Friday, November 22, 2013

The Re-Birth of Man : Reproducing and Sin

There is something deviant with bringing a life in this world.
Something deceitful. Selfish and Ignorant.

The flaw to where without formidable ethics and morals, it truly becomes a sinfull ordeal.

Alas a life needs all things. Security, Health, Material and love ofcourse...yet how deep does the trife go?

I will try to dissect this tribunal in this piece, alongside my gimping whimpers of relation.

The world is overpopulated. The cringes of Bangkok and the tight alleys of Gaza.
Reproduction is at a automatic state.
Humans beings reproduce for reasons of stature and anointment.

Human life, in all its historical retrospect has seen many era's and times.
Many plagues and genocidal regimes.

To this current day, where the majority of civilization is cultivated by socio-economic structure.
Even the mince fools of Manila and Delhi could receive help if they truly persisted on it.

Alas, we arrive to the premise of the individual. His clandestine accessibility.

What is Judgment? Who bares it? By what form and power?

Perhaps to begin with religious judgment. Continue to sovereign judgment, and the most important plane of judgment in my eyes : Societal and Interpersonal judgment.

Is it within the accord of man to judge another?
I believe it is. Within social responsibility and humanitarian reliance.
In the forms of common man, all these judgmental forms cram into one mindset.
Its called "Mind your own business motherfucker". :)

I believe for this mindset to be sullied and nullified by liberal socialism.
The plane where all subjects are judiciary and reverted to certain platue if to meddle with them.
What ever happened to "Giving it to you straight" or "Keeping it real" ?

Most human beings are povert. By economic and spiritual means.
By what force does sole recite himself to be worthy of re-producing?
By what conjure or manifest?

I believe that forms of social conviction must reform themselves, in order to rebound senses of human accountability in these times.

Especially in this dense technological era. What brings earth and all its habitants to be simply a click away.

The distinct difference between right and wrong is evident. For all living creatures.
It is where philosophy and vindication begin and destroy this difference.
The squirming keel of one's self potency, to contest and meddle with the blatant reserve of righteousness against evil.

Using socialism as a coercive distort.
Abusing judicion, in all forms.

For the weakest side of man and god, is mercy.

We must revert to plain sights and its verdicts, in order to found a state of true leniency.

It is about "Keeping it real" and "Cutting the shit".

Beginning with the automatized notion of achievement as two individuals parent a new born.
The unseared judgment, two individuals receive from society. Instantly, with their re-production.

Why does re-production resound as celebrity and penance?
Granting pardon and catharsis for the parents?

As if their entire life history is wiped slate clean, and now they begin their true stature.
By all socio-demographic means.

Why does re-producing, entail such a sense of achievement and reward from society?
How blatantly deceptive is it to disregard anyone's history as soon as they re-produce?
To the contrary where social inspection should become more meticulous as one re-produces.
For his responsibility and influence on earth and life becomes heavier.

Many lives are brought into this world by crime, wrongdoing and sin.
The extreme, even as crutches. To proceed and seed dependency on socialistic regimes.

By these terms, I believe all social appraisal of reproduction and parenthood should be reformed.
Excavated by its primal and initial merit's, and compared to the standards we exist within them today.
As all and everyone receive utter amnesty and pardon, by doing the worst thing possible.
Creating more life and duplicated one's self.

The issue of psychology of the barring parent.
Forms of Identity and its molding. Its truth.
Aberrations and alterations of one's self through time.
The attrition of conscience manifest.

Individuals that have not only completely shaded and hazed their identity within barring child.
Yet have viciously caved and guised themselves as new and different people.
Masked, lied, connived and decepted their true bringing life into this world grants new beginnings.
Pardon, amnesty and vindication.

I believe this to be wildly perverse and extremely dangerous.

"Once" a convicted felon. A thug and delinquent. "Once" a prostitute and drug addict.
Now a "Struggling middle class family" knocking on the doors of socialism for support and mercy.

"Once" a sociopath. An adulterer and thief. Now a "Father".
Breathing and gasping air cleaner than the papal review.
Such perversion. So demonic.

We all know people who have reproduced prematurely.
Mended and compromised to a rectifying false marriage.

We can all account for children that have been brought to this expediently.
Their existence is a cause of plunder and error. Fornication and Intoxication.

No chimes of violins. No angels barring halo's or doves caressing flesh.
No blessings nor divine callings of lineage and family.
No anointing lines of seeding the future or greatness.

Simple delinquency and circumstance.

It is a social and interpersonal flaw to see and accept birth and parenthood as a form of achievement.
It is a flaw to redeem the parents from societal and interpersonal judgment.
It is a flaw to relinquish judgment, criticism and punishment from their life and manners.
It is a flaw and abuse to use bringing life into this world, as a form of power.

We must revitalize lines of truth, if our yearning aspirations of  peace are to become true.

Now, one of the final parts of this piece,
Our psychology as humans.
Our conceptional perception that beings at the time of birth.
Our thoughts of our parents. Earth and its construct.

What we are tamed, driven and forced to order to keep this structure stable.

Sadly, the truth is that we are controlled to idolize and adore our parents from birth.
We are forced into subordination by blackmail and threat.
Their care towards us measured by our obedience to them.
Without these forms of power structure and respect, a child and adolescent would suffer dearly.

"I gave you life".

The fact of birth held against you as a tool of enforcement through guilt.
Blackmail, coercion and bribery passed on from generation to generation.
As the strongest and most effective ways to control and direct a child.

Even though times are supposedly advanced, still parents accentuate these tactics and strategies to overpower and control their children.

To perpetually patronize them.

The slightest uproar or opposition towards a parent is met by threat, fear and punishment.
The rebellious heart and truth of a child is subdued, cracked down and oppressed.
As any tyrannical and dictating power enacts.


The strongest tool a parent can pass onto a child, in order to control him.
Fear of repercussion and punishment.


As the strongest tool a parent can pass onto a child, in order to control him.

A parent does all and everything he can do, to keep his child under subordinated.
Surrendered. Weak and Uncontesting.

Control over the child becomes the most important thing for a parent at a time.
To patronize them. To direct them. To enslave them to their image. Their rule. Their law.
Where love, nor care or truth is of any importance.
The utmost is not loose face nor potency, and keep the masquerade alive.

The loss of your subordination is their own failure.
As terms of parenting become so twisted and perverse, it is almost diabolical.

The ongoing enslavement of the child to his "creator" deepens and corrodes.

For a parent, a child also devises an opportunity to reperate and compensate voids and discrepancies.
The mind of a child as premise to a place where there is no knowledge of their former selves or history.
There is no memory or resemble of the person they truly are, or were.
The child becomes a slate and platform for re-inventing themselves.

Boosting self confidence and worth.
Attaining emotional experience. Feelings of pride and revere.
Feelings of adoration. Respect and fear.
Feelings of power. Patronization and Control.

The child becomes the devise of social and societal stature.
Attaining respect, acceptance and sorority by the adult community (Other parents).
Gaining socialite and notoriety with their parenthood.
Creating a social societal world for themselves. As they make "Friends" and "Company".

Truly an intoxicating state for the once lewd, minuscule, povert and criminal individual.
Feeding off a created world that was merely dreamt and yearned by them prior re-production.
Scarce, fake and rotten at core.

The parents compensating their life and history, through the embodiment of their children.
Abusing it.

A high school geek attaining himself to be feared and revered. (Father)
A young harlot portrays and becomes the sancted lady she always dreamed to be. (Mother)

It is within lying, connive and deception in where parents devise their character and personality.
Altering their true self, while their new identity exists only in the eyes of their child.
Turning the children into empowering tools. Causing spiritual and psychological dependency.

The child becomes "Their world" and "Life" for without it they are bunked back to their initial state, and the hollow truth they have strived to bury and covert will once more sound voice and gasp light.
In time, causing psychological obsession and individual (Spiritual Identity) dependency.
The charade they so vigilantly perused dispersed and faded away.
Causing not only individual loss, yet societal loss aswell.

How many people can truly change in nature?
If one adulterating father bares child, does he cease to be an adulterer?
If one adulterating mother bares child, does she cease to be an adulterer?

How long will the lineage of escapism revert to merciful acceptance?

Our parents. Our grandparents. Our patrons.

Shall we not break all lines of treachery and relinquish the future for truth?

How long will we cynically excuse righteousness and truth due to moral and ethical contamination?

The answers to all of these ordeals are social-governmental actions :

Must restore and revive the classical views of parenthood and family.
Traditional terms and ideologies of two mature adults, harmoniously in love.
Tediously planning and orchestrating bringing of a life into this world.
Planning. Building. Preparing.

The only way two spiritually and mentally mature adults can parent a life in this world, and lead it to live a happy, sane and safe life.

Having purpose for this life. Dreams for it. Direction. Education.
The only way to curb war and suffering on earth, is to follow these guidelines.
That have only faded away with mockery and ridicule, for the frantic haste of our times.

Reviving conservatism, that served humanity well for so many years.
Re Installing its place within society.

Frowning upon and expelling all and any means of moral-economic corruption.
Sending the old feeling that anyone that will brake the laws of man,state or god will be abandoned and banished from society.
To contraire today where lawlessness is applauded.
Obscenity and insolence accepted. Even praised as a sense of strength or triumph.

Society must revive the traditional, by making it clear that every vice will live a shamefull and lonely life. Dwelling on the wrongdoing one has caused to himself and humanity.
Resonate with truth and loyalty. Resonate responsibility, honor and dignity as the true callings of man.
Not illicitness or licentiousness.

Times where promiscuity, profligacy and anarchy are no longer the mere minority.
Yet a large bulk of the whole.

These terms existed once before.
And Yes, they did indeed have great affect on society and individual action.

For they called for man to think before action. To think before any sin or crime took place.
For fear of failure, social alienation and punishment were at mind and soul of the individual.
Straying him far from evil or wrongdoing, striding to succeed and redeem himself.

The old, traditional and classical sets of morals, ethics, ideological beliefs of family, economy and love must be revived for they are closer and alike the law of man, nation and god than any other.

The governmental part is to aggressively invest in sexual education.
Re investing in curbing premature pregnancy and irresponsible hedonism.

Renewing and modernizing its introduction to people. If for sin has evolved, so should the deflection of it.
A more direct and blunt approach to the young, adolescent and maturing crowds by setting the facts infront of them. "Cutting the shit" and talking straightforward. Presenting a real and strong message to where fornication and delinquency will lead you to a fucked up life, and cease any form of happiness you knew up to that day.

The strong and spicy message that the more you fuck, the more fucked up you will be.
Your life. Your death. Your fucked. Live a miserable, disgusting, worthless life.
Just like your father before will truly become his successor.

Is it worth it?

Immense social and economic pressure on erroneous parents.
The fact that you have re-produced will grant you loans, benefits or relief.

For that is saved for the righteous. The correct, proper and ethical.
One's who are truly needy by circumstance, and not needy by self manifest.

It is preposterous and gluttonous to think that bringing a life to this world, could actually help you economically or socially. It is morally irresponsible and gives shade for meaningless birth and neglected reproduction.

To stop all improper and exaggerated social assistance immediately, and treat the parents and individuals with the constrict maturity they are supposed to meet.
All exaggerated assistance is social, national and worldly masochism. It must stop.

Punishment of the promiscuous and lewd for their societal, national and religious contributions.
For their entital worth.

Making bureaucracy even more difficult. Debt even more difficult and all means of  governing civility squeezed, pressured and pummeled upon them.
Making life more difficult for them.
Isolating them. Punishing them.
Making any and all means of civil life an ongoing process of pestilence.
For only then they might understand their mistakes.
Repair or succumb to them.

No longer can the liberal lines of socialism be the breeding grounds of incompetence.
No longer can humanitarian democracy become the merciful stroke of crime and ignorance.

Dependent leniency on nation,state or man must be abolished.

As these measures for curbing and preventing birth and sin existed long before the democratic socialist humanitarian age quite effectively.
They can work again.

Perhaps after two millenia of civilization, humans will understand they are responsible for one another.
As the actions of one resonate through out earth, space and time.

It is ludicrous to think of it from a religious standpoint.
Thousands of years. The summary of all divine knowledge and scripture.
The allegiance to all gods, deities and figures.

The message is so loud yet mute. So clear yet blind.

Just stop fucking.

I mean, how difficult can it be?


One cannot embrace blessing, nor pass it onto another if he does not attain it himself.