Saturday, September 17, 2011

The legislation of the Internet

In the near future, we will see the Internet legislated.

It is the premise of the United States of America, and will accord with international law.

We will see the attire of the United States of America, and their prostrate for universiality for all human beings and terra.

The physicality of the internet will become institutionalized and pragmated. Solved.
Meta will become physical, for the notion of meta is derived from material and its presence. No longer could the caper of freedom of knowledge and freedom of people be capable of sustaining the outrageous aspects of social revolution through the internet and its unacceptable behaviors. Speech and ideology will be curbed for they are being spoke on an american platform. Actions, deeds, decisions and all...will be policed and controlled. Covertly and openly.

Any form of speech, will be reviewed, and under the american constitution...thus creating a plane into where any civilian or human being on the planet using the internet, is in direct judiciary to the united states of america. Any woe will be conveyed, plead oh plea thy let it be.
This verdict sears all ties, a new foundumb nation...under the flag of the united states. All over the world.
All the weary of eyes and all condemners and all foes.
The human race, has desecrated its greatest gift, and will no longer.

Those who have taken everything they have for granted, causing uprival, sickness and the perpetuation of war in the richest era of mankind, will be subjected at knowing the contrary of these times.
The pendulum swing of complete annihilation and force.

This world, where hunger is abolished and fashion is religion. No longer do the people have the right to protest and perpetuate war. They no longer deserve the right to complain.
Their lives are taken care of. Freedom, safety and health are all a notion of the past.
There is no longer any apparent reason to have a continuum of war, unless the weary of mind and small at heart choose to. It is of apparent danger to freedom, when people that are free...yet still choose to abuse it.
To bicker and complain. To yearn more, and devour.

War will not be steered by people, yet only higher forms of government. The yearning of each and every core stentched soul in this world, to pummel...rule and reign will not be entertained. The blood of old runs deep within the worlds veins...and will never be forgotten as the tool for progress. Not one soul that has given life for flag and unity of past will be tarnished for the spoiled wreak humans that exists today.
The way of the warrior will still exist, even today. When all men and women, are slew.

In no way will technology be allowed to be the tool of self righteousness and withstand, for it is not the property of them. It is not to their merit. As electricity, food and water. These things are obtained by war.
Evidentially, belong to someone. Thomas Edison as the godfather of telephone and electricity. Making him a unique god that runs deep within this earths core. A deity.
All the lawful rights to stake anything and everything he ever achieved to the best of his knowledge will be called back home, a recall of all justice, merit and profit. All patents strong threshold, to come home...and see the merit and value of the other. That old then, they were given the opportunity to spend and enjoy the genius of one man, dedicated and loyal to his flag and country. The british that enjoy electricity yet do not pay for it. As the internet. A patent. Callback. Home.
Calling all cars : "Come home".
To see where the world can exist without electricity, telephone and monogram.
Spoiling gifts to makind, turned weapon...revealing the true nature of man once again. The ignorant aside the elite,divine and royal. A true stature of classicism.

Imagine a world, where radio, television, automobiles, airplanes, fuel, medicine and the internet. (etc.)
Are called home.

To understand how easy it will and is to prostrate true and rightful ownership, to send all fools in this world to the stone age. All belonging and righfully owned, by the united states of america.
Every patent, every idea and every concept derived from any american, is their rightful ownership. To deal and dealt, to confiscate or lend a dealing hand. To stake, take or keer.

The absolve of clandestine territory, for and from the profit of material, and the merit of worth.
Thus owe taking the must feed, into the worry eyes of the profit.
Thus who steeds the worth, of the food itself.

Pestilence in its greatest grief, for the proud owners of it.

There is a term into where knowledge is conceived, brought upon and educated, its role and intentions of its father. The way a school teaches children, in order to bring them a worthy scale.

The internet has despaired its maker's, for it has been abused. Taken away and shredded to pieces.
To watch a student from school, taking chloe from his biology class, and killing his cat...or even worse.

The portrayal of people online, will reside in the thought of mind of their identity.
It is and must be inditingly equivalent.
Comparison is not the issue, for one cannot have multiple personalities or identities. For then, he must be considered a rogue. To compare one to himself, is to find the evident danger of psychological defects and securities, the tenderness of the mind that can behave and become an agenda that is unhealthy and potentially dangerous. Perhaps suffering from personality disorder's, and multiple personality disorders. Creating unhealthy and mentally ill humans, civilians and people.
Any individual that will prostrate self, speech or manner in anyway that is anti state, or anti human for that instance. Will be labeled and subjected to law on the physical plane.
Both realms will combine, to define and maintain a trust and truly legal structure. Law and legislature, will be in control of the United States of America, for the in fragment of citizen is compromised. Thus searing the tie. All of them.

The abduction and sedition of any citizen and individual on the face of the planet, will be the premise of the American constitution, and subject to legality under the piracy act. Any obstruction to any American juctation is liable and fleeced. Wheat to all woes, and captors to all faiths.

Furthermore, to describe and level revel that the Patriot Act will be in due affect all over planet earth.

Time, has directed a way into where people cannot be neglected from their apparent faith.
They cannot be felt for fret and freed, for they are not capable of perceiving themselves and this concept.
Freedom is for the free, and those that do not understand this concept...will eventually be the parts that will pummel upon it. One that cannot concept the idea of freedom, does not deserve it. For if one cannot concept freedom, he is imprisoned. Within self, within mind and prospect. The inferiority of human life to understand the concepts of freedom and civility, are and will be their downfall. As a conclusion will be torn and cut between the eccollective human beings, the productive and socialite, the intelligent, worthy and meritful. Between the ignorant, criminal like and agenda. This will be the tear and the time forseen, to when government and freedom, will bestow its take on the world, and reap what they have been sown. The bodies that now walk the earth in virtue of the freedom fighters...will crall on their knees to deserve a wishing nother chance, to proove their worthiness to mankind, and live as free forever. Yet they will not achieve. For punctuality, potency and apparent willing faith and grace, is beyond and above them. Things that a counterpart can never measure, for the inferiority of the mind, body and soul.

The powers that have freed the world from slavery, oppression and poverty.
Will claim back their protection,...for their minions and children...have protained beef.
Swear none the less of pain and suffering, all along their lines.
Giving one and billions, a clear path to walk through...only to see them stomping the ground, retracting and swimming on plain earth.

Stupidity, coercion, paranoia and sickness at its best.
This is not in the best interest of mankind, to fill the earth with ignorance and crime.
Yet to wish and wishes, of utopia and civil conduct under society.

If once was thought that the people can flourish when set free. It has exploded in the face to the lenders of the leash, and the leash must be called back home. Subordination, discipline, moral codes and ethics are the foundation of a successful planet earth...and this will be the future. For a concept...driven from man.

A world and planet driving towards world unity and peace. Peace that will come if with iron clad or rouse pedals  this will be the truth. For human kind cannot lead itself, and must be directed by the higher powers of faith. Faith that is understood by individuals who dwell in education and knowledge. Elite that prosper not from force, yet from grace. The epiphany. The white light of god and beyond, that shines through all darknesses. To truly believe in this world and its faith,...and to love it for each day...that we are blessed with life. Stupidity...will become a crime against humanity. As it already is.

If it is Thomas Jefferson or Buddha , the wise and enlightened will lead the way for fist and human kind. For the latter, will lead only to destruction and poverty. To bloodshed and crease.
 The individual civilian that has taken part in this world for the past decade, has become a self declared fashionista king. Ranting and whining as above with all opportunities and even the hoard of social services at their feet. The separatism of government and state with civilian is imperiment to dictate the ensurance of the world wide race, as human spirit agenda of grace, humility and intelligence. In simple words : The wide majority has stink rotten their own selves, and no longer deserve these graces.

As the people today, that do not know how to live. What to want. How to obtain. Never to achieve.
With every, and any opportunity right infront of them. It is alas again the tide, that separate the enlightened from the inferior. The intellectual from the ignorant. Alas it is true, yet again. The despair of man, and its unity falls on the minds of humanity, and their etter essence. Their mind and culture, their sway and manner. Their plight and fortude. Whatever one creates, builds and mold's within find the evident state of lethargy, crime, criminality and flat out brut ignorance overthrowing virtue, diligence and

The use of the internet will be allowed to cover the portrayal of beings, and their sway, conduct and any society. It will be supervised, policed and surveiled as all and any planes of civilization. Policing and enforcing will be at part.

The slightest cone within the mind dome of the preceptor and "user" will be blemished the concept of their dome and their contribution to human kind.
 Their life, is testimony. Each and every living soul in this world and planet, will be evident.


To wisdom that any and every key stroke, any movement of your mouse, any word you ever read, and word you ever write, any picture you ever observe, any sound you ever listen to. It is in the hands of force.
Force that will obtain you. As easy as snatching a berry of a tree. You are subject to law. For you are living in a world that is higher than you. Using technologies that are not yours. Eating food that you havent grown. Drinking water you did not reach. Living under roofs you did not build.
The rise of the low lifes, the lethargic and mentally disabled. You are the lowest type of humans, for you are not capable of living, surviving and proceeding...without the back of government.

Living bodies will realize that their significance is not to congregate secretly online, and attend the protest rally in middle town square. A scoff to covert and a glare to promiscuous.
People have believed that they can construct dictation as judges and argue of the debate of things.
Flacid protestance as feeble minded blates. As they Scarce clow, truly.

They will understand that they are futile as essential, what once done is now known, the gnome to your home.
What you see, what you talk, how you speak, the sway and movement of your body, your limbs.
All perishable, to separate. Your pie, your soul.
Everything you have, is nothing of your own.
By yourself, you are worthless.
Yet if human...then what?

The people will realize that the internet is not a tool for rebellion and cloaking, yet a tool of learning, understanding and communicating. Through the best pound knowledge. Reading and writing as tools of listening and speaking. A non violent plane in the sacricy of each one's home.
Humanity has chosen to take a peacefull tool, and turn it into a weapon.

As an ewer of old times, to then poverize millions.
Human life takes and destroys.
Time and time again. Even within time.

This is the truth.

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