lapping, flapping the notions of truth over and over again, in the domain of "I" and what is known to be elite and delightful, what is tended to be perceived as divine for all that might understand it, or sinfully pretend to.

The place to where "I" is the beholder. Creating a difference. For each and every person, believes to be the core. Most deserving, most pleasing and most concentrated. This is the confiscation itself, for all the people in this line say "I", supposedly creating the "We" , yet never really and truly understand it.
A separation through greed, hate, difference and revulsion of self and others. The distaste of living through another's eye's...yet perpetuating your own. For the actual wisdom and knowledge of giving, yourself and your time...for the existence of other beings and places.

Confiscation, for within this line of people...they are all the premise itself.
The holder's of opportunity and ability of violence. The holders of presumption and reaction.
The prepetuator's of possibility and coping with it, and in it.
The structure of "I" capability and the notion of others to time relocate rotation, of thought, possibility and in to where one's thought is the holder of a place.
A mind full of mystery, candor and faith. A place into where a person fathom's his own being to be perception, and the knowledge of truth as time being present and relating forward into existence.
A person being asked "What is the time please?" and the mind, that is revelating and relating to the concept of god and its possibilities. "I can kill this person" , "I can spit in his face"... the psychology of a person contemplating life and understanding it, through the shady pales of mist that is named his brain and perception.
The infantile ignorance that truly exists within the sobriety of "I" and the actual emission for it.
A people pretend to be "I" without truly knowing it, existing in it and being it. For the premise of "I" is far to elite to program, or relate to. The people, that within themselves are not perfect or strong, far from smart and whole, full of question and journey, full of disarray and woe. Pretend to be "as others" and the "I" god itself.
Attuned, sharp, smart, intellectual, social, nice and ongoing...full at heart and soul. Good within their love and lust, whole heartedly kept within their reins and abilities, their past clean, their future bright...a lie.
A sobriety that within this lie, the realm itself for the "I" is a lie, a confiscation of other beings and tools, other ideals, hearts and notions that do not belong to "I" for has not obtained them.
As a man that wants a ferrari, yet does not have one, he copes with the ownership of the ferrari by another with a brush of his hand, for he cannot deal and dwell within this motion and ideal. Cannot cope with it, so he confiscates it as his own and says "I own a ferrari", lying from within outward...creating today.

The notions of cord faith, human relation, sociology and behavior. To the tones of mental thought and recognition. Deluded and absolved from truth and time. A sobriety of confiscation, for the to harsh, to shallow and unwelcoming, to unattractive, dark, stench and deep.
The upliftment of mankind through assimilation and confiscation, for the actual truth cannot be dealt with...when risen and observed. The mind, blood, heart and passion of one, cannot be solved without shaken, stirred up, rattled and instigated. The truth into where one cannot convey a simple conversation of truth regarding their own family. Discoursed with pleasantry and unity, streaming alongside the notions and realizations of the neat, understood and coherent.

A place into where people cannot realm and realize themselves as powerful people, full of evil and belligerence, yearning and realize the utter and true truth of sobriety. Resembling self within time, relation and consciousness. The notion and power of own two feet, own mind and ability to react in social relation. To not lean on any back or ideal notion that strengthens the concept of "I" within its own constraint and relation. The actual sobriety of "I" without any of the confiscation of it.

will be continued

As in today, a man or woman traumatized in life, completely obliterated by reality and in utter and continuing pain from sight, sound and speech. A one that is living in perpetual trauma for a solution or resolution to his pain has not come about. People no longer prostrate themselves as the people they are, yet the deficit in them.
A cord deduction to the shallowest parts of human relation. As if to where suffering and sadness is not human or accepted no more, as in that pain is not real or true. Masked men and women, on the trails of fashion and time, to subdue themselves to auto-deduction and the mist of the moment itself. A sick mind, a dying spirit.
People as lie's, mind's of foes and incomplete searcher's...true lies becoming true, and truth becoming lies.
It is the era of deceit, torment and confiscation. To where the blood and muster of men and woman cannot clench and grit their truth, for they do not have the bowel to deal with it. As it truly is and must be looked upon.

To twine the ordeal of a complete being, into a few words or strings. A place into where people are no longer prostrating themselves, yet only the shallow "external" essence of them. Believed to be true within the sobriety of "I" itself, creating and relating to all that is known as reality and essence. Life to be forgiven, as the foundry and plane of faith itself within a human being.
As a pilot looking out into the sky, leading his air vessel forward or backwards. This is the journey in life.

A "virtual" and cold reality, to the sobriety that people are not awake to understand that communication and society is an initial and integral part of humanity, removing themselves from the picture. Without proper and strategical population to understand the concept of union, unity and social understanding and behavior.
A vacuum of presence and thought, a suction of importance and reception. An inhale of attention and respect and attentiveness, yet never to release the same for others, and actually live in peaceful unity and sobriety. To the grit and grasp of one's true faith, virtue, essence and the face of others and people.
To create a world full of egocentrics and hate mongers...yet far from humility and social grace.

The perception of one self, to not relate to anyone or anything as its own. To realize the deception and rejection to anything that is similar to self yet a hint into the depth of realm in hindering self. A concept of self sobriety, to the depths and bowels of soul, in understanding to the relation with others, and their counterparts. Evidentially, the realization of one's true his utmost value and ideal. Sobriety into perception and counter perception, all due within faith and conduct...stride of virtue.
The incapability to lie and affiliate self to another or other ordeals, for they cannot ever be attached to one own, they are not a part of him.

To add, alongside.
The young and their manner today, intolerant to deal with anything aside themselves. Constant perpetuation of self within vile and horrendous tact, impatience and jittering limbs and minds. Jolting mouths and bodies, a rapid force of violence absonifying and obliterating all with auto-deduction. A disgrace to mankind and the life and virtue of one. The journey, the life and the value of one. It is the days of shadowing truth with "possibility" , the days of sick and tormented belly's and gut's. The days of air bubbling mind's and agenda's. The sobriety of confiscation through low lifes and nobody's with zero accomplishments, level the higher greeks of society and fabish them. These are the days of zero perception, and the acting, lying, deceiving, coveting and confiscating the value and pure essence of true life. Existing in others and people themselves.
An "I" to see, and take. An "I" to hear and take. An "I" to take. As a cord platinum spinning wind and wind, unrealizing the karmatic fool and fate of such actions. I pity the fool that attempts to lie through this life, and pity worryingly of the consequence and future of fake and criminalistic personalities and individuals.
Through paint psychology and worldly knowledge, these times are devilish and are a heave of spineful few, that actually have the muster and faith to do something within this life...and not lie through it, or crawl to beg and tend to believe in themselves, as actual changers, artists or intellectuals. For the mind knows, as god.
The truth of one's self, and his essence.

I have much resent to the young of today, for they are slaughtering minuscule hand driver's , with no lives themselves. A petty reason to give a lift to the dead and puny, yet none the less...a true use of violence in conniving and devilish ways. A true cork and shake of violence itself, inside the mind and body. Creating essence and sphere beyond realm, full of fool, instantaneous, and potent perpetuation. A generation of mind bleeder's hemorrhaging. Beating the present to death with thought and not pacing forward, patiently and intelligently, to live a full life full of blessing and experience. A generation lying to self, causing harm to mentality and the physical world. A violent smear of truth, and the inner cycle and space within oneself.
Leave deception and clear way, or blank and meek obscurity. Acting, adjusting, morphing and abiding with the actual ordeal of faith...driven deep within the waves, buried long before the sea. In the depths of the soul, mind and body. Any attempt to hide, confiscate or delude one self...will be shattered and countered by the truth itself, that can never be avoided. Eternally. This is my own worry and sorrow, to see the young of today a few years from now, looking back...and realizing that they have been contemplating others, yet not self.
My woe to their misery, of waking up to the crack sound of their life...and realizing their faith, past and virtue.
Their sobriety.

Thus forth,
A plane to where all thinks through the "I", inconsiderate to anything else to be real or touchable.
Not understanding the enormous self centered out view of life causing havoc, separation and blood feuds between people. A way into where one thinks for others from the premise of "I" and his own inhabited thoughts. As a black man meeting a white one, and through paranoia knows and decides that this man is racist. All through the perception and condemnation of "I" and its presence, the confiscation of thought and premise. The enormous ordeal of understanding how deep and twisted it is, to think within self without understanding the knowledge of the world. Culture, mutual respect and self security, confidence and happiness.

It is rooted deep within psychology, and the true essence of revelation. To understand the depth of loneliness and perception. To realize the faith within one that is positive and confided within self consciousness and awareness.  A person looking out from within, alarming at his loneliness and shelter. As a bug in a glass jar.
The fear and mind boggling opportunities to see the world from within, a slide of fear and egotistical manner.
Narcissism far way gone back from the beginning time of "American Idol" instillation into general population.
Illusions of grandeur well done and back, for one that works in the supermarket believes himself to be head honcho and throne of god.

Human psychology evolving always, as train of thought becomes the domain of power and yearning, the fumigation of the blood and its desires, and the sedative of the mind, body and spirit through hoard like agenda's and streams. A way into where human kind has obtained the thought of mutual thinking, and is auto-deducting all notions and proportions of heavinely spirit and knowledge. To obtain the actual presence and faith of whole, oneness, unity, love, passion, pride and completion. Rotten ideology and perception, all through the lines of lie's and dementia. A low down stream, of wretched heavy beating within the way mind and spirit, to revelate truth and its essence...without any work being done religiously or intellectually.
Paranoia, Personal polarity, split identities, fear, disassociation, bewildering imagination with deluded perception.

These are all traits of psychosis and schizophrenia, that are active within normal everyday society.
Hopefully at a point there will be a break to uplift human kind for humility and true gentleness that can cause the harmony and peace that is being searched for.
I presume that these days are full with mental and spiritual disease, yet due to mal practice of listening and auto deduction, it is rare to find any voice heard to the entire cord of its string.

The conception of thought and its understanding, the deaf imagination that surrounds the cerebral.
The clear deaf and at most clarity of confide. As a white brass glaze covering the eye's and all its sight, a muffler around the ears, to hairy to even hear. A coveted life, inside the be "I". Confiscation and Sobriety.