Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Lens bow Generation - virtual mentality

In these times, the younger generation...and adults aswell.
Have been seduced into drunken perception.
Waves of technological advancement have deluded human perception.
Faith and religion have been deluded to riffraff with concepts of fashion and general awareness.

The drunken whist of human reality, has taken the wheels of drowns.
People are no longer at mind.

Human beings way and identity are strained to the times of notion.
All due perception and thought, and the lewd ludicrous court of technology, that advances people into numbness of the mind.

Futility and actual human retardation. A swerve hoard of captives. Mindless. A pastry.

The Assimilation of human emotions and their portrayal.
A cast led awareness and sobriety, to lead the peast and pour of the people, that realize themselves to be in character, and not the people they truly are.

To tend intellect and soul, soulful manner and deep intelligence.
For they have captured the mind through intellect and perception of the feed.
As casted characters for given and any situations.
A lead of hoard sheep, believing themselves to be true. Acting through the third eye.
Percepted to be true, as the eye of god. Attired as a camera.

The braiding of divine sight, with mechanical and fashionista hold out.
The flux of the third eye. An august of imagination.
Hardly comprehensible to understand the limitless divinity within it.
Eternal elite.The endless power and force within it, the mind itself as a tool to move oceans.

To relate to it as some sort of "Big Brother" from the television, or an "American Idol".
Is to create one of the largest spheres and courts of blasphemy and misconception
A way that humanity has taken the divine, and turned into its own pet.
As something that can be pegged down and molded, reasoned with.
A director's cut or edit, a fake slate to where this generation has understood that god "can see", "he can hear".  Sculpting provision from reality television and the smear of tabloid perception.

A commination of the lowest for the highest. A compensating ordeal of tipping over the scale, through fierce simplicity and natural ignorance.

The generation. Turning reality into stage and land into scenery.
Turning people into functions of shallow society.
Turning emotions into prompts and thoughts into retort's.
Cold. Shuttering out all truth...for this lense of external observation.
Deluding the concepts of inner worth and beauty, art and human interaction to frozen exterior propositions. Taking the endless beacon of mankind, to the tacky wasteland of kodak moments and VHS legends.

People thinking, that they are on television. Tongues broadcasted. Behavior testified.

A bond of television and animatic radio.
Belief that they are on Television, with all seeing eyes judging them and inspecting.
Freak tormented ideals of truth and amazement.

Belligerent "I", the minds of people thinking of god and only themselves do they see.
Exterior posture to the lust of the deprived. Thinking of "High" and acting in the low.
The complete contrary to an all observing eye.
Incompetence to understand judgment and true inspection.
The generation, thinking that while they walk and talk...the world is listening.
The poor shadows of empty shells. Their minds echoing as single pennies in clay banks.

The disambiguation ignorance has shed onto the world,  the ripple affect that will penetrate forever and the unrepaired time. Any attempt to shade or brush the past away, nothing truly can.
This current generation will remain. As the testimony of life deems itself.

I cannot stress further, the affect "Reality Television" has had on human kind, for the hoard and swerve of life has corrupted the many. Human kind and faith...through perception and consensual thought. A way into where the artistic creation of the mind itself, has shriveled away and suffocated. The art of life and living, a speck dust gone gist of wind.

The third eye.

Holy chakra of faith and awareness.
Holy chakra of mindful thought and divinity.
Holy chakra of pleasant light fordeeming.

The conception of perception, and to all ill its feed beyond realm and human capability.
The divine eye, shed from grace and unity...the allmighty living above us directing our human capability of understanding and concepting.

Space, galaxy...twisting and swerving along all sides in midst of energy.

Our thought and realm of it, in through space and all eternity.
Concepts that can be based and discovered by divine as the most unique and heavenly concepts and effects on time...dragged to the aspect of a cellphone.

Teenagers and other form of retards gloss the degeneration of belonging concept, faith, human kind and the depths of moontime conversation, and the latest wear from reebok.

The thought of god itself, the inspection of thought. The inner circles of cerebral activity...

All dwelt with the disgusting amazement of X's and O's , 1's and 0's ... a generation of flawed thought. Making and creating even the deepest and divine things, to a scarce farce and draining them from importance. A dwelling creature defaming blasphemous, and mocking all mindful reality. The hemorrhage of a blistering mind mechanica, as a disease through the billions this generation has confiscated and devoured.

The way this generation walks, the glimmer in their eye.
Their actual presence and bodily energy.
Their face, their body.
Assimilation beyond grief.
It is as to look at an assembly line of forgotten souls.
Lost individuals, pretentious enough for assimilation.

To explain the psychology within this mindful fashion, the flat and based interpretation between right and wrong. Good and find a narcissistic gore fueling these thoughts through sloth and revenge. Narcissism beyond explanation, that has subjected itself into human kind as something regular. Since the first seasons of reality television, proclaiming the regular of earth as celebrity, up to the point where the most overweight disposal worker can lift his chin thee high up and walk proud as the son of nature, and the podium for human beauty.. Sin beyond explanation, laundered through time and conception by a generation so weak they cannot work.
Yet confiscate the laundering of all emotions, thoughts and manners to their own substance and grit. As a casted sect cult, feeding off agony, pain, slime and darkness.
A trench to all creatures, creased with sewage streams of the wreeking bloated decomposition of their souls.

A generation resembling the coarse of god, using the fathomed being to be as elite as they could, or are self convincingly entitled to. Corrosively convincing themselves that they are worthy or godly. Digging their fate deeper and deeper.

The hoarse of thought and agenda, through the third eye of divine conception.
Meant to be your own, swarming with habitants. Dictatorship of thought, the attempt to drone humanity. To the same streams of vanity and confiscation. To the stream of embellishing throned captors through out earth. A space enough to crown all men and women, kings and queens of earth. A kneeled world. All hailing, all hailed, to last one of insignificant ignorant and deceptive individuals. 

Mind dwelling the turquoise and twinkles of red's and oranges. 
A world full of imaginary people.
Waltzing around with the alter ego they portray themselves to be in.
False identity, virtual identity.
Virtual Mentality.
Virtual reality.
Making them scattered ghosts.
A trail of star dust, never to be found or even fathomed.
Only the concept within their mind exists, and on ground...they are simply nothing.

Cloned Drones. Bot's.
A generation of self perceived beings, seeing and thinking with the third eye of tone.

Believing it to be an earthly conception, creating it to be fashionable and observing.

Turning the divine concepts of god and providence into blurred cheesy cinematic fashion.

A comprehension to understand this generation, sick beyond words.
Deformed and twisted. Taking all cords and mentions of life, and devouring them within the mind.
Portraying and performing, pretending with perjury. Violating the vile and pending forward the gesture of theft, heaving pride. Shading further the concepts of good against evil, and shaving away the ultimate wisdom of knowledge and faith.
Absolving self from judgment, a self exonerating way.

A generation constructing self, and self identity through false pretense.
Creating and manifesting the most dealt with personify, painting their character as they see fit.
Bending the rules of experience and knowledge.
Canvasing their own worth and identity through the lying steels of truth.
Rotting beyond their teeth.

Basic psychology would call these things "Illusions of granduere", "Alter ego's", "Bi-polar disorder's", "Split personality", "Idiomatic compensation", "Inadequacy complex", "Fear" "Insecurity"...... etc etc.

Yet in a world full of mouths and pretentious thrones.
Where can the sense of academy and wisdom meet the vile protest of the low and obscene?

Yet you know...lets straighten my hair out, buy a funny t-shirt and start kissing everywhere.
A way to deal with life.
Reverse gut cove. 
The retreat of self, individuality and resemblance.
Easier to join the crowd, than keep on striding for your own.

To understand the consequence to the life of individuals that have based and piled their personality and experience on false assets. To understand the weakening and weariness of the ground foundations that have shaped this man or woman as they found to be. False grounds, and false foundations.
The inner kept soul of person. To contemplate truth, and aware of the false lies that have dictated and shaped his days and manner.  

To proximate the near venture of these bare minds, the trails of their manifestation and their own journey into the future, is concern.

A where ender knows,
and to where ender see's...
a place to where scapegoats tend to perceive.
yearning souls,
looking for peace,
security and acceptance
the tides and motions of humanity.
Weak enough to follow any fad,
dumb enough to consume it

I fear the future of this generation. For usually, a criminal indulges in more crime when already committed. As this generation has done with escalating onward and forward with idiocy and blasphemy. Onward with fashion, onward with trend's...onward with blink blindsided mentality.
All derived from the soul capture of nothing and nothingness.

The empty souls of our freedom, looking for more to consume, when all has already been handed to them.

Their mind itself, consumed and strayed. Shattered from the 1's and 2's...the binary code of mainstream mentality. Virtual mentality to infuse itself and capture the brain function.
The mist of x's o's and a's in the mind, as more spatter tends to believe that the individual is in control of himself.

Yet the long stray and tide of insignificance, has bared this etter internal existence...and has devoured the mind itself.
For this generation, made thought a fad.
Loosing their prize possession...the mind.

Those who gave up before, have lost.
Time again will sway their lame query to squirm their begging for a new slate, a "fresh" start...
The sleaziest lawyer can stay out of jail, yet never be innocent.

Alas anyone can portray the angel...
Yet to the angel itself, justice and truth...within self and for no one to know or decide, besides the soul itself.

Time cannot be repaired.Only the strong of will are capable to truly eradicate past sin and decision.
The fury, obedience and discipline needed is war beyond warriors.

I wish for the many, that have sacrificed their life in this find way to true salvation.
Then we will and can truly see the will, the gut and strength to fight and assign one self to something.

The yearning to be accepted and released, in true form...far away from degeneracy and fading chimes of notion.

If this generation can easily dictate themselves to lethargy and degeneracy...they can do the opposite.

This is my wish.

Smite oh smite, yet to come...time on sight.

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