Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Attack on American Embassy in Lybia - The Future


The future is as inscribed.

The fresh attacks on American Embassies around the world are alarming.
They hinder again to an ongoing problem of social awareness and the function of Media alongside Government.

Currently. The Media is extremely powerful. It has become a disruptive force that is herding and further maneuvering hoards of nations and masses. The powers of the media have grown so greatly, that any form of rebellion nor cry for freedom of speech can ever be revived.

Cries of censorship, lacking of democracy and permissive liberties are forever gone.
They cannot be revived, revisited, recycled or renewed in any way.
If today, or the upcoming century.

What is seen here can easily be guided through Educational Media that was published soon to be 2 years ago. Its importance and counterpart with Religious Legitation and forlonged stretched the way to Graphic Text Perception. Deepest to The Agent Theory.

Yet let us not stray. We must stay focused on the point at hand.

What we are witnessing today, as in prior years. Is the immediate instigation of nations and people on accord to medial publication.

The instantaneous flair that occurs moments after a medial device reaches air.

To remind the world that a Tyrant was hanged and killed on Live Air on Youtube.

worldwide economical boycott was spread through Cinema.

And an Entire Movement was fleeted through Facebook and Twitter.

The media has proved itself to be equivalent and even more powerful than government as any form of power. Not like government, the impact is immediate and instantaneous. Waves of change that may take government years, happen within milliseconds with the media.

The media has proven itself, time and time over to be the primal instrument of action nor maneuver for human beings worldwide. Regardless of nation, religion or language. The media has impacted human life times fold the hand and touch of government in the past 10 years, while a void is distancing everyday between the capabilities of government for change, and the abilities of the media.

This must change.

No longer can the vast ordeal of uncontemplated rigor can be at tense.
No longer can whim spuns take the lives of hundreds if not thousands.
Cause dismay and havoc,...never wincing an eye to their morals,....their ethics,...their sense of responsibility,...their faith.

Questions of true conviction of morals.

What are the consequences of Medial ideology?
Is there an Ideology at all?
What are the liabilities of the Media?

Why and how can the Media blame government for lack of direction, care and action while it is condemning thousands to death everyday.

Throwing people to the banner, or a romping street to vent.
Watching people growl as they have zero planning.
No ideology. No legiance. No horizon.

"We will find the next bleeding topic, the next catastrophy...and birth it hastly. Nothing can stop freedom of press!!"

Yes, that is true.
Yet what of government? Government of the Media?
Senses of responsibility, liability...care.

Has the media stanced itself so polar to government, that it does not see its influence any more?
Has a rebellion gone so far,...it is simply blind with vengeance?

While governments plead to supply soothing proportioned facts into the minds of masses, they are screeched out by deep howls of Media,...shouting more and relentlessly about Freedom of speech and Freedom of press. While Informing the masses of uneasy and bias nippets cause more anger, fuel more resistance and ignite hatred.

The media is single handily,...moving, shifting and swaying civility like rubber.
The minds of the masses have become short sighted, edgy and pounce.

The mind as a blinking ticker or online article. Swift and fragmented.

The rotten truth that human life in its majority is indeed ignorant.
Unschooled and uncultured. Impressed more by fashion and glam than philosophy or history.
Shallow. Vindictive. Abusing. Neglecting. Tormented.

The true signs of Dementia are co incise with the majority of masses around the world.
For actions are taken today, without any recuperation nor moral consequence of tomorrow.
Memory is evasive and explanatory advances or skills are non existent.

The vile truth that human kind is the most destructive force ever known in the universe.
The mind as sickness and the heart as weapon.

Human kind itself, is traitor.

A stance must be taken against this, and provisioned for the bettering of mankind.
For the protection of streets and institutions.
For the protection of ideals, ideas and education.
For the protection of virgin ears and mouths.
The protection of nations and their pretense.
For the protection and cultivation of human kind. The ongoing willingness to see and shape a world full of peace and prosperity. A world in abundance with knowledge, kindness and patience.

An enlightened world.

The Media cannot be allowed to contaminate and defile hoards of masses on basis for freedom of speech. "For with great power, comes great responsibility."
The Media must up its game and start parenting the world, instead of dispatch it.

Modern life of today meets unschooled and rural individuals, brink rising from sleep, shuffling feet from their sleeping place or bed and obtaining access to the Internet immediately. A reflex.

The importance of these customs are as important of a parent raising his child.
The mind in all its aspects. The exposure of content. The safeguard of mentality.
If we the people know of the immediate affect of Information to our daily lives,...how can we not choose positivity and the flourish of deep thought, provision, care and love. Contra violence, rebellion, revenge, narcissism, hatred and grandeur.

The Media has proceeded government with the ability to commit change times over.
In any personal or public attire. The impact is immediate.
What takes government years, the media accomplishes within milliseconds.

In contrast to what the Media is molding, shaping and directing.
Its own parental obligations and intentions are in question.
These are the crucial matters that can no longer be voided.
Morals, Ethics, Provision. Care.
That are non existent.

The aspiration of governments to find the masses eloquent, schooled and polite are still a vague hope.
While enticement grows tighter everyday with the lead of free press.

Monarchy, Hierarchy and Government always strive to find a society in abundance with knowledge, depth and social convenience.

What is the Media striving for? Is it simply a fad medium? Flimsy flake, no memory, care or responsibility to what was written before days. Minutes. Moments.

What are the envisions of the press? Where do they lead?

Is the cause of  instantaneous riots, petty manhandling, revolutions, militant revolts, boycotts, rampage, genocide and adolescent protesting the indulgence?

If speaking of polarities, the Media cannot view itself as contemporary to government, it is not a rival setting. Never has or intended to be....for then it is the power of deconstruction itself.
While government in all its history...preserves, protects and stands tall and proud with a free press as an accomplishment. Has it begun to become its own deterrence?

People are rebelling against Cottage Cheese prices.
Sales in corner hardware stores in the most rural villages in the world have become the causes of fanatics.
Using and abusing the forms of media for the expenditure of ignorance, violence and hatred.

We must curb this.

The Media has become a device of individual emancipation, a large portion of human kind is simply on a power trip.

Narcissism. Illusions of Grandeur. Manic Depression. Bi-Polar Disorder. Assimilation. Dissociative identity disorder and more.

People as time bombs, revitalizing all that they know and see true,...while the media is exonerated from responsibility and reels of consequence.

If the Media can criticize government for any and every disagreement turned grudge,...why cannot the government do the same?

If the Media can tarnish, pillage, destroy, pick pocket and nitpick and government and politician...why cannot they do the same?

How can the Media be so irresponsible, and still not claim any wisdom to itself,...with informing the masses. Guiding them and steering them.
The responsibility of extending knowledge and seeing it through with provision.
As a parent teaches their children of the world,...with all the intent to see them distinguish between good and evil. Right and wrong. The media is simply abandoning its readers. Abandoning the world.

The Masses as an orphan. With only the next headline as breastmilk and connectivity.

Completely in awe and abyss, as marketing sections use their readers for further profit.

Feelings of remorse and guilt and shame are non existent.

How can this become true?
Is the Media human?
Is it earthly? Does it bleed?
Does the Media have emotions?
Memory? Testimony?

Any form of Legiance?

This will not work, for the rules of the universe do not concise.

Any form of violence will reach its end. Even if the forms of words, pictures and motion pictures.
All and any intent of violence will end, for it will meet its demise with the counter.

Goodness. Faith. Perseverance. Diligence and Intellectual provision.

Faith. Belief in goodness. Goodness in any of its forms will prevail.
It is simply a rule of the universe.

I presume the Media has only time to dwell with, if they will choose to go hand in hand with government and lead the world to prosperity and insight,...or watch its deconstruction on liable grounds.

At this point you may review The Point of Severance and Sobriety of I - Confiscation within the mind.
To understand time and psychology with this raging age generation.

Prolonged thought will remain to thinkers and scholars, men and women of deep intellectual provision and etiquette. Politics is not formed by demons, yet by polite people.

The Media must be curbed.
Not for the chalice of Censorship.
Yet for the security and sheltering of mankind.

I believe the Media will remain belligerent. Yet continue to fight the reigns of rule untill they will find themselves torn from intent and legislation.

The Media will awake to a day realizing, that it has been a destructive force for decades and change itself only through shame.

The heart will stop and the eyes will darken,...when the psychotic trip of permanent flirtation will cease, and recollection will begin.

Why do we do this? For who? For what?

What have we done? and What are we doing?

This will be the future.

I wish for greater days for human kind.
Intelligence. Enlightenment. Provision and Care.